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June 1, 2012

Summer Fun!

Utah weather is very crazy and unpredictable....one day it's rainy and cold and the next it can be 90 degrees outside....you just never know!  :)  The good thing is that lately, summer has started to show it's beautiful face....the days have been getting warmer and even on the days that are a little bit cooler, it's a nice kind of cool, the one you can still go outside with!  That means the summer activities can begin!  Yay!

There was a new park just built down the street from our house.  That makes 4 parks really close to us, all within walking distance...one on every side of our house!  But this new one is just so much more cool....says my kids....so that's the one we've been going to.  I love those days when we don't have any plans, nothing to get ready for or to go to....and we can just pack a lunch and head to the park.  My kids have fun on the playground and I enjoying sitting with baby Katea under the pavilion just watching and taking pictures!  Summer just isn't summer if you don't get to play in the park!

The first time we went to that park, it was just me and my kids.  Baby Katea had a doctor appointment that morning....Makai was off track...Mone didn't have school...so we made a day of it.  I woke up in the morning and made some egg salad sandwiches....packed some chips....loaded all the kids in the car and we headed to baby's appointment.  This was actually just a quick appointment to get her last synagis shot!  Yay, that meant RSV season was officially coming to and end!  When we got to the doctor's office, they had us wait in the room....and I had all the kids climb up on the patient table so I could take their pictures.  Hey, I needed to do something to keep them occupied or I would have had the two boys fighting and Lautala would have gotten into all the drawers or the computer or something.....lol. 
When the nurse finally came in with the shot.....it was pretty quick.  She just poked her leg...baby cried for like 5 seconds, and that was all.  Lautala cried harder and longer.  Lol.  She hates seeing anyone cry, and if someone she loves is crying....she'll join right in.  She was so mad at the nurse for making baby Katea cry...lol....so cute!

After the appointment, we all got back into the car and stopped at Sam's Club.  There were a few things I had to grab from there, and while we were there.....we all got drinks to go along with the lunch that we were going to eat at the park.

Next stop was the park.  That was the first time I'd taken them to the park this year.  They had a blast....so much fun that after several hours, I almost couldn't get them to stop playing to come and eat lunch. Lol. 

Lunch was super quick...because the kids would have rather just kept on playing....I made them take a break to come and eat.  We just had a little picnic on the sidewalk because another family was already using the pavilion.  Nobody said anything to me or to each other that whole time...they just shoveled the food into their face as fast as they could, and then they went back and play.  Lol.  I guess we have been waiting for a long time for warmer weather to be able to play outside....they wanted to soak it all up!  :)

We've been to that park several times since then.  Like I said before, summer just isn't summer without playdates at the park.

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Melanie said...

Can we please go to this park the next time we come visit?? Jett would love it!! :)