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June 20, 2012

Feed Me!

Obviously since baby Katea was born so early, she is developmentally delayed.  She's almost 9 months now and should have been eating solids already....but she just hasn't been ready.  When Melinda, her early intervention therapist came we talked about it and she gave me some things to look for, signs that she would give me that would show me she's ready to eat.........for months and months she didn't show any signs....

Then a few weeks ago I noticed that whenever we eat, she gets fussy and wants to eat too.  She's not a fussy baby at all, but it's noticable how she wants to eat when other people eat....so I thought I'd give it a try.  The last appointment I took her to, I talked with her pediatrician about starting her on solids.  He told me that in the past it was a must that babies start on the rice cereal, and work their way up to jar foods.....but now there have been studies conducted that show that starting on rice cereal leads to obesity....not sure how that works, but her pediatrician told me that it would be up to me whether I wanted to give her the cereals or just skip them and go straight to the jar foods.  Baby Katea is my 4th child, and not one of my other 3 liked or would eat any baby food at all.  No rice cereal, no jar food...of any flavor, nothing.  They went straight from formula to regular food....anything we were eating I would smash up and feed them.  I was wondering if baby Katea would be the same way.  I went to the store and bought 1 jar of every flavor, just to let her taste them and see if she liked any of them.

First thing she tried was the sweet potatoes, and she LOVED them. She killed almost the whole bottle the first time she ever ate. Funny thing was she didn't even make a sour face at the first taste of it......she did the same thing with the carrots, squash and bananas. I began to wonder if maybe she couldn't taste....because no sour face with any new flavors.....then I gave her green beans. She hates green beans.....I was laughing so hard at how she was gagging on them and spitting them back at me. She wouldn't even swallow one bite, as soon as it touched her mouth, she spit it out and kept spitting until all of it was out of her mouth. LOL. She hates any green vegetable and all the fruits I've tried so far except for the bananas and applesauce. So she gets a rotation of sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, bananas and applesause. She LOVES applesauce, that's her absolute favorite! She can eat a whole bottle of applesause really fast...she loves it! And now I try to make sure she's fed and full before we start to eat, otherwise she'll get really mad and fussy. Lol. Yay for meeting another milestone! Good job baby girl!

Baby Katea after killing a whole jar of Sweet Potatoes...Yum!

After eating her applesauce....she's telling me how good it was. LOL


Lani M. Latu said...

Lol! She's so cute! :)

Heather and Kevin said...

Ok...She is adorable!

Blogger25 said...

I must say...I started my daughter on rice cereal and she is at a very healthy weight :) Rice wont hurt a thing! <3 from GA.

The Lomu Family said...

Omg she is so dang cute! Kiss her chubby cheeks for me!