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June 10, 2012

Mother's Day - Day After

With the craziness of getting all the food prepared for Mother's Day, both Tea and I were busy, so I didn't get a chance to do anything for her.  I couldn't not do something for her for Mother's Day though, because she really does SO MUCH for me and my little family.  She's been talking for a while about wanting to get a pedicure, so I thought it would be perfect to wake up the morning after Mother's Day really early, and spend the day with her and Lautala. 

She had no idea what I was planning, but when I woke her up that morning, she was excited to go!  I had already gotten a pedicure when I went with my mom and sisters, so this was just for Tea and Tala.  I took them to this little place right here by our house, a little spa/salon....I went there one time to get a pedicure a little while ago, and I really liked them.  I went in first to make sure they could fit us in, and they could, so I went and got Tea and Tala from the car.   One full pedicure and wax for Gramma Tea and I asked them if they could just remove the polish from Lautala's toenails and paint them again.  When I told Tala about it, she was so excited!  She's such a girly girl!  This would be her very first 'pedicure'!  I always told Ova that I can't wait until my girls get old enough for that so we can go on our little mommy/daughter girl dates......this would be the first!  :)

They sat Gramma Tea in her massage chair and started her pedicure....then they let Lautala pick the color nail polish she wanted, and had her sit in the pedicure massage chair.  It was a guy that was going to work on her little toes, and she was a little nervous about it at first.  She cried a little bit and wanted me to sit right by her and hold her hand....but after a minute, she decided she loved it and let go of my hand long enough for me to step back and take pictures!  So cute!

Here she's a little nervous and making me hold her hand...

And here she's more comfortable and ok with letting my hand go...

After her little toes were painted, the guy asked her if she wanted a little flower on her big toe.  She LOVES the flower on my toes and is constantly telling me "mom, I love your flower"....so of course she wanted one for her self.  She thought it was just the coolest thing ever that she was getting a flower on her toes, and she sat really still while he painted it on for her....he even put a little diamond in the middle of her flower.  So cute!

Here's her little toes all painted and decorated with a flower!

Tala was done with her 'pedicure' and Gramma Tea's was still going, so we occupied our time by taking pictures of our feet together...lol....while eating candy!  :)

Gramma Tea getting her feet done!

When Tea was done, we went and paid.....they were so sweet and didn't charge me for doing Lautala's feet.  They kept saying they were surprised that she sat so still for being only 2 years old!  She's a natural!  Lol.

We walked out to the parking lot and of course had to take another picture of all our beautiful newly done Mother's Day toes!  :)

I wanted to take them out to lunch too, and since it was my Mother's Day gift to Tea, I let her choose anywhere she wanted to eat.....out of all the places she could have chosen, she chose to go to Wendy's....uugghh....she loves her the baconator!  Lol.  We went to lunch, had some good coversation....did a little shopping and then went home.  A pedicure and lunch really is nothing compared to all she does for me, but I was glad that I was able to do a little something for her on Mother's Day!  :)

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