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June 10, 2012

McAbe's Wedding

My dad is the oldest sibling in his family....and my mom is the oldest in hers.  They got married and had kids before all the rest of their siblings, so that makes us the oldest cousins on both sides.  We are all married, and have kids and families of our own....and now it's our little cousins' turn!  :)

2 of my Dad's brothers live here in the states with him, the rest of his siblings still live in Tonga.  His one little brother,  Uili has 4 kids and only 1 of them, Sarah, is married with kids.....my Dad's other little brother Taniela only has 2 kids, and his only son McAbe just recently got married.

Both of my uncles are like my other dad's.....we were really blessed that way!.... they lived with us when we were little and they helped raise us.  They've been there for us through everything, and supported us in anything we did! 

Daniel is the uncle that is always there for us whenever we need anything, ALWAYS!  We know if we have a problem, or need anything that my Dad can't help with, we can always go to him.  When we got married (all of us) he did anything and everything that my Dad asked him to to help out with the wedding.  But not just our weddings, but with school or missions or anything!  We were so excited to find out that McAbe was getting married.....he's such a smart kid, and is going to school to be a doctor someday.  He married his high school sweetheart, Makenna....they are so cute together.  I was happy to help in any way I could to somewhat in some sort of small way try to return the favor and show my Uncle Daniel and his wife Denise how much I appreciate and love them for everything they've done for me!

I asked Denise right when we found out that they were getting married, what I could do.  They hadn't planned anything quite yet, so I just told her to please let me know!

I was so happy when I got a call from her with things I could help with!  :)  She told me when they were planning the food, the only thing McAbe really wanted were the little fruit tarts that I always make with Ova's family.  That was easy....I told her I would take care of it, and not to worry.  I would make enough for everyone to have some!   She also told me that McAbe wanted my Mone to be his ring bearer..... McAbe and Mone have always had this special bond.....maybe it's the long hair, I don't know....but they've always been really close.  McAbe used to call and ask for Mone to sleep over when he was younger, and Mone never wanted to come back home after...lol....not to mention they bear a strong resemblence!  :)  McAbe wanted Mone to come and have his hair braided exactly like how his would be braided....and he would wear a tuxedo too and be his little sidekick.  It was so cute!

The wedding was on Friday, so I started baking my tarts on Wednesday night, I figured if I got all the cookie crusts done and out of the way, the filling would be the easy part....that was actually the first time I'd ever made them on my own, usually I've just been helping assemble them, so I was a bit nervous.  They turned out great though....everyone loved them, they were a hit!   

I only wanted to finish the crusts that night because I thought it would be better to wait and  mix the filling and cut the fruits until the day of, so they could be fresh!

When all was said and done that night, I had made 750 of these bad boys!  :)

Thursday we headed down to my parent's house to have Leka braid Mone's hair.  I love when she braids his hair....it's nice and tight and small....and he is not tender headed, so he can just sit there the whole time.  Leka is pretty fast though and finished his hair in like an hour!  In this picture below, you can see how much McAbe and Mone look alike......and it's funny because they're shirts almost look like they match, but that totally wasn't planned.....McAbe had his hair done in the morning and Leka took a picture of him, and Mone did his at night.....when I combined the picture into this collage I was laughing at how similar they look.  LOL.

Friday morning was a busy morning....the time to finish all the last minute touches.  It was supposed to be a beautiful outside wedding, Daniel and Denise have always had a beautiful yard, but they put in even extra work just for McAbe's special day.....it was a total bummer that it was raining pretty hard so there was no way the wedding could be outside.  While everyone moved the decorations to the church, a few of us stayed back and cut all the fruits for my tarts.

Strawberries ~ Kiwi ~ Peaches

Everything had to be done pretty quickly too, because even though they had to change venues, the ceremony was still going to start right on time at 3pm.  Lol.  Busy morning!

When all was said and done, it turned out amazing!  You would have never known the ceremony/reception wasn't supposed to be at the church where it was....everything came together so nicely!  The decorations were beautiful....they had a photobooth where people could take pictures....they had a candy bar.....a chocolate fountain....the food was set up buffet style.....and the ceiling was decorated from corner to corner....it was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! 

I had my little group of helpers to finish putting my tarts together....and all 750 were served and eaten!  They were a hit!

The decorations, like I said earlier, were beautiful....and the awesome thing was that they were just paper mache balls, and laminated pictures of the couple all over....everything was homemade...it was simple, affordable and so so cute!  (Thanks Pinterest!  LOL)

The beautiful couple with their little sidekick
(he took me seriously when I said to follow McAbe everywhere...LOL)

McAbe with his parents

Me with my cousins McAbe & Lexi

Ova, Uncle Daniel, my Dad, Aunty Finau

Some of the kids with their treats from the candy table
Liki ~ Lua ~ Siope ~ Tani ~ Tala

 And the twinners

Congratulations McAbe!  I'm so happy and proud of you!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!  It's always a good time spending it with family!  I wish a lifetime of love and happiness to you and your beautiful wife!  :)

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