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June 23, 2012

My thoughtful little helper

My Makai is the oldest for a reason, he's so sweet....very spiritual...and my biggest helper!  Because he's the oldest, his little siblings want to follow and be just like him, which is so nice!   He's constantly asking me if he can help me clean or cook, he's so good with the younger ones, especially baby Katea.  He's only 8 years old, but I already trust him enough to leave him with her (and her oxygen) if I need to run to the store or something....he can change her diaper, wash and make her bottle, and na'a her if she's crying.  He's my biggest helper and I'm so grateful for him!  He loves to cook, and bake, and his menu has grown a lot over the past few weeks because he always helps me make dinner and is always asking a lot of questions.  Most of the time that means dinner takes me twice as long because I have to re-do or clean up his messes, but I don't mind at all because he's learning!  I'm always there when he makes dinner, but he can bake cakes and brownies on his own and they actually turn out better than mine.  LOL.  I love that the other day Ova and I were craving something sweet so we called Makai and asked him to make us some brownies and by the time we got home they were ready and delicious!  One of his most favorite things to make is breakfast....he likes it because he can do everything by himself.....waffles, bacon, hash browns and eggs any way you want them.  I like scrambled and Ova likes over-easy....and he can make them the way we like them! 

Tea had her birthday a little while ago and he woke up super early to make her breakfast....he wanted everything to be ready for when he woke up.  He asked me to wake up and run to the store to buy her a present and a happy birthday balloon, and he told me to hurry and come back before she woke up......while I was gone, he made the whole breakfast all by himself, and he was pretty proud of it!

Scrambled eggs, hash brown patties, bacon and waffles with 54 candles all ready for G-ma Tea

All the kids drew her a picture and wrote her a birthday note on a poster paper and then Makai and Ashlee took the poster and the waffle/cake to Tea's room to wake her up...
The flame got so high from all the candles on the waffles, that it actually set all the fire alarms off in the house.  LOL.  It was soooooo loud, and enough to wake her and Ma up, haha.....we all sang Happy Birthday to her and then she came to the kitchen to enjoy the breakfast Makai made for her!

Makai is such a sweet boy with a big heart!  This post actually came about because today he has helped me so much!  I thought I'd take the opportunity to blog about how grateful I am for him.  I had planned to deep clean the house today and when he saw me working, he came and asked if I needed help.  He ended up sweeping and mopping entire kitchen floor....and because he was helping me, Mone wanted to help me too and he dusted the bookshelf and tv and vaccumed the living room.  It definitely made my work a lot easier and a lot faster!

He helps clean, he cooks, he bakes, he takes care of his siblings, he mows the lawn......he's just a big helper all the way around. 

There are times when he doesn't listen and when he fights with his brother....and times he drives me absolutely crazy, like most kids do....but he's such a sweet kid and I am so grateful for all his love, and all his help.  Love you Makai!

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