"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

June 30, 2011

Horrible Day!!

Today was one of probably the most scary and emotional days of my life....and it started super duper early.

***This post may be a little graphic, so it's not for those with weak stomachs***

I was dead asleep last night and all the sudden I felt something wet.  I totally thought I was just sweating because it was so freakin' hot in my room, but then I felt it again....I reached down and felt the wet and looked at my hand......it was covered with blood.....I got up and ran to the bathroom and blood ran out of me all the way from my side of the bed covering the floor with a trail of blood and then I filled the toilet with blood, I'm not exaggerating when I say I probably bled close to a gallon.  I wished I was dreaming, but I wasn't.  I screamed "Babe, get up I'm bleeding all over the place"  he jumped up and started crying.  We've just been through this too many times.  I jumped in the shower to rinse off the blood and got ready to go to the emergency room.

Before we headed out the door Ova gave me a blessing.  Immediately I was comforted.  Even with all the blood, I felt like everything was going to be ok.  I didn't even cry, which was super duper weird for me....especially since I'm such a crybaby.  By the time we got to the emergency room, I had filled another pad and leaked onto my pants.  As soon as I told them I was 13 weeks pregnant with twins and that I was bleeding heavily, they didn't even make me wait...they rushed me back.  I think that was quickest service I've ever received at an emergency room before, which was both comforting and scary.

They wanted me to explain what happened.  And I did.  I had never bled at all before during this pregnancy.  I'd been extremely nauseas the whole pregnancy but the past two days I was actually feeling better.  The blood ran out of me like water and it wasn't bright red, it was like brownish red and there were no clots in it, and I was not cramping at all.  All of those things were hopeful signs, but the amount of blood I was losing was alarming.  They did a pelvic exam (I hate those) and a cath (I hate those even worse).....they found out that I have a bladder infection and I already tested positive for strep B.  They gave me an IV and took a lot of blood for testing.....but what I really wanted was an ultrasound.  Being able to see the babies myself would probably be the only thing that would calm my nerves a little.  The ultrasound tech finally came to my room and we did the ultrasound.....the very first thing we saw was both little baby's and their hearts were pumping.  I just kept thinking that Ova's blessing for a miracle was answered.  They were measuring great, baby A as measuring 12weeks1day and baby B was measuring 12weeks2days....with heartbeats of 149 and 150.  That was the biggest comfort ever.  He also saw several other pockets or empty sacs in there.  That's what was bleeding out.  I asked him where the came from and he couldn't tell me.  He said I'll either keep bleeding, my body would absorb them or I would pass them (in the form of clots).......he was the most reassuring person I talked to today.  My babies were ok and that's all I was worried about.

Then the ER doctor came in and she told me a slightly different story.  She did the pelvic exam and said that she didn't see much more blood coming, but that within 24 hours I would either miscarry or I wouldn't......I know she's a Dr and all, but she's not an OB and I chose to put more trust in the ultrasound tech, and what we saw then in what she said. 

She gave me some antibiotics for my bladder infections and told me to contact my OB in the morning......and 4 hours after we got there, we were leaving.

I came home and called my Dr......the nurse I spoke with got me during my breakdown.....I totally cried to her, but she's so sweet and sympathic.  She told me that I should just rest today and she would schedule me for another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure the babies were still ok and that all the blood had passed.  She told me she requested all the information from the emergency room and that her and my Dr would go over it and get back to me sometime today.  I anxiously waited all day long.

She called me back to let me know what time my ultrasound was scheduled and to check up on me.  She asked me how I was doing and feeling.  She is so sweet.  She told me she went over the info with the doctor and that everything looked really good.  She said there was a pocket of blood in between the placenta and the uterus and that's what was bleeding out.  She comforted me a lot.

I continued bleeding until about noon......the blood got darker red and I did pass a few clots, but as soon as I did I haven't had any blood since then, not even a little pink.  I feel ok.  I'm glad I got to see them and hear their heartbeats, that was very comforting!  I have faith in the power of my husband's blessing and I feel like everything will be ok!

We are supposed to drive to Vegas tomorrow morning because my nephew is getting baptized this weekend.  I'm not going to drive anymore, but Ova will still go with the kids.  I'll go to my ultrasound and if the Dr tells me it's ok I'm going to fly out there tomorrow night. 

It's been a draining, emotional and very very stressful day....but I'm ending it feeling at peace and grateful for the power of the priesthood and the power of faith.

If you get a minute....please spare a prayer for me and my babies tonight!!

June 28, 2011

Makai grandkid #14

Let me introduce you to my new little niece, she makes grandchild #14 for my parents (all from us 3 girls), and child #7 for my little sister Marie.

Her name is Milika Nauvoo Kinikini.....they named her Milika after Lini's Grandma & sister, and the middle name Nauvoo comes from the mission where Lini's mom is serving right now. 

She was born on June 23rd @ 4:30pm weighing 6lbs2oz. and she was 19inches long.  She's gorgeous!  Her momma says she looks exactly like her oldest Salote did when she was born, but I think she's a good mix of both her older sisters Lote and Amelia.

I can't believe my LITTLE sister has seven kids now, that's just so crazy.....since she's not even 30 yet..... but she's an awesome mother and even though she has so many kids, they are all so well behaved!

I took Lautala over there the day they got home from the hospital......we spent a couple hours there admiring little Milika and Lautala had fun playing with her cousins.

Welcome to this crazy world baby girl!!

Our Makai family keeps growing and growing!  Milika was born this month, Misi's baby is due in December and my twins are due in January (but will come sometime in December)  That means my parents will have 17 grandkids by the end of the year!  WE.ARE.BLESSED!

Mama & Baby Milika

Lautala playing w/ her cousin Siope

June 21, 2011

Drive-in Time!

I love this time of year, when it's finally warm enough to hit the drive-in.  It's such a cheap, fun family date and you get to watch 2 new release movies!  We decided to hit the drive-in movies last Friday night.  We took the kids to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 & Thor. 

Before we got to the drive-in theatre, we hit up the dollar store for some candy and glow sticks and then the kids wanted taco bell for dinner, so we got their special party pack, 12 tacos for $10 (such a great deal!) and we were on our way!!

When we got to the movies, we couldn't believe how packed it was....there were cars on every single row....a little different from what we're used to because we usually go on a weekday night when there is hardly anyone there and the kids can run wild.....going on a Friday night is a whole different story and we had to make sure the kids stayed close to us because there were so many cars and people around.

That particular night it rained, and rained pretty hard too, but that didn't stop us......we had tons of fun spending quality time with our kids!  We LOVE the drive-in movies!!

New Info

Isn't it funny how you find important information out after the fact.  I have never heard of twins in my family, ever, but as soon as we find out we're having twins all the detailed news comes out.

Apparantly my Grandma's (my Dad's mom) sister is a twin, but one of the twins died at birth.  My Grandma herself never had twins, but my Dad told me yesterday that twins were actually pretty common amongst my Grandma's siblings. 

I had a conversation with Ma the other day and she was telling me that her brother had two daughters.  One of the daughters had twin girls and the other one had twin boys.

Not to mention I have two first cousins that have twins, my mom's brother's son had identical twin girls and my mom's other brother's son had fraternal twin boys.

Ova has several first cousins that have twins.... his mom's sister has two daughters that have twins, one has identical twin boys, and the other fraternal twin boys, and his mom's other sister has a daughter that had fraternal twins, one boy and one girl.  And his uncle, his dad's brother had twin girls that both passed away at birth.

So I guess to say that neither one of us have twins in either of our families is a false statement, we just never really had a reason to talk about it and research it as much as now. 

So there you go.....it was not a freak accident that we're having twins, there is a history in both of our families.  And now that we've had a little more time to let the idea of it settle in, we are even more excited and we know we are blessed!

June 16, 2011


A couple weeks ago I had a crazy dream.  I woke up and told Ova about it.  I dreamed I was having twins.  We both kinda just laughed about it because we knew that would never happen.  Twins don't run in my family or in Ova's family....so it was a big yeah right.  A couple of my friends that are pregnant right now are having twins and we joked about how this must be the year for twins....we started talking about how much we would love it if it happened, and then he told me that if we ever had twin boys he would name one and I would name one, but if they were twin girls, he would get to name both of them....WHATEVER!!  We actually had a little joking argument about it and then the conversation ended because it just would never happen....

I had my Doctor's appointment on Monday, just a regular check-up and the Dr. couldn't hear a heartbeat.  He tried for a while, but just couldn't hear it.  He knew I was freaking out a little about it, just because I have a history of miscarriages, so he scheduled an ultrasound, just to ease my mind....he wasn't worried though.  I mentioned to him about the dream I had and he asked if either Ova or I had twins in our families.....we both said no and he said it's probably not likely, but the ultrasound would confirm my dream.

The ultrasound appointment was set for 8am on Wednesday, we got up and got ready for the appointment and our freakin' van wouldn't start......we have never had problems with our van, ever....and now it won't start??  Luckily it just needed a jump start....(Ova just put in a new battery and I guess the wires weren't tightened enough)....but I was glad that was all that was wrong and not something major.  By the time we got the van running again it was already like 8:05....I tried calling the Dr's office to see if I could still come, but they don't open until 8:30, just the ultrasound tech comes in early.....I told Ova to just take me anyways and I would see if they could see me (I was really anxious! haha)  They told me I could wait and they'd squeeze me in, but they didn't know how long the wait would be.  I think I waited for about an hour. 

When the ultrasound tech came in, she wanted to know how far along I was.  I told her 10 weeks.  Then she started with the ultrasound......she was really cool and we were laughing because she's our same age and she went to Granger high school and hung out with all the poly's from there.....since Ova went to Hunter, they were rivals, so we joked a little about that......I told her about my dream and she said that was weird because she thought she saw two in there......WHAT??  She asked if there are twins in either one of our families and we both said no......it got quiet for a minute and then she put this on the screen:
We couldn't believe what we were seeing.........and she said "it's confirmed, your dream was right....you're having twins"..... I totally teared up, and Ova was just quiet.  I think that moment was surreal....and if I didn't see for myself and hear both of their heartbeats, I don't think I would believe it.

I've always dreamed of having twins....I don't know why, but I just think it's so cool....I just never thought it would actually happen to me.  I'm overwhelmed and shocked and so so happy and excited.  That would explain why I've been so super duper sick this time and with my other 3 kids I was fine. 

The ultrasound tech said it was good that I got a ultrasound so early because she was able to see, and tell for sure that they are fraternal twins because they have their own separate sacs and their own separate homes.  Baby A's heartbeat was 148 and Baby B's was 172.  They were both moving around and wiggling a lot.  Fraternal twins means it could be 2 girls, or 2 boys, or one of each.  We'll probably get to find out the sex of the babies in a month or so....but for now we're still trying to wrap our minds around the thought that there are actually two in there.

And how weird that I actually dreamed it a couple weeks before.

Right after we left the Dr's office, we couldn't stop laughing.....we started calling our families to tell them the news, and actually the first person I called was my friend Kassie.....she's one of my friends that are pregnant right now with twins, and we joked when I first found out I was pregnant that she was going to send me the twin vibe.....I just had to call her and tell her it worked.....hahaha

Ova called his parents and brothers and sister and I called mine.  Everyone was so shocked and so happy.
I cried the rest of the way home.  Feeling so overwhelmed but so so so BLESSED!

June 14, 2011

Good People!

Today I am so happy and grateful for honest people. 

Let me tell you what happened:
Ova and I went to Walmart last night to do a little shopping.  He was the one that was carrying my wallet around (because I didn't take my purse).....we got all the stuff we needed, checked out and headed out to the car.  Ova took the cart full of goods to the driver side of the vehicle and loaded the stuff into the back of the van.  I got into the passenger seat and we left.  That night went on as usual...

This morning as I was getting ready for school, I was looking for my wallet.  I couldn't seem to find it anywhere....Ova told me it was in the van.  We got in the van because Ova was going to drop me off at school and the wallet was no where to be found.  We seriously turned the van inside out looking for it.  As we sat there and retraced our steps we remembered the last time we used it was at Walmart the night before.  I remembered he was the one holding my wallet and I asked him if he grabbed it out of the cart after he unloaded the groceries....he made a face like he was thinking about it....my heart sunk.  That's what had to have happened....we forgot the wallet in the cart in the parking lot of Walmart, the night before.   I immediately called Walmart to see if anyone had turned it in.  No luck.  I was seriously stressing out and honestly, I couldn't pay attention in class because I was so worried about it.  I checked our bank account and nothing had come out so I knew nobody was using it....that comforted me a little, but I was still stressing.  The day went on and I started thinking about all the things I had in there.....my drivers license, my school id, and oh my goodness my social security card and birth certificate were in there too.....(I don't normally have all those items together in my wallet, but I just had to complete another review for my foster daughter and they needed a copy of all my stuff.....I hadn't taken them out of my wallet yet)  Everything a dishonest person needed to steal my identity was in my wallet.....and my wallet was lost.  I prayed over and over begging to be able to find it.  I even cried a little.  After school we went to Walmart just to see if anyone had handed it in.  No luck again. 

That whole day really sucked because I was so worried, and Ova felt so bad.  We drove around and didn't really say anything.  I told Ova we should go to the bank and cancel my cards, and he asked me to please just wait.  He told me he had a feeling we would find it.  I told him if we didn't find it by tonight, the likelyhood of us ever finding it would be slim to none....so tomorrow I would go cancel all my accounts.  He agreed.  I continued worrying that whole day, checking my bank account every couple hours to make sure nobody was using my card.

I had a ton of homework to do so I was in my room on the computer, getting my homework done.  I hear a knock at the door and Ova answered it.  All I could hear was "oh my goodness, thank you so much"  then Ova came into my room and handed me my wallet.  The lady that found it in the cart in the parking lot at Walmart brought it to my house.  She said that she was looking through it trying to find a phone number to call, but she couldn't find one, so she drove to the address on my driver's license.  I cried.  I am so grateful that my prayers were answered and that this honest woman was the one that found my wallet, instead of some dishonest person. 

There still are good people in this crazy world, and I feel blessed!

Lessons learned in this situation:
1- Prayers are answered
2- Carry my own wallet
3- Use my purse, because it's harder to leave something so big behind
4- Don't carry all my important documents in one place!

June 5, 2011

Such a brat!

This is the 2nd Sunday in a row now that I got up early on Sunday morning to get myself and everyone else ready for church and I just end up laying at home on the couch all day.  Haven't been feeling too great for the past couple weeks....(only 2 more weeks and I'll be done with the first trimester, so hopefully I'll start feeling normal again)....today, it happened again... I got the boys and Lautala ready and sent them to church with Ova.  I asked him to come and pick me up after the first hour, hoping to feel better so I could at least get some spiritual enlightenment.  He came when I asked, and even though I didn't really feel better, I went!  I probably should have just stayed home and rested because I spent the whole entire time I was there chasing Lautala around the church.....she's got WAY too much energy!!  She kept walking into all the classes where people were singing and she'd "sing" with them really really loud.  Anyone who had food or candy, she'd run to them and put her hand out asking for some.  She's a little monster!  She's talking a whole lot now and she knows everyone's names....but her favorite word is NO.  She says no for everything......when I ask her for a kiss.... "no"..... when Ova asks her to come here....."no"......pretty much when we ask her to do anything, her answer is "no."  Ova and I were laughing so hard because she kept saying no for everything and then Ova said are you pretty and she stopped and said "pity".....hahaha  smart girl!

Needless to say, she's a handful.... and after missing Sunday School and most of Relief Society today, just chasing her around....I was happy to send her to her Dad!!

June 3, 2011


Ok, so there hasn't really been anything too exciting going on lately with my life......just the usual family, work and school.....but I feel like blogging....so I came up with this great idea to reminiss of things that have happened to me or my family in the past......things that I want to rememeber forever, and things that I haven't already written or blogged about.  Just a way for me to get them out of my mind and on paper so I can have them forever!! 

The thing that popped into my mind was something that happened back in October 2002.

Ova and I were dating and we already knew we were getting married.....(we only dated for 3 months before getting married, so we knew pretty quick! haha)  We were both recently off our missions and we hadn't established ourselves in our careers yet, or really even thought of our life in the long run.  All we knew was that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of eternity with each other.  Because we both just got home neither one of us really had any money....so I told Ova not to get me a ring, we would just get matching bands.....we didn't need the materialistic thing.....we had both talked about it and agreed, and that supposedly was the end of it.

Well one night in October Ova came and picked me up to take me out.  We spent pretty much every minute of every day together when we were dating so it was nothing new.  But this particular day, he said he had something planned for me.  We went and did a session in the Salt Lake Temple and after our session he took me to the Roof Restaurant for dinner.  That was the first time I'd ever been there and I was taken away in the moment....just being with him and seeing the beautiful view.....the food was delicious and we were just talking about getting married...

Then his phone rang.....it was his mom....he immediatly got irritated, which was so out of his character, especially towards his mom and he was talking sharp to her on the phone.  He hung up and was so irritated at her and told me he was mad at her for bothering us because she knew he was with me.  I was confused and tried to calm him down....telling him that it really wasn't that big of a deal.....then the phone rang again....he looked at the caller i.d. and answered the phone so quickly and so rudely.....it was his mom again.....she was off work and stuck and she needed someone to pick her up.  Ova told her we couldn't because we were at a restaurant and then he hung up on her.  I was so angry with him because any spirit we had from the session we did was completely out the door because of the way he was acting.  I wanted to go home because I was so irritated at him.  She called again and told us she was stuck, and nobody could get her.  I told him we could just go get her.  He was so angry and rudely told me to hurry up so we could go.  We got in the car and headed to her work.......the whole time not talking to each other.....you could cut the tension with a knife.  I was just irritated because he was more focused on being mad than on the fact that even though his mom needed a ride, we were still spending time together.....uuggghhh!

His mom worked at Southwest Reservations, and if you know where that building is....it's down a long kinda deserted road.  All the way from temple square to the road we were heading down he was driving like a crazy mad man swirving in and out of traffic, in between cars and running red lights..... I was getting more and more irritated at him.  When we finally made it to the road his mom worked on he started speeding.....like I said, the road is long and there's not much traffic there, but there is one stop sign in the middle of the road.  He completely ran the stop sign.  I was yelling at him, but he kept on driving.....next thing we know we hear sirens behind us....he's getting pulled over.

We sat in the car for a couple minutes not talking because he was mad at his mom and I was mad at him....we were waiting for the cop to come to the window to ask for his registration and license.....then all the sudden we hear over the intercom in a very demanding and mean voice "driver step out of the car and put your hands behind your head".......WHAT??  All these things started running through my mind like is he a criminal, did we do something wrong?  Was the car stolen?  Why was the police making him get out of the car like that instead of coming to the window??  I totally started crying and freaking out and my heart was beating a thousand times a minute.  I turned around from my passenger seat to see what was going on and I see the cop grab Ova like he's handcuffing him and force him to his knees.  He says over the intercom "Passenger, keep your hands in the air and face front"  I was freaking out!!  I seriously thought we were going to jail and I didn't know why.....but I blamed Ova because we were only in that situation because he ran the stop sign and because he let himself get so mad over nothing.  After a couple minutes, the police says over the intercom "Passenger, step out of the vehicle, put your hands on your head"  I did what he said and I turned towards the cop car (Ova was kneeling on the ground with his hands behind his back)  The police yelled at me to face forward and walk backwards until he told me to stop.  I did what I was told and when I got about to where Ova was the police yelled at me to stop.  I stopped.  He yelled at me to turn around.  I turned around and there Ova was on his knee with a ring in his hand..........and he said "Will you marry me?"  I was so confused until I saw the police officer was a Tongan man.....I punched Ova first and then kissed him and said yes.  All the drama and pretend being mad was all part of his plan.  He told him mom to call us, he told her he was going to act angry.....he planned everything out with the cop.  And it turned out perfectly.  I must say, that is an engagement story I will never forget!!

He's so sweet because the ring he gave me was so perfectly sentimental.  And he thought of it himself.  It's not a regular engagement ring, he thought of something that was very specific to us and I absolutely LOVED it!  I wish I had a picture of it.....but to explain what it looked like, it had 14 diamonds in it all together....two big ones in the middle and six small ones on each side.  When he gave it to me, he explained that the two diamonds in the middle represented me and him and the twelve little diamonds represented the kids we were going to have (we actually talked about having 12 kids before we got married.....hahaha)  That day was just so special and he was super super creative with everything......even though he pissed me off and made me so irritated at him.....I LOVED IT!!

Funny thing is that his mom wasn't even working that day, so after that incident we just turned around and headed home......I was telling him that he almost gave me a heart-attack.....and he was telling me that his original plan was to run the stop sign....have the cop try and pull us over and him not pull over.....then there would be a high speed chase and eventually we would have gotten surrounded by police officers with all their weapons pulled.  The police officer that was working with Ova told him that would be too much......which I totally agree.....I think I really would have had a heart-attack if he did it that way!

Anyways, sometimes the memory of that day pops in my mind and I can't help but smile.  I.LOVE.HIM!