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June 14, 2012

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day was so much different than any Memorial Day in the past.....because this year, it hit more close to home....it was more personal for us.....this year, we had a member of our immediate family to visit.  I think Ova said it best with the post he put on facebook early Memorial Day morning.....it said:

"Our first Memorial Day with our little angel Cindy Ki Hevani.  We feel your little spirit with your twin Kalolaine Katea everyday, especially when she smiles for no reason.  We love you Cindy, please continue to watch over your twin and the rest of us!"

I started my Memorial Day off by doing something crafty.  I had seen this little quote not to long after baby Cindy was buried and it totally made me cry....it made me think, not only of my guardian angel, but of another one of my friends, Priscilla, who's daughter Lauren became and angel about a year ago.  I've been wanting to give the quote to her for a long time, and Memorial Day just seemed like the perfect time to do it.  The quote I saw actually said --- "There's always a piece of heaven in our home, because someone we love is in heaven"......  I loved the quote, but it seemed so broad to me...because everyone has someone they love in heaven.  So I changed it to "There's always a piece of heaven in our home, because a piece of our heart is in heaven."  That seemed more personal, more true, more perfect.....it wasn't just someone we love, it was someone who was a piece of us.  I went to Lowe's, got some wood....and started my little project.  Here's how it turned out....

The only plans I had made for that entire day, was to spend all day at the cemetery with Cindy, but I wanted to go to Lauren's resting spot first to drop off the block I made for her mom.  Thankfully she was there.  We didn't stay long, just long enough to drop off some flowers and the plaque I made and then we headed to baby Cindy.

We've actually never went to the cemetery on a Memorial Day....and I can't believe how crazy packed it was!  My baby girl is buried at the cemetery on Redwood Road....that's like poly ville over there....it took us a good 25 minutes to even get into the cemetery, let alone finding a parking spot.  We had stopped by McDonalds on our way there and we just set up our blankets around Cindy's resting spot and ate lunch while we enjoyed each others company and spent time with her. 

Baby Katea was so smiley the whole time we were there.  In my mind, she was talking with her sister.  I think that a lot when I see Katea stareing at the cieling and smiling or laughing....I know she's with her!

I was a little sad coming upon her resting spot because we still haven't been able to give her a headstone.....her little area was so bare....just grass and the flowers we brought for her.  The only way we know where she's at is by looking at the people's names that are around her....the cemetery doesn't even offer temporary markers like other cemeterys do.  :(  That's probably something I want more than anything right now....just a marker for my little angel....so people know where her body is laid.  For now, it's ok, because we know where she is! 

We spent a good chunk of our day there.....just sitting there.  Tea slept a little, Makai Mone and Tala ran around and played......Tala got in trouble a whole bunch of times because she kept going and pulling other people's decorations off their graves...smh.  We ate lunch and visited with several other families that were there visiting loved ones.  Priscilla came by with her sil to drop off some flowers for my baby girl.  She is sweet.  It was a good Memorial Day spent with my 5th child, my little guardian angel.  Memorial Day will forever hold a different, more special meaning in my heart!

And baby Katea said a little prayer for her sister as we left that day!  :)

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Melissa said...

What a sweet experience. Love the picture of Katea praying. I just love those cheeks of hers. I wish I could just squeeze and kiss them. Soooo adorable.
Did she have to go back on Oxygen? I was reading below that she went that long without it. I was just wondering. Hope you are doing well. Gosh, I sure do miss you. I will be in Utah mid July. I for sure want to meet up with you then. This time we really need to make it happen.