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June 1, 2012


Our morning ritual is to get up, eat breakfast....then Mone, Lautala and baby Tea watch the sprout channel while Makai gets ready for school.  Almost every commercial we saw was advertising this new program called ABCmouse.com....it's basically curriculum for kids preschool to kindergarten age.  I watched that commercial over and over again....and finally thought that it might be good for Mone to try.  I didn't really know how it worked, how much it costed or what it entailed, but I thought I'd check it out.  I logged on to the website and was so excited at everything I saw.  They had hundreds of lessons on the 'lesson path' and everytime the child would pass a lesson, it would unlock the next lesson...which would be more advanced...designed to help their little brains learn and grow.  At the end of each lesson they can take a quiz and they get virtual prizes that they can put in one of their various online places....aquarium, living room, classroom....it looked pretty cool! 

I decided to sign up and give it a try.  The cost for the site is $7.95/month, but they give you the first 30 days free as a trial to see if you like it.  I thought, what can it hurt?  I signed up and showed Mone how to work it and it has been AMAZING!  Not only does it help him prepare for kindergarten, but it teaches him how to use a computer (which I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about...LOL)

In each lesson path he learns letters, numbers, nursery rhymes, math, songs, reading....it goes over the different seasons, and different places, like ocean, desert, etc....and at the end of every question he gets right, they cheer and tell him he's awesome, or he's doing amazing. 

Mone goes to preschool and he comes straight home and asks if he can do his homework....it's been so awesome!  Now, he doesn't sit around and watch tv.  He learns on what he thinks is fun...on ABCmouse.com  :)  For me, $7.95 is nothing compared to what he's actually learned with this program! 

When you sign up...they let you add up to 4 kids....and you can choose which level you want them to start at.  All the way from 2 years up....I signed up Lautala (but really, she's still too young to understand it) and I signed up Makai for the advanced levels.  They all have fun passing the levels, collecting their online prizes and moving on to the next level.

Best investment....I highly recommend it if you have kids this age!  :)


KatieLarson said...

Thanks for the heads up. I have been trying to decide what to do about Aidan next year for a preschool. He was in preschool all last year but his teacher is moving this summer, so she won't be able to work with him next year. My husband and I have been trying to come up with another preschool idea (everything else is too costly out here or the hours are not good for us). So a big thank you! We can handle $8 a month!

Halli said...

I may have to try this with my Uaks. Thanks for sharing!