"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

July 29, 2011

Utah's Bipolar Weather

This Utah summer has been so unpredictable, not even close to as hot as it usually gets....and don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all, because the temperatures have been so nice.....but here and there we see the bipoar weather coming out......and the past couple days have been just those.  Just a couple days ago it was a beautiful day....until about 3pm and then it started sprinkling, then it went from sprinkling to raining, then to pouring, then it started to hail!  It was raining so hard that within a minute the driveway was covered with puddles.  The kids gave me the look like they really wanted to go outside and play.....and I gave them the ok.  They ran out the door fully dressed and all....and in just a couple minutes they were all soaked!  It was raining so hard, but it was still hot outside....weird!!??!!  What can I say.....these kids would live in the water if the could!  :)

Little Lisi was the first one out
Then Ashlee joined her
Pretty soon ALL the kids joined in the fun
It only rained for like 20 minutes......and when it was done, the kids still wanted to play, so they started rolling around in the puddles....
Then when they were done with the puddle, Tea came out and started spraying them with the hose...
Lautala all wet...
The weather doesn't stop these kids.....they'll have tons of summer fun regardless of the rain!!  :)

July 28, 2011


Ever since I can remember, growing up our house was always full!  We constantly had visitors or house guests, or family from overseas who would come and need a place to stay for sometimes a few days, sometimes a few months....and sometimes even longer!  My mom's always been such a good sport with allowing her house to be pretty much taken over, for pretty much my whole life.

Now that me and my brother and sisters are all married and have moved out of the house.....it's still no  different.  4 of my first cousins live with my parents now......sort-of my parent's new kids.....and our brothers and sister.

I know I've blogged about Leka before.....she's my Dad's younger brothers daughter who came for my grandparent's funeral 4 years ago, and she decided to stay here in America with my parents.  We love Leka....she's such a good Aunty, always playing with the kids and helping out whenever needed.  She's our little sister that we can always count on!

Then there's Safi, he's my Dad's younger sister's son.....straight from Vaini.....he's been here for a few years now too!  Misi Pou is my Dad's cousin's son, and then there's Fanga....he's my Dad's other cousin's son.....

Needless to say, even with all their kids married and gone, my parent's have got a full house!

The boys, Safi, Misi Pou and Fanga all work with my Dad and Uncle Daniel doing yard-work/construction.  It's nice to have a family business that can keep these boys employed while their here so that they have their own money to do what they want.

Well, the job they have now is actually really close to my parent's house......way way west of Spanish Fork.....in a small town of Lake Shore (the South shore of Utah lake)......up in the mountains.  Since their job site was pretty close to my parent's house, Leka decided to ride her bike up to visit them.  The chain on her bike was giving her problems while she was riding up there and she decided she didn't want to ride the bike back home so she had one of the boys drop her off.  Everyone knew the bike's chain had issues.  Fanga didn't want to leave the bike at the worksite, so when the job was done he said he would ride it home.  Remember they were working on a mountain, so he had to go down a pretty steep hill to get home.  As he was riding he grabbed on to the back of a truck and the next thing we know he's laying on the ground covered in blood.

I wasn't there, but I got the text from my mom that they were in the emergency room with Fanga because he'd been in an accident.  It happened so quickly that nobody really saw what happened, but by the damage done to his body.....you could tell he landed on his head and pretty much rolled until he stopped!  His head was the main point of impact and you could see a big hole, lots of blood, and part of his brain.....and then he had road rash all over the other side of his face.....on both of his arms, down both of this legs....on his stomach and his back.  He obviosuly doesn't remember anything about what happened.  But he's got all the injuries to prove it.

**Pictures are graphic....so head's up!!**

Fanga right after they stitched up the hole in his head

His accident happened on a Monday and Tuesday we decided to go and visit him at the hospital.  I can't believe how well he is doing for what he went through.  The two pictures below are him on the day after the accident, day 2.  He had a couple operations that morning to repair his eye socket, and part of his jaw.  They had to put a stitch in his eyelid to keep it closed so his eye can stay moist until he can get the muscle working enough for him to blink.  He's also on a puree diet for a month because the muscle that works the jaw bone was damaged and had to have surgery.  The nurses were amazed at how strong he was and how he didn't want any pain medication at all, even after the operations.  They would continually come in and check on him and ask him what his pain level was and he would always say a 2 or 3, but that he didn't want any medicine.  They kept telling us to tell him that he didn't need to be strong, if he wanted the medicine, he could have some.....but he honestly was doing ok.  He got up and walked around the floor of his hospital a couple times and he even was able to take a shower.  Because he was doing so well, they were able to discharge him on Wednesday, day 3.  Since then he's been home recovering quickly and trying not to starve to death on his only liquid diet.....poor thing!  haha  We all joke that it must be that Tongan blood that makes him so tough....hahaha
Makai with Uncle Fanga

We love you Fanga!  Hope you continue to have a speedy recovery!


This is what my bed looks like every night now that Ova is working graves.......
Covered from top to bottom with my three little ones.  Between them kicking each other, crying, talking in their sleep and being so so so mohe fisi.......they keep me company and make sure I'm not lonely since Ova's not here at night.  I.LOVE.IT!!  (And that little space on the other side of Lautala is where I get to sleep!)

I know that these are one of those moments I'm gonna look back on and cherish when they get too old to sleep with their mama.....but for now, I'm enjoying every minute of it!!


July 24, 2011

Safer Streets

Today on our way home from church we were following this silver mini-van that was driving a little strange.  He pretty much stopped in the middle of the road before making a right hand turn.....the turn he took was actually down the same street that we live on, so we turned right after him.....all the sudden we see something fly out of the passengers side of his van.  I looked at the street to see what it was he threw out and it was a beer can, a natural light long can.  Ova said "that guy is drunk" and I was just looking to see if he really was alone or if anyone else was in the van with him.  He immediately pulled off to the side of the road and as we were driving past him he started screaming and pointing at us.....like trying to call us out or something.

Of course Ova reverses, rolls down the window and says "what's your problem"......the guy is alone in the van and it was almost funny to see how his composure changed once he saw that Ova was a BIG brown man....he started saying "I don't have a problem, what's up"......his speech was completely slurred and he said that same phrase a few times.  Ova said "dude, you were pointing at me"....and he denied it of course.  Then Ova asked "are you drunk" and he laughed a little and said no.....we told him we saw him throw his beer can out the window....he just sat there for a minute dumbfounded trying to think.....Ova reversed our van far enough for me to get the guy's license plate.  As soon as the guy saw that Ova was on the phone, he flipped a U turn super fast and tried to get away......Ova called 911.  We, of course, flipped our van around as well and started following the guy.  He was trying to get away from us, but it was a pretty busy street we were on so he didn't really have a chance to.  Ova told the 911 operater exactly what happened and that the guy is driving around under the influence.  Not even 2 minutes later a police pulled up behind us.  Ova motioned to the police that it was the van in front of us and we continued to follow them until the cop pulled him over......then we turned around and went home.

The 911 operator took Ova's information and phone number just in case they had any further questions.  On the way home, Ova stopped and picked up the beer can that the guy threw out, just in case the police officers needed it.

Several hours later Ova's phone rang, it was the police officer that pulled the guy over.  He was calling to get information from us on what we saw, and what exactly happened.  He had arrested the guy and charged him with a DUI.  Ova gave him the information and that was that.

To be honest, my heart was pounding like I was on a high speed chase the whole time we were following him.  And what happens when a crybaby's heart starts pounding like that??  They freakin' cry.....uugghh.....I hate those uncontrollable yet immediate responses that come to me.....hahaha (I was trying harder to hold back my tears than anything....hahaha....sad, I know)

I'm glad Ova did what he did.  That drunk guy was driving around in our neighborhood, were there are tons of kids running around and playing.  I would hate to think that he could have hit or even killed one of them.  Makai was in the van with us when all this happened, and he was scared because he didn't really know what was going on, but it gave us an opportunity to explain to him and teach him that it's not ok to drink and drive, and that by daddy doing that, he might have saved someone's life.

I have never been directly affected, or even had anyone close to me be directly affected by a drunk driver.....but I have heard many stories of lives lost unnecessarily.  I'm glad our streets are a little safter tonight thanks to my hubby!  :)

July 18, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me how mindful the Lord is of my little family.  Everything truely happens in HIS timing, and this past week we were yet again reminded of that.

Back in February, Ova lost his job at Dannon.....if you follow my blog, you probably can remember how much of a heart-breaker that was for me.  That was the perfect job, the biggest blessing, and the place I thought Ova would work at the rest of his life...and retire from.  Him losing the job hurt a lot.  But now I understand exactly why.  It was supposed to happen.  It was the Lord's plan and the Lord's timing for our little family.  Him losing the job meant we could go to church as a family.....it meant we could get back on track.  It meant Ova and I could work out all the kinks and quirks we were facing and get back on track.

Ova qualified for unemployment, so the financial part of it wasn't a huge issue.....but I knew he needed to find a job soon.  I updated his resume, made it look really nice and professional and started applying him anywhere and everywhere that was hiring.  After a few months, I started getting discouraged.  He had a few people call him back, but it either didn't work out or the jobs were only part-time and paid way way less than he was getting from unemployement, so we decided to hold out and keep on looking.

Obviously, I found out I was pregnant, and not to long after that, found out that we were having twins.  We were exstatic and so super excited that our family was growing.....but then reality kicked in.  There was no way we were going to be able to afford diapers for three babies on his unemployment and my dinky income from the airport......we  needed to pray and look harder.  We did that until I started having complications with my pregnancy and then our focus was a little skewed.  I didn't put in any applications for him for a couple weeks, because I was just focusing on what the Dr. was telling me to do. 

Then the hard news hit.  My Dr didn't want me working AT ALL for the rest of my pregnancy.  I'm only 3 1/2 months right now so that meant I would not be working for almost a year.  Don't get me wrong, I was only part-time and only worked like one or two nights a week, but that extra few hundred a month seriously helped out.  At that same time we found out that Ova only had 7 more weeks of unemployment benefits before they ran out......we could have reapplied, but it wasn't a guarantee they would extend it. 

I had a little break-down to myself and came to my room one night.  I prayed.....had the longest conversation with my Heavenly Father....cried to him about my situation with the pregnancy, and our situation financially.  I begged and pleaded for his help. 

A few nights after that we were kickin' it out on the front porch with Kina and Tina......that's something we pretty much do every single night....since the weather is so nice.  We were just talking about anything and everything and then Tina mentioned that this place was hiring......her sister's brother in law has been working there for several years now and it's a really good job, but it's hard to get into.  I ran straight to my room and grabbed my laptop and started filling out the application for Ova.  I told him to call his cousin (the one that works there) to see if there were any strings that could be pulled or anything that Ova could do to help speed up the process......he just said to be patient, it takes a while for them to go through the applications and to call people back for interviews.  I finished the application, submitted it and then kinda forgot about it because everyone that we talked to said it would be at least a couple months before we get a call back.

A week later Ova and I were in our room watching t.v. and he noticed a voicemail on his phone.  He listened to it and got all excited and handed the phone to me.  It was the recruiter calling him for an interview.  His interview was scheduled for the next day at 8am.  We said a prayer before we went to sleep that night and we said a prayer bright and early the next morning before we headed to the interview (I went along to keep him company on the ride.....since it's in Orem)  He went in and had his interview and then when he came out, he got another interview from me asking how it went....hahaha.  He told me it went really well, that he had a really good feeling and that they told him they were interviewing a lot of people and they would call him back the next day with a yes or a no.  So we just wait.

We got home and went out on the back patio.....then at about 3pm, Ova got a phone call.  It was the guy that conducted the interview.....offering him the job.  I couldn't believe it.  It seemed too easy.  If that wasn't a direct blessing and answer to our prayers, I don't know what is. 

Ova applied for the job last week.  He got a call for an interview on Monday.  Interviewed on Tuesday.  Got offered the job on Tuesday, and he started on Thursday last week.

We consider it a HUGE blessing and are well aware of how perfect the timing of this blessing was.

I got to spend 5 months having my husband at home, which was wonderful, but the BEST part about it is this job is it's closed on Sunday so he will still be able to go to church with us every Sunday!!

So happy that he's got a good job and he's back to the working world!  BLESSED!

July 15, 2011

Fangupo grandkid #15

My brother-in-law Kina and his wife Tina had their beautiful baby girl on Tuesday July 12th at 7:46am
She weighed 7lbs11oz. and was 20 inches long.  She's chinky-eyed just like the rest of their kids, and she's beautiful!  Kina's been wanting her to come for about a week now, so he's been making Tina walk and walk and walk.....and she even drank castor oil (that's what finally did it!)  If you notice in her picture, she's a little bruised around her nose and upper lip.  She had the cord wrapped around her face when she came out.  But she's ok and she's healthy and she's such a little chubby cutie pie!

So happy for Tina that she can finally rest!!  hahaha  They named their little princess Mele Langi Fangupo, after Tina's grandma.  She's perfect!

She makes grandchild #15 for the Fangupo family, and #6 for Kina and Tina.  Our family keeps on growing and growing!  We love it!

Momma w/ baby                                     Daddy w/ baby
Meeting baby sister for the first time...

Cute little chunk at 1 day old!  :)

July 13, 2011

So scared

Friday and Saturday I spent my day at the park watching rugby.  I did nothing all day except sit and watch.  No heavy lifting, not even to pick up Lautala.  The only thing I did really was walk from the van to the spot on the grass we were sitting on.  That was it.

Sunday morning I woke up to get ready for church but did not feel well at all.  I was super surprised at that because I had been feeling great all week and I thought I was finally going to be past that stage......Sunday morning it was all back.  I ended up getting my boys ready and sending them to church with Tea and I tried to go back to sleep.  Lautala stayed home with me because she was still sleeping when everyone was ready and leaving for church.  Of course she woke up right when I tried to lay back down.....so I had to get up and make her breakfast and change her.  I made myself a little bed on the couch and turned on cartoons to keep her entertained.....I felt like crap.

She was actually pretty good for me, which was so nice......that is until everyone came home from church and then she was being her wild and crazy self!  I didn't mind that she act like that then because everyone was home to watch and keep her entertained.  As soon as everyone came back home I went back to my room to lay down.  I slept pretty much that whole entire day.  At 8 o'clock (I got up and looked at the clock) I went to the bathroom.  I felt a little cramp and when I stood up and looked in the toilet there was a HUGE blood clot in the bottom of the toilet.  I freaked out.  There was no blood in the toilet, just the clot in the bottom.  I cried and cried and called Ova to come.  He wanted to rush me to the emergency room, but I knew they would just do all the same stuff as before so I called the on-call Dr at my Dr's office.  Luckily it was my Dr that was on call.  I was crying as I was talking to him and explaining what had happened.  He asked me if I'd been doing anything strenuous to cause the bleeding.....No, I'd been laying down all day long....he told me that since I hadn't bled all day, that was the first time.....he wanted me to wait and go to his office for an ultrasound the next day.  He told me to watch the bleeding and if it continued or got heavy, to just go to the emergency room.  I think I cried the whole rest of that night.  I thought I was done with this, what was going on?  I had consistently felt at least one of the babies move all week, but for the past couple days I don't remember feeling anything.  I was so scared.  That night I bled some more....it was the same blood as the first time I bled, that runny brown-red blood and there were no more clots after that first one.  It was enough that I had to wear a pad, and that scared the heck out of me.

The next day my appointment was set for 2pm......that day took forever, because all I wanted to do was go to the Dr and see what was going on.  The last appointment I had with him he told me that everything was fine and that the bleeding wasn't anywhere near my babies so I didn't need to worry.  He told me that I shouldn't bleed anymore.  So why was I still bleeding?

I got to the Dr. and he could tell I was a little shaken up.  I couldn't do a urine sample for them because of the blood, and I lost 3 more pounds.  The Dr. came into the room and asked me what was going on.  He seemed concerned.  He told me to get on the table so he could try and hear their heartbeats.  He tried and tried for a while but was only able to hear one.  I was totally and completely freaking out and crying.  He told me to hold on and he went out of the room for a minute.  He came back in and told me that his ultrasound tech was actually free for a minute and he wanted me to get an ultrasound to see if they could see where the bleeding was coming from and to hear the other baby's heartbeat. 

In the ultrasound room the tech first checked to make sure both babies were there and still alive.  Thankfully they were.  They were moving and their hearts were beating, but I could tell that something was wrong.  She said for some reason she couldn't see clearly and she needed to call the Dr in to take a look with her.  My Dr came in and looked for a minute and then he went and got another Dr to come and look.  All three of them stepped out into the hall and talked for a minute.  They left the door cracked open so I could hear them talking, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. 

Then my Dr. walks back into the room and tells me that I have a subchrionic hematoma that was hemmoraging and my uterus was full of blood.  He told me that it happens in 20-25% of pregnancies and MOST of them go on to have normal healthy babies.  Most sounded better than few, but it still didn't comfort me.  He filled out some paperwork and faxed it to my work and requested that I be on FMLA leave until further notice.  And I have to see him every week.   I asked him if my going to the rugby field the two previous days had anything to do with this and he said no, that it's something that's been going on for a while and it was bound to come out.  He told me that I had to take it really easy, lay down a lot, don't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, and to let him know if my bleeding continued.  I am so scared.

I came home and did some research on subchrionic hematoma, basically when the egg and sperm were implanting on the uterus wall, there was a pocket of blood that came between them.  The hope is that my body will absorb the blood clot, or pass it....the fear is that it will continue to grow.  If the blood clot gets bigger than the baby or babies, I'll lose them.  There is no surgery or really anything I can do to get rid of it....it's just something my body has to do on it's own.  This is where I turn to the Lord more than ever.

I've been praying and begging him for my body to absorb this thing that is threatening my babies lives.  I received a blessing from my husband the first time I bled and my father-in-law came and gave me a blessing this time.  I know the power of the priesthood is strong and with faith can work miracles.  But I'm also aware that this is God's timing and whatever he wants to happen, will happen.

I'm scared every single day.  Every time I go to the bathroom.  Everytime I feel weird in my stomach.  But at the same time I feel ok.  I haven't bled at all since Monday morning.....not even a little bit since I got the blessing.  I'm trying to stay optomistic and hopeful and trying to do everything I need to so the Lord will answer my prayers and bless me with these miracles.  Please pray for me and my babies!

In the meantime, I feel extremely useless and extremely greatful.  Useless because I can't do anything, not even lift my own daughter.  Greatful because I have so many people around who help me out more than I could have ever expected. 

Please babies, be ok.  I'm praying for you both every minute of every day!

Rugby Time!

Last year Fahu Tahi held his first annual rugby tournament in Provo.  Click HERE to read my post from last year's tournament! 

This past weekend was his 2nd annual one.  They changed the location of this tournament to a park way up in Alpine......but the park was perfect!  It was big, the grass was green, the view was so beautiful being so close to the mountains, and the weather was perfect, nice and cool for a summer day in July (this year's summer is not like most Utah summers, it's been so nice and cool)

Rugby is something I've always loved!  To be honest, I don't really fully understand the game, but I love going and watching....especially at a tournament!  I remember when I was young, my Dad and my uncles played rugby and we used to always go watch their games......just something I've always loved to do.  Ova is a die-hard lover of rugby.  I heard stories that he was pretty good back in the day......but with him being so sick for the past few years, he hasn't been able to play....so I've never actually seen him, but he's just as involved as the coach for his Lion's team.  His health has thankfully been improving more and more every year and his goal is to continue going to the gym, losing weight and getting in shape so he can play next year.  I'm behind him 100% and I'd love to see him out there on the field (as long as he doesn't get hurt!)  :)

When rugby time rolls around we make an all day, or should I say all week thing of it.  I pack a cooler or two full of sandwiches, chips, snacks and drinks and we head to spend a whole entire day at the park.  I love kicking it with the other rugby wives and my kids love being outside all day running around and playing with their cousins and friends.  The park where this tournament was held was so nice and perfect for that!  The tournament was held on Friday and Saturday and we got there early each day and stayed until it was dark.

I grew up my whole life in Provo, and my Dad was the president of the Steelers way back in the day....but I'm a Lions fan!  haha  Got love for the Steelers, but gotta support my hubby and his brothers!  :)

The tournament worked on a points system and at the end of it all here were the winners:
First Place and $1500.00 - Provo Steelers
Second Place and $600.00 - Mana
Third Place and $300.00 - LIONS.... whoo-hoo!  :)

We had fun and are grateful to Fahu for putting this tournament on.....it's something we look forward to every year!!

I took like hundreds of pictures.....way too many to post, but if you want to see some, just click on the link below!!

Sponsors of the tournament w/ some of the Lions
Fahu - Sau - Mapu - TiTonga - Manu - Joe - Ova

Sau proud to hold their 3rd place trophy!

Fahu w/ my boys

July 12, 2011

Summer Fun!

Like I mentioned in my last post, my kids have been having a blast having their cousins here.....and it's been nice because they've all been keeping themselves entertained.  Their days consist pretty much being outside all day....running around, screaming, playing, fighting.....and jumping on the trampoline.

I called my little sister Leka to come spend the weekend with me this past weekend.....we love it when she comes over!  Especially Ma and Tea because she just sits with them for hours and hours talking and reminissing about Tonga.  She loves all the Tongan food we eat and the kids just love her.....and I mean all the kids, even Kina and Tina's kids.  I always call her whenever theres a rugby tournament going on because she enjoys going with me (since she actually understands the game) and she's a huge help with watching the kids while I'm taking pictures of the game.

My mom had the day off work so she brought Leka up and spent a few hours here.  I was sitting in the front yard watching Ova and Kina do yard work and I heard all the kids screaming and laughing.....so I headed to the backyard and this is what I saw......

My mom actually got on the trampoline and was jumping with the kids......and they were loving it!  That lasted for a little bit and then my mom had to leave.....but the kids still wanted to jump so since it was hot, we put the sprinkler under the trampoline.......this was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger.....jumping on the tramp with the sprinklers!  So much fun!

Then after a little while of jumping with the sprinkler under the tramp, Ova finished up his yard work and decided it would be fun to take the sprinkler out from under the tramp and spray the kids.......like right in the face.....they didn't like that too much.....hahaha......such a punk!

Fun summer day spent outside.....and these two poor kids had to kick it with me on the patio just watching all the fun because they were sick......so sad!


July 7, 2011

Full House

My brother-in-law Kina and his wife Tina have unfortunately had a stroke of bad luck.  They were renting a house from Provo, and had been living there for a little over a year......recently they noticed a lot of water damage.  The pipes that were installed in the house were bad and they were leaking all over.  The ceiling in their bathroom downstairs actually fell out because it got so wet, and the tiles in the kitchen were lifting and cracking.  I can only imagine there was mold growing all over inside their walls, blind to the naked eye.  With them having 5 kids, and Tina 8 months pregnant, that was just not a good situation to be in, so they decided to start looking around for another place to live, and to get out of that house as soon as possible.  In less than 15 days to be exact.
They found a place just down the street from their old house (in Provo) that was available.  They went and met the guy who was renting it out and originally he wanted to rent the whole house (upstairs & downstairs), but the price was a bit higher than what they wanted to pay.  They are working to buy a house for themselves in the near future so they didn't really want to spend that much.  The guy suggested that they have the whole house, but let him stay in one bedroom downstairs and he'd knock $100 off the monthly rent.  I just thought that was the craziest thing I'd ever heard.  Renting a house from someone and then having him stay in the house with you....probably in a room right next to your kids.....ummmm, that was a big fat NO!!  Then he finally said they could just rent the upstairs for half the cost and het would stay downstairs.  That sounded much better.  He wrote up the contract and in the contract he stated that they were not allowed downstairs and he would no go upstairs....along with all his other stipulations.....they both signed the contract and they moved in. 
Two days after they moved into the house Tina and Alisi came and picked me up so we could all go out to dinner.  We were having good conversation, just laughing and joking and then we started talking about their new house.  Tina told me she loved it because it was nice and big and affordable....but then she told me something that really bothered me.  She said that she got into an arguement that morning with the landlord because he came upstairs in the middle of the night (when he thought they were all sleeping) to turn off the light that was left on in the kitchen.  Tina was actually still awake waiting for Kina to get home from work.  At first she thought it was her son that turned it off, but then she heard the door close to the downstairs.  How scary!  She confronted him about it the next morning and he said that yes he did go upstairs and turn it off because the utilitiy bills were in his name and he didn't want it left on all night.  She yelled and him and informed him that that was not ok and that he signed the contract that he wouldn't go upstairs at all, let alone in the middle of the night when her husband wasn't home.  He finally apologized and told her he wouldn't go up there again.  I was really uncomfortable with that, and I told them to please be careful....especially since she has so many young kids.  Our dinner was over and they dropped me off at home and I went straight and told Ova about it.....it just really bothered me.
Two days later (only 5 days living in that house) Ova got a call from his brother.  The stupid guy went upstairs again, but this time it was in the morning....right after Kina left for work.  Tina said he timed it....I'm sure he did.  She said she was in her room and she could hear someone walking around in the hall in front of her girl's room.....she thought it was just one of her kids so she got up to see and as soon as she walked into the hall she heard the door to the downstairs close.  She said her heart jumped and she was so mad.  She immediately called the landlord downstairs and confronted him about it.  He got defensive and was really mad and started yelling at her telling her that it was his house and he could do whatever he wanted.  She brought up the contract and how it is signed in there that he was not allowed upstairs.  As soon as she was done talking to him, she called Kina at work and told him what happened.....of course he was so pissed off....so he called the landlord too and cussed him out.  That place was obviously NOT safe for them andd their little family....and the landlord obviously couldn't be trusted.  Kina called Ova and was telling him their situation, and we asked them to please get out of there and come stay with us for a little while until they find another place.  They moved into that house and five days later they moved back out.  Ova and Sau and their cousin Tauafu went down and they moved everything out in a few hours.
Now the stupid landlord won't give them their deposit or first month's rent back.  He's such a jerk.  Kina and Tina are taking him to court to get their money back.....and I know they'll get it because it was the stupid guy's fault, he's the one that broke the contract!
NEways, they moved into our basement, and we've been absolutely LOVING it!!  My kids are on cloud 9 every single day having their cousins here to play with....and they have been having sleep overs in the living room almost every night.  With the weather so nice at night.....we kick it outside on the porch pretty much every night just talking and enjoying each other's company.  I love having Tina here.  When Ova went to Vegas with the kids last week, Kina went with their kids too.....so Tina kept me company every day....even when I was on bedrest, she'd sit at the end of my bed just keeping me company and making sure I was ok.  I really love her, she's the sweetest person.  And Ova is loving having his brother here....they bbq and go to the gym together....it's been great!  I know they're desperately looking for their own place, but we do love that they're staying with us!  We'll just continue to make the most of it while it lasts!  So glad to be able to help out family when they need it, afterall....that's what family is for!!   :)

July 6, 2011


Before I even start this post, I want to apologize for being so negative and for complaining so much.  I need to stop and be grateful for everything I've been blessed with, and I've been blessed with a lot!

My Dr. appointment yesterday was just what I needed.  I've been stressing out all weekend, but yesterday my Dr. put all my worries away.  He had a medical term for all the bleeding I was experiencing, but I forgot the name of it....basically he said that I had a large pocket of blood, but that I was never in danger of miscarriage because it wasn't even anywhere near where my babies are.  BLESSED!  I bled for four days and then it totally stopped....and he said I shouldn't have any more problems like that.  Thank goodness!

Both babies are healthy, they have strong heartbeats and I can actually feel them moving already!  We talked a little bit about what I can expect with twins.....my Dr. just told me that he really wants me to hold out until I'm at least 36 weeks.  I hope I can do that.....and that they both come out healthy and strong.  We get to find out in 3 more weeks what we're having.  Ova thinks it will be one of each, I just don't have a feeling I'm having a boy, so I'm betting on 2 girls....we've been talking about names....and surprisingly we've agreed on a few.  That info is yet to come....hahaha

I'm starting to feel better now, but I can still go all day without eating......just nothing sounds good.  Especially meat.....ewwww....the thought of meat just makes me nauseas.  So far I've lost 15lbs this pregnancy.....but since I'm feeling better now I'm sure I'll gain it back quickly.  My stomach is growing fast and I already can't stand to have anything touching my stomach, so I've been living in dresses so the waist doesn't bug me......haha.

Even through the sickness and pains and aches and tiredness and bleeding, I do know how blessed I am and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for a wonderful supportive husband, three beautiful and healthy kids and the twins I'm carrying.  I.AM.BLESSED!

July 5, 2011


Bad day.  I'm sitting at school trying to concentrate on my school work, but I'm so tired cause I didn't get much sleep last night.  Not a good night last night at all :(
I have my Dr. appointment today at 1:30pm, and I'm anxious for that.  Hoping and praying to hear nothing but good news.  I bled for three days straight.....but yesterday, finally, it stopped.....but I don't really feel to great.  I'm hoping going to the Dr. today will cheer me up a bit.

I think I felt one of my babies move......I could feel it all day yesterday.....that comforted me a lot!  The same little spot kept twittering in my stomach!  Wierdest feeling in the world, but I love it!  Makes me feel like they're ok in there.

Better get back to my schoolwork......even though I'm just not feelin' it today :(

July 2, 2011

Dream Big

(Pictures of NFL players taken from Dream Big website)

Dream Big Football Camp was a camp put together by New York Jets player Sione Pouha.  He invited several other NFL pro players to come help him with his camp and it turned out amazing!  Sione Pouha is a relative of mine and someone that I've always admired and looked up to.  He has a good head on his shoulder and regardless of anything, he is always thinking of others and doing whatever he can to "give back"  He is and has always been family oriented and his roots are here in Utah and he is constantly coming back home, sponsoring things and doing things for his hometown. 

A lot of times the fame and glamour of being in the NFL, having millions of dollars and pretty much a life of luxury can get to your head....but not with Sione....he's got it all and he gives it all.  He's a great example to me, my kids, the community and a whole lot of other people!

Sione is not the only one though....we've got quite a few polynesian guys that have been fortunate enough to make it to the NFL, and they all are just like Sione...........

Fahu Tahi is another one.  He's a Utah boy playing in the NFL for the Minnestoa Vikings.  He is one of my husband's closest friends and has been since they were younger.  I always see him around doing things for the community.  He actually held another camp similar to this one, focusing on kids, last week.  I think it's so great that these successful career-driven men make and take the time to come back to their roots and share their knowledge and talents with everyone, especially with the kids.

Ma'ake (Suiti) and Chris are brothers....that both made it to the NFL, Suiti plays for the Washington Redskins and his little brother Chris plays for the Pittsburg Steelers, and has won 3 superbowl rings.....they are not here from Utah, but they are always getting together with the Utah NFL players to help sponsor things like this.  They are born and raised in Laie, Hawaii and came to college here at the good old University of Utah.....so I guess they do have some roots here!  Suiti and Chris are Ova's really close cousins.....we're all part of the Fangupo family....their Grandma and Ma's husband are brother and sister.  So we're always together at reunions and stuff.  They both are always giving back to the community too!

There were four of five other NFL players who came to help with Sione's Dream Big Camp too.....but I don't know them on a personal basis like I do these four I listed above.

The whole purpose of the camp was to teach the kids to DREAM BIG, just like the title of the camp.  They separated the kids by ages and they each had a NFL player teaching them some of the moves and practice techniques they use.  The camp wasn't only for learning how to play football though, it was a motivation for the kids that if they work hard, they could make it to the NFL too!

They provided each and every kid that camp to the camp with a Dream Big t-shirt and provided lunch for both days for all the kids.....everyone got a box lunch from KFC....

I was so excited to go with Ova to take Makai to the camp, but that morning was the morning of my little incident, so I didn't get to go........Ova took the boys:  Makai, Moses & Papa Si'i to participate and Filimone and Joey to watch.  I begged him to get some pictures of the kids with the the players....but he said the camera was trippin' so he only got a few shots of the boys in the bleachers before the camp started.

I'm grateful to all these guys who take time out of their busy lives and schedules to give back to the community.  It makes more of a difference than they probably even know!  Thank you, thank you thank you!!


My husband and kids are in Vegas, it's 2:01am, I can't sleep, I'm at home lonely and really missing them.  I was going to fly out there tonight to be with them for my nephew's baptism tomorrow, but couldn't....

I went to my ultrasound this morning and everything looked fine.  Both the babies were still in there moving around and their hearts were beating strong.  I hadn't bled since noon yesterday, so that was good.  I had already made up my mind that I was going to fly out to Vegas to be with my family tonight.

Then after the ultrasound I came home to take a nap and when I woke up it was a repeat of yesterday......blood running out of me like water..... I called my Dr. and of course they told me I could do what I wanted, but they strongly advise against traveling this weekend.  I was scared and agreed with their advice and so I called Ova and told him I wouldn't be joining them.  I think it's for the best for me and my babies.

I still feel good about my babies, I haven't had any clots or cramping, which is nice....and they did tell me I could keep bleeding until all those pockets of blood passed.  It's just better to be safe than sorry!

I really wish this particular weekend wasn't a holiday weekend, because I have to wait until Tuesday to see my Dr. and get a full report on all the ultrasounds....and to find out what the heck is going on.

I pretty much stayed down on bedrest all day long.  Thinking about my husband and kids and hoping they are having fun and being safe out there in Vegas.  They said if I filled a pad in an hour to go back to the emergency room.....I haven't, so that's good.  The bleeding flowed for a little while and then completely stopped.  This is really frustrating.  I'm just praying that whatever extra blood I have will pass soon and stop scaring the heck out of me.  For now I just rest and pray pray pray that everything is ok.

I miss my husband and my kids.......I really hate sleeping alone :(