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June 12, 2012

Huge Milestone!!

Yesterday morning 6/11/2012......at 9am......baby Katea was exactly 8 months 16 days old.....and she hit a HUGE milestone!

Yesterday morning marked 7 full days and nights....one full week....that she has gone without the need for oxygen!!  It all started one day when she pulled the canula into her mouth....I went to put it back in her nose and noticed she wasn't desatting so I left it alone.....she did so well that I finally just ended up taking the tape off her cheeks and turning off the oxygen.  ONE WHOLE WEEK OXYGEN FREE!!!

It's not completely official until the doctor says it is, but I think she might have done it!  I think my little miracle, who never ceases to amaze me, has finally kicked the oxygen!!

Yay!  Whoo-hoo!  Super proud mama moment!  That's my girl!  :)

This is the cute little face of a very happy girl.....happy to not have that irritating canula in her nose....happy to not have to have tape stuck on her cheeks....happy to not have any more raw bleeding cheeks from pulling the tape off.....happy to be able to BREATHE!!

She went from being completely dependent on the oxygen one week.....to not needing it the next!   Lots of thanks is owed...... Partially because of the help from the steriod I have to give her everyday.....but mostly because she's just so AMAZING!!  Way to go babygirl, we are so proud of you!  :)

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Jett Stream said...

That's awesome!! When do you go to the DR so they can tell you it's official??