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June 10, 2012

FHE Activities!

With the warm summer months upon us, we've been having a lot more FHE activities outside of the house, which has been so much fun!  I think it's so important for us to spend quality time with our kids....not necessarily spending a ton of money, but spending a ton of time!  A couple of our Monday night FHE activities have been:

Going to the drive-in to watch The Avengers!
.....going on a Monday night was an awesome idea because besides the two other cars that were there in the front row, we had the whole place pretty much to ourselves!  We love the drive-in.....we always take our own food and lots of snacks...and we set up our chairs, but usually end up spreading the blankets on the ground and laying down to watch the movies with our blankets and pillows.  That is a great, affordable, fun way to spend quality time with the family!  And the movie The Avengers, was A for Awesome!  Lol.

Making smores in the back yard!
..........like I said, for Mother's Day, they dug a umu pit in our garden area....so we thought we'd make use of the hole to build a fire and make smores!  This idea was thanks to Aunty Alice, who brought all the stuff for the smores, and helped the kids make them.  It was fun to see the kids working together...the boys building the fire, and the girls looking for sticks to roast the marshmellows on!  Can't go wrong with delicious smores!  :)

Family....isn't it about TIME??!!!


Leeks said...

soooooo fun! i miss having days like this with my family. now i gotta start making traditions for our own... great ideas! and beautiful family :) ofa atu!

Melissa said...

So fun to catch up on your really busy, crazy, fun life. Looks like you have been busy! Love al the pictures. What an amazing mom you are! I need to be more like you. Such fun traditions you have too. Love the pics of your sweet kids. They are growing so fast.
It is time for me to have a pedicure. The last time I had one was almost 4 years ago. It is time.