"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

November 30, 2010


With Utah and BYU entering different conferences next year 
UTAH going to the
this was the last year they played each other. :(

So sad that it's come to and end!  It doesn't matter if you're a Y fan or a U fan, I think we can all agree that we're going to miss the excitement and the hype of the rivalry.  There are some die-hard UTAH fans (me) and some die-hard BYU fans (my family) and the week of the Holy War has always been a crazy with all the smack talking going on, but the TRUE FANS (both Utes and Cougars) always stick up for their team no matter what. It's so much fun, and it does sometimes get out of hand.  hahaha  But it's healthy competition and it's sad to see it end!  :(

I don't mean to brag or anything BUT, I'm so glad my 

With a final score of 17-16

It was an awesome game, BYU sure did give it to us, there's no denying that!!
They gave us a run for our money, their QB Heaps, is amazing! 
There were some bogus calls that were made, but what it came down to was the last 4 seconds of the game.  Heaps had them lined up perfectly for the field goal.  BUT Utah blocked the kick, and that was the game winner!  And we'll take it!

I wish both teams the best in their new conferences!

I will forever be a UTAH UTAH UTAH UTES fan!!

(Ma throwin' up the U w/ her bini and shoes)

(My UTAH UTES family)

November 29, 2010

Black Friday!


I love the craziness.  I love the standing outside in the cold.  I love the spending quality time with my husband (even though he doesn't LOVE it like I do) I love the savings and the great deals.  I love the hype of it all.  I love getting all of my Christmas shopping done in one day...or in a few hours.  I just love it!

I don't regularly like shopping, it's not one of my favorite things to do.  But black friday is different.  I look forward to black friday all year long!  It's become quite a tradition of mine...and I love it!

This year we totally scored!  Every year for the past several years we've done the black Friday thing.....we have our usual stores that we ALWAYS hit, and we usually go to Park City since all the stores we love are right there.  Well, they just opened a Nike Outlet store in Jordan Landing....and that made all the stores (expect Gap) right here, and right by our house.  So we decided to stay close by!!  All the stores in Jordan Landing opened at midnight instead of the usual 5 or 6 in the morning, so there really was no waiting in line.  We didn't really have a game plan in place but we had an idea of what we wanted to get, and we knew which stores we were going to hit.  We started out at WalMart....got there at 11pm.  A lot of their sale items were wrapped up in the aisles with signs on them to not be opened until midnight.  The kids pajamas didn't really follow that rule.  We went strait there and got 5 pairs of pj's for each of our kids..... (I was so excited to buy little princess stuff for Lautala...it's the first year to buy girl stuff and it was so much fun!)  We met up with some of our friends there, Keila and Sina, and we tag teamed it.....They waited for the towels ($1.33 each) and I waited for the Rubbermaid tupperware (40 peices for $9) and Ova stood in line at a register.  Right at midnight everyone started ripping the plastic off and grabbing their stuff.  I grabbed 4 tupperware boxes and ran for the register.  I seriously felt like I was playing football rushing through the crowd.....I must admit I was pushing and trying to squeeze by, but so was everyone else.  It was craziness.  When I got to the register.....Ova was already at the front.  Keila and Sina bought their stuff and left and then we did.  We ended up with 15 pairs of pj's, almost 20 towels, and 2 boxes of rubbermaid tupperware.  We were the first ones to check out.  We seriously, were out of the store and in our car with all our stuff at 12:07am..... so much better than the 2 hours we waited in line last year!!  I think we're gonna have to pair up with someone else and do that every year!  It was total teamwork and it turned out GREAT!!

After we left Walmart, we headed over to the Nike Outlet.....such a nice store and they had some awesome black friday sales going on.  I got me a new pair of Nike's for $30........next stop was Children's Place....I absolutely LOVE Children's Place!!  Every year I buy my boys every single striped polo shirt that comes out...I think they look so cute!  I think each of my boys got like 8 shirts each, and Lautala got a bunch of tights, some shirts, a sweater, some skinny jeans....just a TON of clothes.  Their sale was 30% off everything in the store, I got another 10% off with my card, and a lady handed me a 20% off coupon.... TOTAL SCORE!!  My total came to like $219 and with all the discounts I only spent like $80!

After Children's Place we stopped by Carter's....and then we headed to Old Navy.  There was a line outside the store....there were people in the store shopping, but they had reached their capacity so they had to lock the doors and once 50 people paid and left, they would let 50 people in.  It was crazy!  We stood outside for a good hour and then they let people in.  The worker counted 49 and 50.....and then he closed the door!  Aaaarrruuuggggghhh!  We were 51 and 52 in line.  That meant waiting for another 45 minutes or so.  As we were standing there FREEZING, we looked inside the store through the window.  The line seriously, no joke, started at the back of the store....went up to the front of the store, went around their display all the way back to the back of the store and up again......until it got to the register.  I would guess that people were easily standing in line inside the store for 2 plus hours.  Ova was getting impatient.  If I was by myself I would have totally stood there all night....but he wasn't having it.  We decided to go to 7-11 to get something to warm us up.  After that we just went home and slept.  I didn't wake up until noon, first time to sleep in for a LONG time, it felt so nice!  We got ready and headed back to Old Navy.....so glad that we decided to leave the night before because they still had plenty of everything we wanted.  We scored a few pairs of pants for our boys for $10, really nice pea coats for them $15, a puffy jacket with fur in the hood for Lautala $15, more shirts and other clothes.......needless to say, we got our kids TONS of clothes!!  hahaha 

It was another successful, fun-filled, quality-time spent black Friday.........until next year!!  :)

Today was Cyber Monday....which is like black friday but online....I did grab some AWESOME deals for way WAY cheap, but I can't post about them because they're for Ova and he reads this.....hahahaha!!

November 25, 2010

Moments like these....

We spent all night last night as a family.  Didn't do anything special, just ate dinner and watched t.v.  Ova's boys kept calling him to go hang out.  He decided to stay with us. We were sitting on the couch, Lautala in my arms being so calm and Makai and Mone wrestling, playing, laughing and being the wild and crazy boys they are.  We just sat and laughed and watched them.  I was reminded again last night of how much I TRUELY LOVE and am GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL for my little family.....and how much I cherish these simple little family moments together.

November 23, 2010

Ashlee's 20

It's official, on November 19th Ashlee turned 20 years old.  The day of her actual birthday came and everyone was so busy....Ova was still in Hawaii, I was stuck most of the day in Frisco...we didn't have time to celebrate her special.  She was totally bummed like a little kid that doesn't get what they want, she was moping around acting sad all day long.  Tea and I felt bad for her so we made up for it last night.....we had our Monday night FHE and then after, everyone wished her a Happy Birthday and we had a little birthday celebration for her.  She was on cloud nine, so happy that we were making a big deal about her....

We bought her a couple birthday presents, simple things like a bag of beef jerky (cause that's her absolute favorite treat) and some new pants and boots to wear to work.  She couldn't stop smiling and giggling all night.  I'm glad that we were able to make her feel special on her special day.  We've had all different kinds of desserts after FHE, but her favorite was the cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries and glaze.  So that's what we got for her birthday cake.....topped it off with a 2-0 candle, sang happy birthday to her and let her open her gifts.  It was simple, nothing big...but she felt special and appreciated it. 

I really am grateful for her.  She has become part of our family.  I tell Ova all the time, that we are really lucky with her because even though she's not mentally as old as she is physically, she's not like all those disobedient horror-story foster kids you sometimes hear about.  She listens, does her chores, helps a lot around the house...especially with helping Ma get around and in and out of the vehicle.  We apprecaite her and are glad she felt special on her special day!
Ashlee's Birthday Cake

November 22, 2010


Makai started 2nd grade this year.....I know, I know I say it all the time, but really they grow up way too fast!  On the first day of school he came home with the usual huge stack of papers  for me to sign for him to return to the school.  One of the papers in the stack invited him to join their Harmony group....it's a choir that is run by some of the PTA moms, just to help the kids develop their voice, memorize songs, and build their confidence by singing solos or giving talks.  I was so excited when I saw the flyer and just knew it was something that Makai would LOVE to do. 

Luckily our boys were born with Ova's musical talents.  That, unfortunatly is NOT somthing I was blessed with...hahaha.  Ova can listen to a song on the radio and pick up an instrument (any instrument) and play by ear.  He's amazing!   Both Makai and Mone love to sing and I'm actually pretty amazed at how quickly they memorize songs.....there have been many many times when we're driving in the van, those two in the very back strapped in their car seats singing along with the radio to the top of their lungs and dancing like crazy.  I absolutely love it!  Ova and I just laugh cause the majority of the time we don't even know the song they're singing....hahaha. 

Well I talked to Makai about Harmony and he was so excited.  The cool thing is that they don't take time out of school for practices, we just had to take him an hour early on Wednesday mornings so he could go to Harmony for an hour and then go to school.  It was very well put together.  And I was surprised that on the mornings that Makai had Harmony he was excited to hurry up and go to school...even though it was SO early! 

They learned patriotic songs, the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, etc....they were practicing for Veteran's Day, that was be the day of the concert.... just a special to tribute to those amazing men and women who serve our country and fight for our freedom.

We all got to go to his concert, even Ova was able to get off work a little early to make it....Makai was super excited to have all of us there.  He kept smiling so big and even though there were like 120 kids singing....we could hear him yell/singing above all the rest!  He wanted to make sure we would hear him!  haha  I, of course am a cry baby and I tried really hard not to cry...but it didn't work!  I get really emotional when it comes to my kids.....just a proud mommy I guess...haha!  

I love that Makai has started this and that he loves it.  I will be something he can do all the way through elementary school.  He even told me that next time he's going to try out for the solo part.  I love it!!  :)

November 19, 2010

Uncle Ula

We took a quick trip to Hawaii this weekend.  I know it sounds like fun, but it wasn't a vacation...we were going to get Uncle Ula to bring him back to Salt Lake.  Uncle Ula is Ova's mom's little brother....he's the uncle that always did everything for everyone.  He's sick right now, like really really bad sick...but just a few years ago, he was livin' the life!   Let me tell you a little bit about Uncle Ula....

The first time I met him was 8 years ago, Ova and I had just gotten married and we honeymooned in Hawaii.  Since we were newlyweds and broke, we actually stayed with Uncle Ula.  We were there for over a week.  I know it sounds crazy to spend your honeymoon at someone's house, but it wasn't weird at all.  Uncle Ula is such a kind-hearted man and he gave us a room in his house and then pretty much left us alone to do our own thing while we were there.  I remember him always joking around making us laugh with all his stories and jokes.  That was the first time I'd met him, but I was so comfortable with him, and being at his house.  Every morning when we woke up we would spend a little time with him, just talking and laughing before we headed off site-seeing or swimming.  We ate breakfast together every morning, usually at some nice restaurant.  He knew all the hot spots and all the places with good food and he was always excited to take us.

He was doing really well out there in Hawaii.  He managed a couple beach front properties in Lanikai....I'm talking million dollar homes.  One of the homes was owned by Paul Mitchell, it was HUGE!  Since it was Paul Mitchell's vacation home, he usually only stayed there like once a year.  Uncle Ula kept up the maintenance on the yard and inside the home throughout the year while Paul Mitchell wasn't staying there.  He rented the house out to people who came into town....for like $5000 a night....and Uncle Ula and his sister Lavi would cook and clean for them so it was like they were staying in a 5-star resort with their own private beach.....they got paid very well!   The Paul Mitchell estate was the largest, but he took care of several beach front properties on that street.  Ova and I were lucky because there were a couple times that he actually let us stay at one of the houses, if nobody was renting it out for that night.  We felt rich for a minute staying in those HUGE houses...swimming in the private pool, or in the private beach.....hahaha.  Uncle Ula would come and check on us and bring us food or anything we wanted.  He is such a kind hearted, loving and giving man.  I love Uncle Ula!  Obviously, since not everybody can afford to pay $5000 a night to stay somewhere, he got to meet and work with several celebrities and they all loved him because of his fun personality.  One of his favorite people that would stay at the property was Adam Sandler....if you can image his personality and sense of humor.....Uncle Ula was the same!  Those two actually became really good friends and it's funny because in the movie 50 First Dates (with Drew Berrymore) Adam Sandler actually named the crazy friend's character Ula, after Uncle Ula.

We've gone to Hawaii several times since our honeymoon.....alone and with our kids, and we always know we have a place to stay with Uncle Ula.

A few years ago, Uncle Ula got sick.  When he went to the doctor they did a bunch of tests, scans, MRI's....and what they found was not good.  He had a tumor growing inside his brain.  Luckily it was not cancerous, but unfortunately it was big and right in the middle of his brain on the top of his head where it is very hard to operate.  Uncle Ula's health deteriorated so fast after the diagnosis.  Because he was blessed in life with a lot of friends, and a lot of wealthy friends, he was flown from Hawaii to Los Angeles to have a surgery performed to remove the tumor.  His wealthy friends fronted the whole bill and they sent him all the was to LA because they only wanted the best for their friend.  That operation was a couple years ago.  He did ok for a little while after, but because of the location of the tumor and how big and deep it was, they weren't able to get it all out.  It has grown back and is taking over his life. 

I haven't seen him for a while.....and I was excited that we would get to go and help bring him home to Utah.  (thank goodness for free flights and my non-rev benefits!)  He had gotten so bad that they actually thought he was going to die.  All his sisters flew out here to be with him.  Luckily he pulled through.  Ova and I knew he was sick, but I don't think we understood what we were going to see once we got to him.  It broke my heart!  Uncle Ula has become completely immobilized by this tumor.  He can't talk, he can't walk, he can't move.....he's completely handicap and has to be supervised 24/7.  He's so so so skinny, it made me so sad.  I stood there and cried for like an hour at the head of his bed while Ova rubbed his hand and talked to him.  He can hear, he remembered us....but he couldn't talk.  Several times while Ova was talking to him he would make a crying face....scrunch up his nose and forehead.....that's how we knew he remembered us.  But no sounds came out of his mouth, and no tears.  I can't believe how bad he is.  It is so sad!

Ova's mom flew out to Hawaii 3 weeks ago, when he had that big scare.  She's been out there ever since taking care of him.  She makes him breakfast every morning, gives him his meds, feeds him.  Does the same thing for lunch and dinner.  Every day all day she's been taking care of her brother.  One of his nephews comes everyday to give him a bath.  He can't do anything by himself anymore.  All his sisters talked and decided it would be better if we moved him to Utah....at least until he gets better, because there are so many of us in Utah to take care of him.  Aunty Lavi is the only one in Hawaii and it's too much for her.....especially because he needs someone with him 24/7.....and she's now running all those properties by herself.   It's the best idea for everyone.

So there you have it.  Ova will be bringing Uncle Ula home tomorrow night and between the love and care of all his sisters and brothers in Utah, hopefully he'll get better and be able to get some of his life back.

We love you Uncle Ula!!

The face he kept making when Ova would talk to him....he remembered us!

November 17, 2010

He makes me smile.....

I'm sitting on my bed doing my homework a little stressed out....in comes my husband with dark sunglasses on, my hair brush in his hand (like a microphone) the ipod blasting the the background and he's lip singing the Temptations...... "Each day through my window, I watch her as she passes by...I say to myself I'm such a lucky guy....to have a girl like her, is truely a dream come true....out of all the fellas in the world, she belongs to me"  Then he walks up to me with his hand behind his back and pulls out one of Lautala's hair flowers for me and gives me a kiss on the forehead.  He's so cute!

I'm speechless, blushing.....I can't stop laughing...

Totally took my stress away and made my day...

I absolutely LOVE these cheesy little surprises...



November 15, 2010

Count your many blessings

.....name them one by one!
With it being November and all, and the holiday of Thanksgiving....it's only fitting that I think about and remind myself of all I'm thankful for....here's my list, my:
1- I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father for blessing me with life and a knowledge and purpose on this Earth

2- I'm thankful for Jesus Christ for his Atonement and for allowing me to repent of my many mistakes and have the opporunity to return to live with him

3- I'm thankful for my husband, who is my very best friend and my #1 supporter

4- I'm thankful for 3 beautiful and healthy children....for the different personalities they bring to our little family and for the joy they bring to my life everyday!

5- I'm thankful for goodly parents who taught me since I was young to love and serve the Lord

6- I'm thankful for our jobs that sustain and provide for us

7- I'm thankful for our home that we live in

8- I'm thankful for Tea, for being my other mom, my friend, so understanding, patient, kind and the best grandma for my kids

9- I'm thankful for Ma for her loving and sweet spirit and for loving me and accepting me 100%

10- I'm thankful for education and the opportunity that I have to be able to go back to school and expand my knowledge

11- I'm thankful for our vehicle that gets us around everywhere we need to go

12- I'm thankful for the beauty of nature, and the colors of the four seasons

13- I'm thankful for good friends, both long-time life-time friends and new people I meet everyday.

14- I'm thankful for my sisters and my little brother

15- I'm thankful for good food

16- I'm thankful for the smell of Earth right after rain....that's one of my favorite smells, it makes me happy!  :)

17- I'm thankful for the opportunity I've had to be raised in a biracial family where I got to live two different cultures

18- I'm thankful for my Tongan heritage

19- I'm thankful for technology that allows us to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world.

20- I'm thankful for the blessing I've been given to learn the spanish language fluently by serving amongst the Chilean people

21- I'm thankful for the testimony that I have, as well as my husband's testimony.....and the ability to share it and teach our children and watch their testimonies of this gospel grow

22- I'm thankful for my husband's improving health.  We've seen the worst of worst and have been extremely blessed with knowledgeable doctors who knew what he needed to help him function in life.

23- I'm thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost, the whisperings of the spirit and the "guilty conscience" I have that help me to choose the right

24- I'm thankful for green grass.  I LOVE thick healthy green grass....it makes me happy!  :)

25- I'm thankful for flight benefits and the ability me and my family have to travel the world

26- I'm thankful for random acts of kindness, thoughtfullness from others and sentimental moments in life

27- I'm thankful for the government who's always been there to help us out when we were in times of need.  (Medicaid)

28- I'm thankful for the funny and crazy things my kids say that put a smile on my face and make me laugh

29- I'm thankful for coupons and that knowledge, and patience to be a coupon shopper and get the majority of my name-brand items for cheap or FREE.

30- I'm thankful for the knowledge that we are an eternal family and that I get to be with my husband and kids FOREVER and EVER!!!

Wow, I didn't know if I'd be able to think of 30 things I'm thankful for....but now that I'm in the zone, I could sit here and name so many more.  I have been truely blessed and I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for everything he's blessed me with.  I'm constantly aware and reminded of all the things I'm thankful for throughout the year, but during the Thanksgiving season it's a wonderful time to write them down, remind yourself, thank Heavenly Father and share them!!

November 12, 2010

8 Wonderful Years

November 2, 2002 was the day Ova and I became eternal.  We only dated for 3 months before getting married.....and we're still going strong 8 years later!  I actually can't believe it's been that long already, seems like time has flown right by.  We've had our arguments and disagreements and fights throughout the years, but we've learned over the years how to compromise and sacrifice for each other and how we are in our marrige right now is perfect, and I wouldn't change anything.  We're NOT perfect in any way at all, but we ARE perfect for each other!!  :)

I'm a very sentimental, emotional person and I LOVE surprises.....especially giving them.  I try constantly to do little things for Ova, just to make him smile....whether it be sneaking a peice of candy in his lunch box or writing a little love note and sticking it in his pocket....I'm cheesy like that and I think he's finally gotten used to it....hahaha  Well, the same thing goes for his birthday or our anniversary....I always try to think of some ways to surprise him.  Several times in our marriage he's said "Wow babe, I never thought I'd ever do this"  so that's kinda been my goal to do things that he would probably never do.  I told him not to make any plans for the weekend of our anniversary, because I was planning something.  He already knows not to ask me cause I WILL NOT fold and tell my secret!  That weekend rolled around and we got ready to head out, we went and got a rental car and checked into our hotel.  I didn't plan specifics like where we were gonna eat or anything like that so he asked if he could surprise me on that part.....he took me to the Roof for dinner.  It had been a little over 8 years since I'd been there....the last time was when he proposed to me.  It was beautiful there.  The food was delicious and the view was absolutely amazing.  Every year we have our "anniversary talk" which is just where we reflect on the positives from the past year and goals we want to accomplish or have each other work on for the coming year.  We had a good talk.  We always do.  We both ate too much.....the food was just so delicious!  After dinner we sat on the bench of the temple square pond and talked some more.....such a peaceful and beautiful place.....I love spending time with him!
The next morning we woke up at 5am because we had to get ready for my surprise which started at 7am sharp.  He kept asking me questions trying to figure out what we were doing....but I didn't break..... we got in the car and drove to a hotel in park city.... that is where we were gonna meet the guy that was taking us on our surprise..... we were going to ride in a
Hot Air Balloon
I actually got really lucky because as I was trying to decide what to do, I was talking to one of my friends at work.  She told me about this company in Park City that gives balloon rides, her friends were the owners, and I got a discount.  I'm a little scared of heights so it took me a L-O-N-G time to finally decide that that's what we were going to do.  The morning we were driving to Park City, I had butterflies....it was hitting me that we were going to be thousands of feet in the air in a basket hanging from a balloon....I'd never really thought of it before.  I had butterflies but I couldn't talk to Ova about it because he didn't know what we were doing.  Some of the butterflies came from hoping he would like my surprise....hahaha!  We got to the hotel and the balloon pilot came in and all he said was "you better go to the bathroom cause you won't have access to one once we leave"  Ova looked at me all confused.  That's when I broke him the news.....he was super excited, and I was so happy!  We got in their van (the basket to the balloon being pulled by a trailer) and drove to this remote location which would be our launch spot.  I thought it was so awesome that we got to be a part of the whole thing.....we got to help set up and inflate the balloon, ride (of course) and help deflate and pack the balloon.  It was an amazing experience!  We got up to 5000 feet in the air, so high that we could see Salt Lake from where we were at in Park City.   I was expecting there to be a lot of turbulance, but honestly it was smooth from start to finish.  While we were flying around the pilot was telling us fun facts about hot air ballooning.... facts like:  we were just flying in a huge bbq'er because the fire into the balloon came from propane tanks, you can't steer a balloon you can only control whether it goes up and down so in order to move you have to find the level where the current is.  It was so interesting to see how you drive a balloon....during the flight, we went way up, then way down then we hung out in the middle...the wind current kept changing, but the pilot was excellent and always knew where to go so that we could cover the whole Park City Valley.  It was beautiful!  We got to see the sun rise over the mountain which was below us and it went all the way above our heads.  It was very peaceful and absolutely beautiful!  Ova leaned over to me while we were in the balloon and said "Wow babe, thank you so much, I never thought I'd do this".....  :)

The wicker basket we rode in
Ova helping with the set up, getting the balloon inflated
And we're off....
Started at the foot of the PC mountain, and flew way above it!
Watching the sunrise was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L
Views from the basket of the balloon
I thought this was cool....from the air it looked like a big splat...but it was actually tracks from a bunch of animals...going to the water hole.
Our shadow...
Back on the ground
After we got out of the balloon, the pilot did a little ceremony with us.  He gave us a toast and they gave us all champagne (orange juice for us non-drinkers)  It was such an awesome experience!
There were a couple other couples who rode with us, including this cute elderly couple.  It was so cute to see them together.  They were in their 70's and they were so cute telling us how they like to be adventurous and do as many things they can while they still can.  She was old and frail and had to be lifted into and out of the basket, but they were so cute together.  Ova and I just smiled watching them with each other.  How they looked and smiled at each other.  You could see their love in the way the acted.  I hope that we are still like that 40 years from now.
The whole surprise balloon adventure was over by 1030a.m.  We were both tired from waking up so early so we went back to the hotel and slept until like 3 in the afternoon.  We didn't have any specific plans so we decided to go and pick up our kids so they could spend the last night in the hotel with us.... never fails, we always end up letting our kids crash our weekend getaways!  haha  It's all good though, there's nothing better than family time!  So here's how we ended our anniversary trip: swimming, eating & spending family time at the hotel.  I LOVE MY LITTLE FAMILY!
We were playing around at the hotel trying to get a family picture.....let's just say it's impossible to get all the kids looking and smiling at the same time.....this was the best we could get...haha!

November 7, 2010

Bloggers Halloween GNO

Wow, what a fun bunch of girls......the GNO was a HUGE success!  We were laughing all night long!

I must first brag a little about my husband's decorations....he went all out for my little girl's night out....it was awesome!  Him and his little brother Sau decorated the whole house for me while I was getting other things ready.  They had a devil guy hanging in the entryway, they had spiderwebs all over everything, Po carved like 8 pumpkins (and gutted them so I can make my pumpkin pies!!)  and of course, we had our favorite.....our UTAH pumpkin.....haha
Dianna Otukolo was in charge of the games, and since most of us didn't know each other (besides through blogging) she came up with a lot of get-to-know-you ice-breaker games.  I honestly don't think I've laughed that hard.....um, ever!!  We were all laughing so hard that our heads were hurting!  Dianna did an AWESOME job helping us get to know each other and have fun while doing it!  

The food was good too.....it was a potluck so everyone brought a dish.....and of course it was Halloween themed....and people got really creative!  LOL
Pumpkin bread bowls for our soup
Witch hats
Eyeball cupcakes
Graveyard cake (dirt=smashed oreos)
This was the best one....I got the idea online LOL.....nobody ate any chips and dip....wonder why?!! LOL
Anyways the GNO was a huge succes, and we all had so much fun!  So much that we're planning on having another get-together in January!!  It's nice to be able to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend a little "girl time" with friends!!

Thanks Dianna  and everyone who came.......we'll pick it up again in January!!  :)
Me & Atisa
Talia & Marie
Vato Cholo Dianna
Lily & G
Missing a few....but this is Sina, Barbara, Luisa, G, Lily and Jack...haha