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September 26, 2011

2 Weeks

Today marks 2 weeks since I've been in the hospital.  I almost got to go home today...but I started having contractions again on Saturday night and Sunday, so that ruined my chances.....it's ok, I'd rather be here anyway because of all the help that's around if anything were to happen.  And besides that, honestly I think my nerves are comforted and calmed a lot just being here because I know there is so much help around....when I'm at home, I'm a nervous wreck thinking and wondering if everything is ok.  At least here, I get to see and hear her every single day.  That helps.  It also helps that Ova's job gave him time off to be here with me so I'm not alone....and Tea brings my kids here every single day to hang out with me.  I really don't mind being here.  I know that probably sounds crazy, but that's honestly how I feel. 

Two more weeks means my precious baby made it past the 24 week mark and we actually even passed week 25.  Today we are 25w2d.....every single week and even day that passes and she stays inside is a blessing and a better chance for her to survive and strive when she's born.  I came across this table that shows the likeliness of survival for a baby....

Completed weeks of gestation at birth                        Survival
21 weeks and less                                                                         0%
22 weeks                                                                                <<1%
23 weeks                                                                                5-25%
24 weeks                                                                               40-60%
25 weeks                                                                               50-80%
26 weeks                                                                               80-90%
27 weeks                                                                                 >90%
30 weeks                                                                                 >95%
34 weeks                                                                                 >98%

Can you believe how much of an increased chance of survival a baby has with just a few additional weeks in the womb?  When I came in I was 23 weeks....only 5-25% chance of survival.....now that I'm 25 weeks.....it jumps all the way to a 50-80% chance......if my baby can just hold on for 3 more weeks, she'll have more than a 90% chance.........but of course, the hope is that she'll hang on until 34 weeks.  I don't think I'll make it that far, but every additional week that passes is a blessing, an answer to ours and so many other people's prayers, and I'm extremely grateful!

I haven't blogged for the past couple days.....don't really have a good excuse as to why....I just haven't!  Not much has changed since the past few blog posts.....I'm still hanging in there and so is my baby.  The past couple days have been great because our family of 5 has been here all day every day!  Tea has been dropping off our kids at like 10 in the morning and they've been hanging out with us all day until Tea picks them up at about 10 at night.  We've been keeping ourselves busy and entertained with movies, puzzles, games.....watching the kids dance around.  Really the time has gone by pretty fast, and for that I'm super grateful!  We went for my wheelchair ride, Makai wanted to push me.....he's a crazy driver and is not going to push me again.....hahaha but we took a family trip down to the cafeteria to eat dinner.  I've had a lot of visitors, which I loved.  I really do see and feel the love from so many people...both family and friends....and I am so blessed and grateful!

The hospital staff here is wonderful....every single nurse and doctor has been more than nice and accomodating to me.  They have a massage therapist that comes around to patients that have to stay in the hospital for a while....she comes in on Thursdays to give me a full body massage!  I'm not a big massage person at all....and usually they make me more tense than relaxed, but that massage was so nice!  She seriously put me to sleep, I was so relaxed.  The nutrition specialist came in and talked about my menu....she said since I'm going to be here for a while I can order anything I want from the cafeteria if I don't feel like eating the regular hospital food.  She even brings me a milkshake every once in a while...for a snack....and she'll sneek a plate of food for Ova too.  She's so sweet!  The hospital food is actually not that bad, they've improved a lot, and the fact that I get to pick whatever I want to eat is so nice.  They brought me a big bag of things to keep me busy, like a manicure set, crossword puzzles....just a bunch of stuff like that to keep me busy.  They brought in a cart that had tons of books and magazines on it...puzzles, crochet needles and yarn, games.....just a bunch of things and activities to keep me busy.  Needless to say, everyone here is extremely nice and I feel like they all go out of their way to make me feel comfortable.

This past two weeks has been A LOT of quality time for me and Ova.  We've had a lot of converstations, watched lots of movies, watched a lot of football games on tv.....it just makes me even more grateful for him.  I keep telling him to go and take a break, to get out of the hospital but he doesn't want to leave me.  Even if he runs home for something, he's sure to come back quick to make sure I'm not alone.  I'm so grateful for him.  I'm a very clingy wife and he lets me be.  When I'm starting to get emotional, he comes over and gives me a kiss and makes me feel so much better.  I love him so much more everyday! 


"THE KINIKINI'S" said...

Hey Where's baby Milika and Tala's pics?? LOL! That kafi is too cute ...her and her smile!!!! ;p
Thanks for always letting me come and buggg...well I guess you have no choice...hahaha that's mah job!

I'll see ya tomorrowwww!!! heheh!

Ane said...

You two are amazing! I admire you and the faith that you have. I will definitely keep you in my prayers! Take care Monica! Ofas to you and the fam! :)

Maile's said...

monica- i am so glad you left a comment on my blog- i clicked on yours and didnt know you were in the hospital- im so sorry! i know its good that you are where you need to be, but omg 2 weeks. way to be positive and how amazing to have a baby girl just waiting to come into your family. we love you tons and keep blogging so kolei and i can keep posted on how youre doing. I love you so much and am so glad you are in good hands! ofa lahi atu, nis
ps - kiss the kiddos for us and say hi to ova! xoxo

Kassie said...

Who would've thought she would've joined this world a few hours after you posted this? :) I'm glad she waited those crucial two weeks. She is a little fighter.. I cried last night when I got the picture from Ova.. she is perfect... Love you Fangupo's