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September 20, 2011

Baby A

I've had tons and tons of ultrasounds during this pregnancy, but they've all been because of emergency reasons, so I haven't been able to take any images home.....besides the very early one confirming they were twins.  The last ultrasound I had at my Dr's office...the ultrasound tech wasn't able to get any because of the position she was sitting in.  When I came in last Monday, before being admitted.... I asked them if they could see her, to please give me a couple pictures.....and these were the two she snapped for me.  I have them hanging in my room so I can see her little face everyday.  She's my little fighter baby!

You can see her little face trying to poke through the very little amniotic fluid she has to swim in.  And that thing under her chin......is her foot! 
And a profile picture....

Hang in there baby girl!  We love you!


Kassie said...

I can't believe that's her foot under her chin! Hang in there sweet baby girl!

Mon..I hope you're doing ok and keeping that amazing spirit of yours up while you're at the hospital..I will come see you this week! Love seeing all the good updates and glad you got out for some fresh air..always in our prayers..love ya

Tina Tuakoi said...

She's a little fighter, that's for sure! Glad to hear everything is going well. Have you decided on any names yet? :)

Kiki Fangupo said...

Hey Monica, I just found out that you are in the hospital. Sila ran in to Tina @ the state fair and she told her the news. I tried reading your last post, but when you described having your IV's changed it just brought back too many painful memories for me. Please text or call us if you need anything. We are thinking of you and your family and hoping for the absolute best.
Ofa atu,
Kiki & Ti Tonga

The Lomu Family said...

She is such a fighter! I'm surprised that I can actually see her in your ultra-sound pics because I could never see my own kids..lol! Love you!