"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

September 16, 2011

Thursday September 15th

Thursday was a better day, my vitals looked good.  They scheduled for me to go to the maternal fetal medicine office to check my fluid daily and also to do a non-stress test to make sure my baby was ok.  Thursday was the first day I went.  Thankfully the fluid index had increased a lot.  They were measuring a 9, which was way better than the 6 they saw on Monday.  Normal range is 10-20, so 9 is still low....but they said it was normal low.

Her heart was beating strong and they said she really looked good for being only 23 weeks.  One of the main things they look for is accelerations in the heart beat, where it goes from 5-10 beats faster then the normal range.....with limited variables (times when the heart goes a lot lower)....she had some variables, but also showed a few accelerations which was so good!  I just love hearing her little heartbeat and seeing her little face on the ultrasound....it makes me feel so much better!  She's doing really good dispite everything, and for that I'm so grateful!

After my appointment that morning, they brought me back up to my room.  I don't know why but I was extremely exausted and I pretty much slept the whole day.  I don't sleep very well at night....maybe because I miss my kids, maybe because this bed is so uncomfortable, and maybe because I'm just not at home....but I find myself waking up several times in the night.  I took advantage of sleeping throughout the day on Thursday.

Tea came with Ma and Ashlee and the kids to visit me.  They were here for a little bit and then they all left.  Ova went with them because he had a few things to do....and I wanted him to go spend time with our kids since we've been in here for a while.  He was gone pretty much all afternoon and I got some good sleep in.

One of my good friends Dianna had her precious baby girl Isabella here that night.  She's chunky and absolutely gorgeous!  She's my neighbor just a few doors down so when Ova got back that night, he went and visited them.  I haven't been able to see them yet, but I've seen the pictures of facebook and she's perfect!  Dianna's older sister Cia stopped by to visit me, she was with Dianna's kids on Thursday night....they just got done meeting their new baby sister and stopped by my room on the way out to say hi.  It's nice to have visitors!

That night was pretty uneventful, Ova and I just sat here watching tv and talking.  He's been so strong and such a support through all this stuff that has been happening, and all my emotional breakdowns.  He's the best and I'm so grateful for him.  I love him, he's my rock.

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