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September 20, 2011

1 Week

Can't believe it's been a week already since I've been admitted to the hospital.  Thankfully it actually went by pretty fast....and even more thankfully my baby is still alive, still inside, and still moving with her strong little heartbeat.  A week ago today was one of the scariest of my life, but now I am much more calm.  I asked the nurse today what the plan was for me.  How long I was really going to be staying the in hospital.  She told me she had to check my orders and she'd come back and tell me.  She came in about an hour later and said that when I can go a whole week with absolutely no blood at all, then I'll be able to go home.  There is no way.....I've bled everyday since week 13, so I guess I really am in here for the long haul.  It's bittersweet actually because I really miss not being at home.....not being around my kids all the time....not being able to walk around....not being able to do anythiing......but I'm grateful to be in here because I know I'm in really good hands.  All the nurses and doctors have been extremely nice to me and very informative of everything that's going on.  My vitals look good, besides a few low blood pressure measurements throughout the day, and still losing a lot of blood.....but besides that my baby looks great and I'm doing good.  I'm so happy.

They started me on iron pills to help with my blood count, and it's been working so far.  It actually went up a few points so now it's at 26....which is so much better.  The higher the count, the father away from a blood transfusion I am.

I guess their policy is that they can't keep an IV in the same spot for more than 72 hours, so every three days they come and take it out and put in a new one in a different spot.  Today was the third time they've changed it since I've been here....and it was not so much fun.  They've poked almost every visible vein in me and I'm all bruised up.  My first IV was in my right hand, the second one was a little more difficult, either that or the nurse really didn't know what she was doing....she tried to put it in my left wrist, that didn't work.  Then she tried my right wrist, with that one the needle totally missed my vein so once it was in my skin she moved the needle around while it was inside trying to find the vein....OMG, pain!!  She finally found a small vein in my left hand.  Today the lady held hot pads on my arms for like 20 minutes trying to make the veins pop up, not much luck....she ended up putting it back in my right hand, in a different vein.  I really don't know what they're gonna do when they have to change it out again in 3 days.....not looking forward to that!  :)

This morning I took my wheelchair ride....Ova took me down to the cafeteria for breakfast....we went outside and ate on the patio....OMG, it was such a beautiful day!  I haven't been able to breath the fresh outside air for a week, and it was so nice to be outside.  We sat out there for about an hour....I didn't really want to come back inside, but I started feeling dizzy so Ova pushed me back up to our room and then we took a long nap this afternoon.

I didn't get to see my kids today :(  I really miss them.  Ova was telling me when he went home that Lautala was crying so bad because she really wanted to go with him.  I feel so bad for them.  I really miss them.  Ova promised them that he'd pick them up tomorrow to come and spend the whole day with me at the hospital.  Can't wait until tomorrow!   Today was a good day!


Melissa said...

Good days are what keep you going. I remember when I was hospitalized for preterm labor too. Nice thing is that you get to get out and go for wheelchair rides and go outside. I was completely stuck in bed and couldn't really even sit up or go to the restroom. That is what made me go insane. Glad you can get up and move around.
I am so happy that baby is still doing well. That makes it all worth it. Hope good days follow one after another. Good luck!

The Lapuaho's said...

Monica....Hang in there! I can't even imagine all that you have been through. I told Mark to stop in and say hi while he is working...Let me know if there is anything I can bring and drop off to make your stay easier on you....sending hugs and well wishes...stay in there baby A!!

sWeEt said...

hang in there Monica! Love ya!! :)

shaunita said...

It's such a blessing that you have people you trust and love to look after your children while you are stuck in the hospital. They are in good hands. I'm glad your pregnancy problems are FINALLY being taken seriously. Keep on fighting, Baby A!