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September 21, 2011

Family Time

Tuesday September 20th was a full day of family fun, well as much fun as you can have with 5 people crammed in a small hospital room, but I loved it!  Ova went in the morning to pick up our kids....took them out to lunch and then they came and spent the whole day with me.  I love my little family!

First thing me and Lautala did was fix our hair and paint our nails....I could only paint her toes because she kept touching the polish I put on her fingernails....once the paint was smeared all over her hands and mine, I decided to just stick with her toes....then I had more control of grabbing them before she did....hahaha she's so funny!

Ova brought all our movies and the laptop, and the boys sat for hours just watching movies and singing along to all the kids movies...

The Dr came in and mentioned that since I'm gonna be here for a while, I should bring things from home to decorate the room and make me feel at home.  Ova took that to heart....he's so sweet!  He went home and brought a bunch of pictures of our little family.....he bought me a new Utah fleece blanket, and he even dedicated a wall to the Utes by cutting out the entire article of the rivalry game where the stomped on the Cougs.....hahaha can you tell we're Utah fans!!  :)  I love my room now and especially the creative way he put all the pictures up....right in front of my bed so I can look at them all the time!!  :)

(Lautala right in front of the rivalry game wall....hahaha)

He even put the pictures on the door in the shape of a U!  :)

We didn't do anything special....just sit here and enjoy each other's company....we sang and watched the kids dance....we yelled at them when they would fight.  Lautala is so fie'lahi, she thinks she's the boss.  She kept yelling at the boys to STOP when they would fight and anytime somthing would go differently than she wanted it to, she would say "OH.MY.GOODNESS"  She got that phrase from Spawnbreezie's song, and it's like her favorite thing to say now...attitude and all.  We kept laughing everytime she would see something fall of the floor or when Makai or Mone wouldn't do what she wanted....she's way to smart for her age....hahaha!

Caught this fat kid stealing my hospital food
And whatever he didn't finish....this fat kid killed....hahaha

Later on we all ate ice cream, yum!

Talia and David stopped by to visit....they had just heard that I was in here and came straight over.  They brought us a bunch of goodies and candies.....they are so nice!  We just visited for a little while, talked about everything that was going on and everything that was happeneing.  Talia's pregnant too and we found out she's having a girl!  Yay for girls!  Love them and was grateful they stopped by to check in on us!

Lautala and I took a nap together on my bed and before we knew it the entire day was gone.  Tea came around 10pm to pick them up and take them home because Mone had school the next morning.  Makai is off track right now....so it's been nice for Tea to have him at home helping out.  He has to go back to school next Monday though....bummer!  It was a fun day yesterday, I love my little family so much!  Now we're just waiting for Mone to get out of school so Tea can bring them to do it all over again.....spending time with them helps make the time pass by so much easier!

My vitals and stats were good today.  The AFI was 8.8.  Baby looked great on the monitor...her heart was nice and strong and they're seeing all the things they want to see.  I'm grateful for that!  I'm grateful for Dr's....the knowledge they have to put people like me's mind at ease.  I don't ever want to experience what I did that Monday ever again, but I'm grateful to be right here with lots of people around me ready and willing to do anything possible to make the best thing happen out of a not-so-good situation.  I'm grateful for my little family.....Ova is my everything....my kids drive me up the wall sometimes, but I'm so grateful for them and I wouldn't change anything! 

Today was a great day!  Keep hanging on baby A....we're almost to 25 weeks!  :)


Kassie said...

That's so nice they get to come spend the day with you, and also so nice that Ova decorated your room! :) I will come bring you some treats and visit this week...keep fighting Baby girl..:) you too Momma

The Lomu Family said...

Aww! Sounds like it was an awesome day :)

The Tauaalo Family said...

Yay for family days!!! I just read all your updated post and didn't realize you were pregnant with twins! Congrats!!! Hang in there baby girl!!! Keep up the positive spirits! :)

The Tauaalo Family said...

YAY for family days!!! Love the home touches in your hospital room!! I had no idea you were pregnant with twins until I just read all your updated posts. Keep fighting baby girl!!! Momma keep up the positive and bright spirits!! :)

Melissa said...

What a fun post. Looks like it was so fun to spend time all together in your little hospital room. Glad that baby still looks good and is hanging on strong.
Love the look of you "new" room. That makes it feel alittle more like home. My friend was in the hospital for her baby too for almost 3 months and her room became this huge work of art. All the nurses and doctors heard about her room and it was true. I was her visiting teacher so we would go up to her room for visits and it was incredible. She had fresh flowers brought from her garden everyday from her mom or husband. It was really something else.
I am going to be in Utah the weekend after Conference. I would love to come and see you. I will have to call you later on and see if that will work out.
Hang in there! Love the pictures! So glad you are doing well.
Sure love ya!!!!!


Such great news. That's so cute what Ova did with the pics. I'm glad you have such a supportive and loving family. I'm cheering and we are praying every night for Baby and your family esp you to be ok :) We love your family!! :)

The Tauaalo Family said...

Monica I'm so fired... saying you were having twins... sooo sorry! It was late I should have been in bed.. lol! We are rooting for you and baby girl!!!