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September 17, 2011

Saturday September 17th

Today was a day I've been waiting for....a day that on Monday I didn't know would come....today marks my official 24 weeks....my 6 month mark....the official date that pre-term babies would be viable if they were to be born.  It amazes me how much just a few days makes a huge difference!  Since I'm officially 24 weeks now, I feel a little tiny bit more at ease that she'll survive if she came out.....but to be honest, I think she'll stay in, keep fighting, and be ok.  I just feel that even through everything, everything will be ok!  I'm grateful I feel that way because I think I would be such a wreck if I didn't have that hope.

Maternal Fetal Medicine is not opened on the weekends, but since they're supposed to monitor me daily, they brought the machine to my room.  I'd actually slowed down quite a bit on my bleeding since the huge incident on Monday, but today it was heavy again....uugghh...they put me on the monitor for an hour and her heart was strong and she looked great!

Nothing big happened today during the day....I just did the only thing I really can do....watch tv, talk to Ova, blog and facebook. 

We were just looking forward to 7pm to hit so we could watch the much anticipated rivalry game UTAH vs. BYU!!  This year was different, the game was a lot earlier in the season so the hype wasn't as big as it usually gets, but we look forward every year to this game!  Of course my whole family, and Ova's whole family are BYU fans....but Ova, me and our kids are UTAH UTES fans through and through!!  Whoo-hoo!!  We watched the game from my hospital room.....and to be honest, I'm so happy with the outcome....come on now, 54-10 UTAH.....whoo-hoo!  The rivalry game is usually really close and goes down to the wire, but this year Utah completely dominated, and it actually looked like BYU gave up and stopped trying.  At least the win put a huge smile on my face!!  :)

Tea and Ashlee came with Lautala to visit me (my boys spent the night with my sister Marie) and Kina and Tina stopped by too!  Today was a good day....good vitals, strong heartbeat, Utah won!  Great day!!  :) 



This game sucked so bad, I fell asleep and woke up when it was almost over, and I was just like WOW! Really? That was not a Holy War game from the past...Totally disappointed! But oh well maybe it's best to go our seperate ways and find new rivals

Devri said...

So glad u and babe are doing grand.sorry ur in there for so long, but baby a is a fighter and so are u. Hugs. I would love to come visit some tim. Ofa lahi Kia koe!!

Melissa said...

I just finsihed reading all your updates. Wow!!!You have been through quite the tramatic experience with the pregnancy. She is keeping you on your toes for sure.
I am so sorry that you have been hospitalized. But it is for the best and she is 100% worth it. I wish you all the best. I will probably be in Utah the first weekend in October and I would love to come up and see you.
I am glad you baby is looking good on the monitors. That is always reassuring. Hang in there! Nice to know that if she does come, she had a chance for survival, but both know that you will carry her much longer than that.
Sure love ya and I am thinking about you. Hang in there! You are quite the trooper.
We have been there and felt a lot of the same emotions you are probably feeling too. I will try to call you later on this week and try to chat with you. I would be fun to talk.