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September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

Proud Much??

The news reporter in this video clip says it the best, all the other countries could learn a little about dedication, loyalty and support from the Tongans!!  :)

Today at 1:30am MST marks the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011.  The Ikale Tahi team (Tonga's team) has been invited not only to play in the World Cup, but to play in the opening game of the tournament against the #1 ranked All Blacks.  This is HUGE!!!  The support around the world has been absolutely amazing......all the crazy Tongans getting together, wearing their red to support their team, celebrating and cheering on their country!!  It's awesome!

You can obviously see in the video clip of the amount of support the New Zealand people have shown....here in Utah a bunch of Tongans met up at the state capitol, decked out in their red with their Tongan flags to show their support.....Vegas had people meet in front of the Welcome to Vegas sign...in the Bay area, they actually had a parade down the streets going to Pirate Island...there were so many people that showed up that the Hwy Patrol actually closed that area of town from all polynesians, haha...but that didn't stop them, they just took their celebration elsewhere!!

All over facebook for the past few days, the Tongans have been showing their undying love and support for their country!  I love it!

The Ikale Tahi team has been HUGE in Tonga since forever....I remember when Ova and I went to Tonga back in July of last year, the first day we were there, the traffic in the streets were stopped and everybody stopped what they were doing for just a minute to cheer as the Ikale Tahi team from 1973 paraded down the streets of Nukualofa to celebrate their reunion...it was awesome!

I love all the LOVE and SUPPORT the Tongan people have for their country.  It's so neat to see everyone coming together!!  Even though the Ikale Tahi team is the underdog in this competition, with them being in 12th place and the All Blacks #1, we are all proud of them and proud to be Tongan!!  Hopefully all the hype and support and love they're getting will give them the energy they need to get the upset and WIN....wouldn't that be awesome?!!  Either way, win or lose....it's been awesome to see the unity of the Tongan people throughout the whole world!! 


Mate Ma'a Tonga!
(Die for Tonga)

My husband said it the best with his post on facebook today:
It's a humbling experience to see the Tongan people come together as one to show support for our Ikale Tahi boys. Tonga ma'a Tonga pea Mate ma'a Tonga. Koe 'Otua mo Tonga ko hoku tofi'a. Ruck 'em truck 'em & take the Cup back to our poor & humble island. GO 'IKALE TAHI!!! We love & support our boys 100%!!!

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I love it, I love all the unity this has caused. It was so much fun to see everyone come together and then celebrate celebrate, and even tho they lost...to me they WON! They had such great sportsmanship and you could tell they were playing with ALL they had! Love your post Monica, one day we'll be able to take our kids to visit Tonga...so they can feel the pride of their island :) That's so awesome you guys were there for that!