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July 13, 2012

Vegas Cuzzins

My boys got to spend a week of their summer vacation in Las Vegas with their Aunty Kiki and their cousins, Mote, Nici & Siope.....and they had so much fun!  Kiki came to Utah for a weekend and she drove back with her 3 boys and my 2 boys.....a road trip with 5 loud and rambunctious boys....she's brave!  haha  Mote is the same age as Makai and they've been bff's since they were born, I was so glad they were going to be able to spend some qt with their cousins.....and grateful to Kiki for being willing to take them :)  My boys called me a few times while they were there, just bragging about how much fun they were having and how they didn't want to come home.  Uncle Po lives out there too so it was a bonus that they got to spend time with him!  They did so many things while they were out ther.....swimming and shaved ice....a trip to the aquarium...lots of food.....what a great vacation!

They were there for about a week and then Kiki drove them back to Utah.  She had to go back for work, so she left her boys here for a few days until she came back again.  Whenever they're in town, the boys always come over and sleep over at least one night....I was glad they were staying with us.  We spent those few days well.....and had tons of fun.  Love my handsome Vegas nephews!

Makai and Mote made breakfast for everyone

Of course we had to go to Chuck-A-Rama.....that's a must!  :)

Crazy boys took their water guns to the splash pad

They even got Gramma Tea to join in the water fun...

Nici loved baby Katea and spent more time holding and playing with her than playing in the water.....and he got pretty protective if any of the other boys came and tried to play with or kiss her...lol

Movie night watching the new Ice Age

Fun times!  Hopefully we can make this an annual thing!

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