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July 6, 2012

9 Months

My little miracle is 9 months old....I can't believe how fast time has just flown right by.  She's absolutely beautiful and perfect and she's doing so amazingly well.  I look at her everyday and am just amazed at how far she's come.  She's amazing!

Here's her stats at 9 months old:
She is such a good, calm, easy-going baby
She weighs 16 pounds
She is 27.5 inches long
wears size 2 diapers
still wears size 3-6 month clothes
drinks 7 ounces of Neosure at a time, and she liked baby food until we smashed up real food and gave it to her, now she won't eat baby food at all.  LOL.  smart girl.
still needs the steriod flowvent two times twice daily...and it helps her so much!
excellent sleeper, sleeps 8-10 hours every night
lays on her back and grabs her feet
sucks on her toes, fingers and hands all the time
rolls from back to both sides, and just started rolling from her stomach to her back
she kicks her feet really fast, her brothers always tease her that she can't run away while she's laying on her back. LOL
hates tummy time, but is getting better at holding her head up
she has a long way to go to strengthen her core so she can balance herself, she's still pretty wobbly
she doesn't grab for things yet, like toys that are hanging in front of her....that's just one of the motor skills we're working on with her early intervention therapist
but, if we put something in her hand she'll grab on to it tight and put it straight in her mouth
she can't sit up yet either
loves to eat and gets mad when she sees other people eating when she's not
she doesn't cry, like hardly ever....she does however, get really really mad and screams in a very high pitched scream until her face goes red while stretching her body out and tightening her muscles until she gets what she wants (which is usually food)......can we say drama queen already!  LOL
she loves me.......I constantly find her just stareing at me and when I notice and look at her she gives me the biggest smile
she LOVES reggae music!  When she's being fussy, all I have to do is turn on the J Boog channel on IheartRadio and she quiets right down.
she loves going around with me and I love taking her everywhere
she has 2 teeth on the bottom
she smiles a lot and all the time...unless I try to take a picture of her...little stinker...lol
she has really BIG eyes...she has my eyes...lol

she's made so much progress in the 9 months she's been alive, but here are two of the biggest:
1- she has gone without oxygen, both day and night, for almost a full month now!  :)  (She needed it for a few nights while she was sleeping a couple weeks ago, but her pediatrician is attributing that to the poor air quality because of all the fires around...because it was only a few days then  she went back to not needing it)  Her pediatrician, Dr Templeman didn't clear her from the need of oxygen just yet, because of those incidences... but I think she did it....I think she doesn't need it anymore. :)  Yay!

2- her head is rounding out on it's own and she will NOT need a helmet!  Yay!

Baby Katea, you are amazing and I knew it from the moment you were born.  From 1 pound to 16 pounds in 9 months is awesome!  From stressing about whether you would live or not, to watching you progress and reach milestones everyday.  Thank you so much for your fight, your example, the lessons you've taught me of faith, patience and mostly love.....and thank you for just being you.  Mostly, thank you for choosing me to be your mommy.  What a lucky lady am I!  I love you my little miracle!

Big eyes...lol

Playing with your older sister Lautala

At her 9 month check-up....no shots YAY!

Yummy toes!


Mua said...

Omg, she is a doll! I lover her big eyes....9 months already, that flew by. Love you baby Katea, Happy 9 months!

Kalani said...

Wow! She is so adorable, Monica! And I think she's already passed up my tiny peanut girlies in weight...I'm so impressed! My girls are still struggling to eat baby food -- they can't quite grasp the concept and instead they just stick their tongues out and let the food dribble out of their mouths -- so I can't even imagine trying to feed them table food! Good job, baby Katea!! :)

MARCIA said...

She is so stinkin cute. I am always amazed when I read your blogs at the progress she is making. Seriously a miracle child. I love the picture "yummy toes" too cute!!

Mauga Fam said...

She's so beautiful! Glad she's making so much progress:)