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July 18, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Makai had his very first Pinewood derby and he was so excited about it!  As soon as the date was set, we went and bought all the supplies that we needed to make his car.  He was so excited that he was going to get to paint it himself.  I asked him what colors he wanted, and of course he said red, white and black....my big Utah fan!  LOL  We sat down on the kitchen table and he started painting it.  Mone came and was trying to give him some ideas of how he could make his car even more cool....like add flames, or superhero characters LOL.  Makai liked the flame idea.  After he had painted the whole thing red, he painted a big old U on the front of it and asked me to help him draw some flames.  His car turned out pretty awesome!  He was happy with it and I was so pround of him!

After the car was all painted and dried, it was time to put the weights on.  I was thinking I was smart and told Makai to stick them all towards the front of the car, with just a couple in the middle and none in the back.  We even put 2 weights on the top front of the car for headlights LOL....bad idea!  I was thinking that if the weights were mostly in the front, they would pull the car down the track faster and he would win....boy was I wrong.  His poor car lost every single race.....and not only lost, but came in like several seconds after everyone else's car.  Makai was so bummed out about it.  I grabbed his car and took the headlight weights off the car and stuck them on the bottom towards the back.  That helped a little, he still lost every race, but at least it wasn't as obvious a loss.  :-/  Sorry son, mommy shouldn't be so fie'poto.  LOL.  I felt so bad for him, but it actually took it pretty ok.  I told him at least for next time, we know that putting all the weights on the front of the car was a bad idea!

My handsome Makai with his flamin' Utah car :)

Makai's  Pinewood Derby drivers license

Getting ready to race...

After all was said and done, he still got an award and a medal.  The point of the Pinewood derby was not to win, but to learn to work together.....and that he did!  :)  Good job Makai, love you!

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