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July 30, 2012

Mone & the Tooth Fairy

Mone: Mom, I put my tooth under my pillow last night but the tooth fairy didn't come (with a very sad face and voice)

Me: Well, maybe it's because she came to your room and didn't see you sleeping in there and she didn't know where to find you

(he had left his room in the middle of the night and came to sleep on our bedroom floor)

Mone:  Oh, I'm going to sleep in my own room tonight so she can find me

(later that night as he was getting ready for bed....)

Mone:  Actually mom, can you help me write a note to tell her I'm sleeping on your floor so she'll know where to find me?

So, here's his letter LOL

He went to sleep that night, on our floor......with his tooth under his pillow.  The toothfairy took his tooth and put $1 under it.  When Mone woke up the next morning, the first thing he did was look under his pillow....

Mone: What? The toothfairy only gave me a dollar?? (with a very disappointed tone)

Me: Why, how much did she give you last time?

Mone: Two dollars and lots of pennies

Me: Well, maybe she took some of the money away because you made her come twice?

Mone: Oh, that makes sense


That's a big huge fail on the part of the toothfairy, a big huge fail on trying to get him to sleep in his own room, and a big huge fail on communicating with the last tooth fairy on the amount left under the pillow.  LOL


Heather and Kevin said...

That's great!

Mua said...

Hahahahaha....nice cover up Mon! Lol. Too funny Mone Pone!