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July 23, 2012

I want your food!!

Baby Katea is soooo funny when it comes to food.  She's a little chunk as you can tell, some of it is from the steriods I give her everyday, but most of it is just her.  She loves to eat!  I started feeding her baby food a little while ago because she would noticabley get mad when we were eating in front of her...like she wanted some too!  haha  She ate the baby food from the jar, and could kill a whole bottle of it from the first time she tried it......she was really messy though and at first, she didn't quite have the concept down....her little tongue was working in a super fast motion and she was loving the food, but she ate as if she was sucking the spoon like it was a bottle, pushing a lot of the food I put in her mouth back out with her little tongue...so I would have to scoop it up again with the spoon and put it back in her mouth.....making eating a super long process!  LOL.... but with lots and lots of practice, she's a pro now!  She knows when she sees a spoon, to open her mouth and that after I take the spoon out of her mouth, to chew and swallow.  Feeding her is so much faster now and a lot less messy!  :)  That's HUGE progress....she's such a little smarty pants!  :)

She still gets noticabley irritated when we eat, when she's not eating....so I've been letting her try a few of the things we've been eating.....of course, she's NOT picky and just loved everything she tried...lol little fatso!

I made bbq ribs the other night and she was so fussy the whole time we were eating, even though I had already fed her before we even started eating....I got her bumbo chair, sat it in the middle of the table, got one of the bones that I had already eaten all the meat off of....dipped it into the bbq sauce, and gave it to her.....she LOVED it!  She actually looked a little crazy sucking on it because she loved it so much....hahaha we were all laughing at how she was acting, so I had to pull my camera out and capture the moment:

and this is what she looked like when she dropped the rib for a second....lol

She also got to try some fresh mango, and she loved that too!  :)

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Mua said...

Hahaha! What a fatso..I love her anger when you guys are eating...sooo cute!