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July 15, 2012

Field Trip

As I've mentioned before, Makai is in year-round school....and I'm NOT fond of it at all.  Last year he was on B track and he only had a 3 week summer vacation and had to go right back into the next grade.  I hated that!  I'm not the kind of mom who can't wait for my kids to go to school....I'm the kind of mom who LOVES having my kids at home and I always look forward to the times when they're off track, or on summer break.  If I had a little more patience, I'd even consider homeschooling them....but for their sake and my sanity, I won't even attempt. LOL.

Makai's last day of third grade was on July 3rd.  I switched his track again this year so that he'll have a 6 week summer instead of just a 3 week one.  And since Mone will be starting kindergarten this year, I enrolled him in D track too!  Man, they grow up too fast!

Coming to the end of the year means lots of fun school activities and their year-end field trip.  This year the 3rd grade was going to the Living Planet Aquarium.....and Makai came home as soon as he found out about it and asked if I would be one of the parent volunteers.  Of course!  :) 

When the day of the field trip came, we got to his school bright and early.  We were actually riding the big yellow school bus to the aquarium.....it's been a while since I rode on the big yellow school bus!  LOL  His teacher, Mr. Anderson divided his students up between the volunteer moms that were there, and I just had Makai and three of his friends from his class.  Of course, we had to sit all the way at the back of the bus!

Luckily my group wasn't too bad, besides just being boys, and a little roudy....they were pretty well behaved!  Plus I had taken some candy and treats for them, so I was the 'cool mom' lol.

We went to the aquarium and spent a few hours walking around looking at everything they had.  The sting ray was by far the favorite of all the kids, probably because they got to touch it.  Next in line for coolness to the kids were the big huge spiders....eeeewwwww, I hate those!  They had a bird-eating spider that was HUGE....they said it can get up to the size of a dinner plate.  I hate spiders, but the kids were fascinated by it.  Everything was pretty cool but we went through the whole place pretty fast and then the boys got bored.  LOL.  Short attention spans. 

After the aquarium we all loaded into the big yellow bus again and headed to a nearby park.  We all ate our sack lunches and then the kids played on the playground for a few hours.  Can't believe my Makai is done with 3rd grade, he's growing up too fast!  I'm so glad I was able to go with him on his last fieldtrip as a 3rd grader!

Makai met up with his good friend Keenon on the bus and they spent the rest of the day hanging out.  These two have been in the same class since kindergarten, but this year they were on different tracks.  They were excited to see each other.  LOL.  Bff's.

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