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July 26, 2012

Splash Pad fun...

Splash pads are something new to Utah, or at least to us....I don't remember ever hearing of any or going to any in the years past........but this year, several of the cities surrounding West Jordan have installed splash pads in their parks, and it has been so much fun!  (crossing our fingers that someday soon there will be one here in West Jordan) 

The first time I ever took my boys to the splash pad was last month after we went to the zoo.  They LOVED it!  What an awesome way for the kids to cool off from this blazing heat.....that's super fun, and FREE!  They loved it so much that we've been taking every opportunity we can to spend the day at a splash pad.  After trying a few different ones out, we found a nice little one in Herriman that we love!  We love it because there's never anyone there, so they're not crowded like the others.  The city just built and bigger, nicer more fancy one just down the street so everyone goes to that one.  But we're content with the little old one that was left behind....lol.  Doesn't matter to us how big or fancy it is....as long as they can run around, get wet and play on the playground we're good!  The bonus for this park though, is that there are trees everywhere, so baby Katea and I get to keep a little cool in the shade while the kids run through the water!

It was super hot one day so I called my sisters to see if they wanted to meet at a splash pad to let the kids run around and cool off.  My little sister was the one who discovered the little Herriman splash pad and we all met up there....it was perfect and the kids had so much fun!  That's the one we go to everytime now. :)
All the Makai grandkids, minus Folau......and baby Cindy in heaven :)

We had the whole park to ourselves.....so nice!  :)

Bff's Halle & Lia

"She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini"
Lika Voo w/ her mama
Liki - Lua - Siope

One of the many fun times this summer at the splash pad! :)

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