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July 27, 2012


So it's official y'all....I've officially held almost every position at SkyWest except maintenance and flight attendant.....because now I'm officially a ramp agent!

The leave of absence I took when baby Katea was born, and kept extending until I felt I was ready to leave her with someone else for a few hours a week ended at the beginning of June.  When HR contacted me to ask if I was going to come back or apply for an extension, I really wanted to extent it just one more time....LOL....but with Ova being sick and not able to work, I had to go back.  They scheduled me to go in and take the agility test and as soon as they got the results that I had passed it, I was given a schedule to start.  It was just like that, almost a whole year of being only a mommy and boom.....right back into the rat-race. LOL.

To be honest, I had a lot of mixed feelings about going outside......and I was super nervous.  There are a lot of girls who work out on the ramp, and they love it....but I was scared.  Partly because of the weather, but mostly because I'm so out of shape....sad, but true. 

I only had 4 days of training.....and that was it.  I asked for more because I worked on a Tuesday and Wednesday and then was off for a full week then my last two days were on a Tuesday and Wednesday....I didn't feel like I'd been shown everything yet....I hadn't even driven a tug or the belt loader.  I could pushback a plane and and unload it, but I'd never actually been in the cargo bin to stack or load the bags.  (Isn't that the main job of a ramper?!) When I asked for more time, my trainer just said I didn't need it....that there would be a lot of people around to help me out if I needed it.  I was super uneasy about it.....

But then it was my first day on my own and I did it, I worked the planes I was assigned and everything went smoothly and all my flights actually went out on time!  I was a little nervous taking my first lunch break in the ramp breakroom.....I kinda felt like I didn't belong there....that was a place for men, not girls. LOL.  Immediatly when I walked in, the table full of polynesian men invited me over to share their food.  They all potluck, and they do everytime they work together....and they just sit together and share with each other.  I actually didn't know any of them, but that didn't matter.  When you're polynesian, you're family and I love that!!  They were asking me how I liked it outside, and they could probably tell I was so nervous about it by my response, but they all just told me not to worry, that I'd get used to it and that they'd help me whenever I need it.....and they have and it's been SOOOO nice!

I actually love the ramp!  The work is not that bad.....the only thing that I really hate is the 100+ degree weather.  Everyday I work I leave with my shirt soaking wet so much that I can actually ring it out from sweat....gross, I know, but it's true.  And, I have the biggest uglyiest famers tan ever.......
Horrible picture, I know, but this is after working a 6 hour shift in 103 degree weather....messy hair, don't care....major tan lines. LOL I guess it's proof that I was actually outside working instead of hiding in the shade, right??!!  LOL

I still have a long way to go to get used to working out there....my muscles are still sore and if I work more than 6 hours, my arms start to feel like jello.  I worked a 9 hour shift the other day and I thought I was going to die. LOL.  My body was completely exhausted and my arms literally didn't want to lift any more bags.  I kept trying to pump myself up and push myself to keep going.  Just then I was assigned my own flight to RNO on the 3 o'clock bank, which is the busiest bank.....and we're short staffed.  I had to bring in a plane, unload it, commo it, re-load it with 56 bags + 10 heavy.....all by myself....and it went out late....my first ramp delay  :'(......I came home, cried to Ova.....took a shower and knocked out.  I really really really need to take a vacation so I can remember the reason I'm out there in the heat.  The things I do for my flight bennies!  :)

8 years at SkyWest....6 positions....gonna hold on 'til the bitter end!  FREE FLYING :)


Melissa said...

Wow, what a tan girl! Glad you like the new position. I wish I had a job like that. Free flying!!!! You can't beat that. The splash pad looked like a lot of fun too. Cute kids. Love ya!

Dianna Otukolo said...

That's so good that the polys all help u! (: I'm glad ur holdin it down for ur bennies tho!! Round of applause goes to u! Ur awesome