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July 20, 2012

Sew cute!!

I took a sewing class when I was in high school and I learned the basics of sewing, like how to use a machine, that you have to match the right sides of material together before sewing, etc.... I actually made two outfits as my final project for the class.  I made a little boy's onesie pajama....it had a blue and white checkered pattern and I sewed cuffs around the sleeves and feet.  It turned out so cute, I was pretty proud of myself!  I also made a dress for a girl....it was green and had little red roses on it and I sewed little roses to the front of it.  I made them when I was 18 years old and I always said I was going to keep them until I had kids.  I put them away in my cedar chest and sure enough......when Makai was born, he came home from the hospital in the little blue and white pajamas I made!  :)  The green dress was a little big, probably a 5T or so.  I tried it on both my boys when they were younger LOL, and have been randomly trying it on Lautala to see if it will fit.  The other day while we were cleaning, I pulled it out and put it on her.  It's still a little big, but it fits!!  And she loves to wear it around the house.  How awesome that she's able to wear something that I made years ago.........for her!  I'm so glad I kept it!

Randomly here and there I would make little things, I probably would have made more, but since I don't have a sewing machine, it was just whenever Ma wasn't using hers that I'd get to use it.  Sewing is really not that hard.  It's mostly straight lines (at least the kind of sewing I do)  Last year for baby Katea's March of Dimes walk, I sewed a little skirt for Lautala....and put some tulle on a onesie for baby Katea, making it look like a tutu!  Those little projects, because I was so happy with how they turned out, sparked my interest in making more things for my little girls.

The major downfall about my sewing skills is that I don't really know how to read or understand a pattern.  I've tried and tried and the lingo and language always confuses me.  I'm more of a play it by ear, or eye, kind of seamstress.  I just get an idea in my mind.....and then I go for it.  I mess up a lot, but thank goodness for the unpicker, you can just fix your mistakes.  :)

Here's a little project I made for my Tala girl, a little summer dress
In progress...
Finished product!

Then my little sister Marie came over with a ton of white material, thread and zippers and she asked me to sew her girls a puletaha for the 24th of July parade that they were going to be marching in.......IN LESS THEN A WEEK!  LOL.  I'm pretty comfortable with sewing things for my kids because if lines are crooked or if I mess up somewhere, it won't really matter......sewing for other people, even my sister, is a huge thing and I was super nervous.  I'd never ever swen a puletaha before....but I guess there's a first time for everything, right?!!  It took us a couple days, and a lot of unpicking....but we did it!  I was actually pretty proud of myself because we even lined it and put a zipper in the back.  I love how they turned out, with the little cap sleeves!  :)

I have since bought a lot of material.....the clearance rack has some excellent selections when it comes to finding cute pieces of material, and they're all marked way way down!  I have this really cute green/grey/black/flowery print that I'm dying to sew for Tala girl...I've just got to find the time....I'm gonna try something I've never done before.....gonna try to expand my sewing skills and try something new!  :)

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