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February 26, 2012

So Busy!

This has been such a busy busy weekend.  Not only is my baby girl in the hospital, but my husband's little brother got married this weekend too.  Needless to say, I've got a lot of blog posts coming in the next couple days.....to get caught up with everything that's happened this weekend!

Baby almost got to come home on Friday.  The Dr came in and told me that since she really hasn't changed in the week she had been here....he would be ok sending us home with her needing higher oxygen amounts, albuterol treatments with the nebulizer, and suctioning everything 2-3 hours.  I was overwhelmed when he said that, both from excitement that we might get to go home...and of fear, because we'd been in the hospital for a whole week, and she hadn't improved at all.....she was still super congested, needing to be deep suctioned often, her oxygen levels were almost triple what she needed at home, and now because of her ear infection and the amoxacillan.....she had a completely raw and bleeding bum because apparantly she's allergic to the antibiotic and it has caused her to have diarreha.  She has always been a constipated baby....and in fact, in the NICU and at home I was having to give her 1ml of prune juice in her milk every 48 hours just to help her keep things moving.  Since starting the antibiotic for the ear infection, she's pooped diarrhea every single diaper....and that equals one raw bum!  :(

We're still here in the hopsital, so we didn't end up getting to go home on Friday.  After the Dr came in and told me we might go that day....he said we'd watch her throughout the day and if nothing changed for the worse, we'd leave that night.  Well, at about 4pm on Friday after she had been changed, fed and burped.  I put her in her swing.  She loves the swing and can sit in that thing for hours!  It was rocking her and playing music and all the sudden, out of nowhere, her monitor starts beeping.  I looked at it and it said her heart rate was 96 and her oxygen saturations were in the 40's......sometimes the monitors don't read very well, so I looked at her to make sure she was ok.  She was blue.  It was reading correctly.  Immediately I grabbed her from the swing and started to stimulate her.  The poor nurse that was here that day was new, and she just stood by me as I stimulated her back to life.  She was scared.  I was used to it.  As I was stimulating her, she threw up everywhere.  I'm sure her needing to get that out attributed to her bradicardic episode....but that just bought us more time in the hospital.

We were blessed with some more visitors this past weekend.  I was laughing telling Ova that I should blog that I'm lonely more often because right after, we had tons of visitors and were totally feeling the love.  LOL. 

Stacey, one of our primary nurses from IMC came and visited us.  She is so sweet...it was her day off work and she drove all the way up here to hang out with us at the hospital.  She held baby for a while and we just sat here talking for a couple hours.  What I love is that we didn't only talk about Katea....we talked about the cruise she just went on, what was going on with me....just other regular day, random things.  It's funny because the nurse that was taking care of baby that day asked me, after Stacey left, who she was.  I told her and she was so surprised and shocked that a nurse from another hospital would come visit their old patient.  She said "I would have never guessed she was your nurse, I just thought you were long time friends the way you were talking with each other"  I just smiled.  Love that I met her as a nurse who took amazing care of my baby girl, and now because of it we're friends.  She LOVES Katea, a lot.  I am blessed because of it!  She brought the cutest get well card for baby Katea, and a little stuffed turtle, a mama with a baby.  The card says:  Get Well Soon!  I hope you're feeling better soon...and getting stronger, too, cause when I hear you're well again.....then I'll feel better too!   I am so grateful for all my primary nurses, and the friendship I have with all of them!

My little sister Leka was helping Ova with a little something he was putting together for his brother's wedding, and he needed her to come up on Thursday.  The only problem is that she lives with my parents in Spanish Fork....which is far from here....my mom was super sick, and my dad was at work with my brother....so nobody could bring her.  Ova was busy and didn't have time to go and get her, and neither did Tea.  I called around to see if one of my sister's was available to come stay with baby for a couple hours so I could run and get her, my little sister said she'd probably be able to come around 530 or 6.  I decided that I would just run there really quick....pick her up....drop her off, and come back to the hopsital.  Even though I was uneasy about it, I was going to leave her here by herself until my sister could get here....just the nurses taking care of her.  I really hated the thought of that, but I really had no other choice.  The stupid thing was that I didn't take into consideration what time it was.  I left the hospital at around 5pm.....hit rush hour traffic and what was supposed to only take me like an hour and a half to go and come back, was turning it to much much longer.  I was freaking out.  While I was driving, I found out that my sister wasn't there, and she couldn't make it.  More panic came.  I kept calling Leka on my way down there that she better be all ready because as soon as I got there, we needed to leave.  I seriously was only there for like 10 minutes before we headed back here.  We hit traffic on the way back too.  I felt my heart beating so fast.  I still had to drop Leka off at my house to help Ova before I could head back to the hospital.  I was having a panic attack.  I looked at the clock and it was 7pm and we were still driving, baby had been alone for 2 hours and I hadn't even dropped Leka off yet.  I wanted to cry.  I started feeling really guilty that I left her there by herself....I should have just stayed with her and figured something else out.  I was beating myself up hoping and praying she wasn't laying in her bed crying her head off. 

At 712pm I got a text from one of my good friends Kassie.  She was here at the hospital.  She came to visit us.  I felt even worse, and panic'd even more in that moment because I felt bad that she had driven all the way up to the hospital to visit us, and I wasn't even there....and wasn't even close to being there.  I texted her back and told her I was so sorry, I wasn't at the hospital yet.  She said it was ok, that she'd wait for me.  I told her if she wanted, she could go up to baby's room.  I drove fast...I was trying to hurry so Kass didn't have to wait too long for me, but I was so glad and relieved that she was there with baby, and I knew she wasn't alone crying in her bed.  I dropped Leka off and didn't even go into my house, I pulled up....she got out, and I left.  I cried all the way to the hospital, sad that I left baby by herself....and feeling bad that my dear friend was there waiting for me.  I got to the hospital at about 830pm.  I walked in the room and saw Kassie standing over baby's bed talking to her.  She started crying.  I started crying.  She wasn't mad or irritated that she had to wait so long.  All my anxiety left.  She had just spent almost an hour and a half with her.  She fed her, held her, loved her.  I am so grateful that she was here, when I couldn't be.  Baby wasn't alone.  She is such a good friend!  Even though she had already been here for over an hour with baby, she stayed and kept me company for a couple hours.  I hold a very special place in my heart for Kassie.  She just had her beautiful twin boys.  When I found out I was pregnant, she told me she was going to send me the twin vibe.  As soon as I found out I was having twins, she was the very first person I called.  We were just laughing with each other that whatever vibe she sent me worked.  LOL.  She was one of the first people who I told when I lost baby Cindy....she's been there for me, showing support and love, and just being a really good friend throughout everything that's happend.  I love her!  She brought me this cute little 'Box of Sunshine'....with tons of yellow treats and goodies, gift card for gas to get back and forth to the hospital, and a gift card to Subway to get some lunch.  She's so sweet....I'm so grateful that she was here when she was and that she was able to stay with my baby girl.  Such a great friend!

I'll keep the updates on baby Katea coming, but for now....we're still here in the hospital and I have no idea how long we'll be here.  Just crossing my fingers and praying that she can get better soon so we can take her home!  Now the score is Hospital-143, Home-12


Tina Tuakoi said...

We're cheering for you Katea! So glad Kassie was there while you were away :) I bet that made you feel so much better, and I love reading about your IMC nurses. Actually, I think I'm like a blog stalker. I seriously LOVE reading your blog, lol.

Melissa said...

Wow, Monica. I hope that she improves this week so you guys can go home. She is so sweet.
Horray for good friends who were there to watch over Katea while you were gone. What a difference that makes. Love that her nurse/good friend from the other hospital came to visit too. She is a true friend. Sure love you!

Kassie said...

I love you guys


Wow you have been super busy! I'm amazed you can do so many things at once. That is so cool that Kassie was prompted by the spirit to be there at the hospital while u were away worrying, the Lord sure does work miracles! I love that! You're nurses from IMC, I mean WOW they are so amazing, I'm sure they love u just as much as they love Katea. I hope she comes home soon now, esp with the wedding over :)


Monica you are one STRONG Momma, such a great example, really nice that Kassie was there with baby such great nurses and relationships you have with them!!! love u girl!!!