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February 1, 2012

Parent of Preemie Day

I came across this facebook page today through the blog of a fellow preemie mom: Parents of Preemies Day. This special day will be held on March 23rd.... they will be devoting that day to celebrating lives of preemie and their parents. If you are a preemie parent and would like to share your story, please go to their wall for information.  If you know a parent of a preemie, let them know about this special day!

What an awesome thing!  It's really amazing how many baby's are born prematurly every single year.  I never realized it until it happened to me, and I can honestly say that my life has changed!  I'm so grateful to be an advocate, to share my story, to meet other preemie mom's and to give back.  I've been so blessed throughout my whole NICU experience with my micro preemie daughter Katea...that I just have to pay it forward!

Sometimes people who haven't had a preemie baby, or who haven't been in a situation like mine....are at a loss for words at what to say to someone who has.  The website of Parents of Preemies Day has made a list just to help make it easier!  Here ya go!  This is taken right off their site!

A community of parents of preemies has compiled a list of simple acts of kindness and helpful words that you can share that are of great help to them while they are in the hospital and transition home with their baby.

10 Things to Say to the Parents of Preemies

1. Congratulations! Your baby is beautiful!

2. You're stronger than you know, and your baby is strong like you.

3. If you'd like someone to be there with you in the NICU, I'd be happy to just sit with you.

4. Can I see a picture?

5. When can I come and visit him/her?

6. After this experience, your bond with your baby is going to be so strong.

7. Prematurity is not your fault and it's really unfair.

8. What can I do during cold and flu season to keep your family safe?

9. Cry if you need to; I can be strong for you when you need to take a break.

10. You're a great mom! / You're a great dad!

10 Things to Do for the Parents of Preemies

1. Go food shopping and then cook and freeze a couple (or a lot) of meals that are easy to reheat.

2. Look after a preemie parent's other children so she or he can spend that much more time in the NICU.

3. Visit the new parents and their preemie as soon as the time is right – and focus on the baby, not the equipment.

4. Reschedule a NICU or home visit when you know you've been exposed to germs but aren't feeling sick (especially during flu and RSV season).

5. Help them get to and from the hospital when transportation is an issue.

6. Walk the dog, feed the cat, mow the lawn… anything that gives a preemie parent less to do at home.

7. Just listen. Parents of premature babies may have thoughts or feelings you don't understand; you don't have to 'get it'.

8. Give a gift their baby can use right now – premature babies who aren't ready for clothes can often wear specially sized hats.

9. Be understanding when the mom or dad of a preemie doesn't have a lot of time for you, even if you've been missing them for weeks or months.

10. Request a Graham's Foundation NICU care package on their behalf by visiting the Graham’s Foundation website.

If you choose to take on one of our suggestions, we encourage you to share your act of kindness or helpful words on our Parents of Preemies Day Facebook Page so we can add it to our Hope, Resilience & Miracles banner that will be unveiled on Parents of Preemies Day.



Cool. Thanks for making us more aware of the struggles preemie parents & preemies go thru (:

Jenna said...

Those recommendations for ways to interact with preemie parents is excellent!