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February 13, 2012

Difference of a few days

I dropped my touch phone and shattered the screen back in August.  It had a screen protector on it, so even though there were a million tiny pieces of glass....they were still in place under the screen protector.  I do have insurance on my phone, but when I went in to replace it, they said because I was the one that dropped it....and it wasn't a technical problem with the phone, it would cost me $100 to replace it.....I decided that was stupid, and I continued to use my broken phone....lol.  It actually worked just fine and once I got used to having to look through the cracks of the broken glass to see my text messages or pictures, it was no problem.  This month makes 6 months since I've been using my broken phone.....and everything was still working just fine, until my 2 year old Lautala decided it would be fun to pull the screen protector off of it.....which made all the little peices of glass start to fall out :(  I did try to put the screen protector back on, to save it....but by that time a lot of pieces had fallen out and the protector didn't lay down flat because of the glass peices that were still there.  Bummer.  I was hoping to be able to wait until I get my upgrade so I didn't have to pay to get a replacement of this phone.  I had no other choice but to cave in and pay the $100 to replace it (I'm such a cheap skate, I know...lol)

I paid the $100 and got my new phone and as I was transferring all the info I had from my old phone to the new one, I realized something that may seem irrelevant to most, but was a huge shocker to me.  I found my little phone app that I used to use all the time.....the P&O tracker, which tracked my cycles from way back when........and I noticed I was off by 4 days.  I don't know how that happened, except I remember at my first doctor's appointment when I found out I was pregnant, he asked me when the last date of my cycle was and I couldn't remember exactly, so I guessed a date and told him it was around that certain date.....he wrote that date on my charts, and that's the day we went with.  BUT according to my phone tracker (which is 100% correct), I guessed 4 days later than actual.  That 4 days is A LOT in the preemie world.  That means that my baby Katea wasn't born at 25w2d like we all thought she was.....she was actually born at only 24w5d.  How does this change things you might ask?  Well, it doesn't really.....she was still born way too early and she is still amazing!  What that means for me is that really, she had 4 less days in the womb than we have been giving her credit for.....4 more days of work that she had to do that we didn't know about.  That makes her even more amazing, because it makes her original chance of survival even less.  Maybe it's completely usless information, but to me it's amazing.  That means that when I was originally admitted to the hospital, I was only 22 weeks.... THANK GOODNESS I didn't have her that day!  That two weeks spent in the hospital helped her get to the critical 24 weeks.  Wow....it's amazing to think what a difference 4 days makes!

**Still have a lot to catch up on, but this is what has been on my mind since I cleaned out my phone, so I thought I'd blog about it!  :)  Baby Katea is still....and now even more so.... my MIRACLE!


Paula said...

Those extra few days make a HUGE difference. I was admitted at 23+5. Had I delivered that day Callen had a maybe 10% chance at survival. I was told every day, multiple times a day that every day he kept cooking increased his chances. He was born at 24+4. These 24 weekers are pretty darn amazing! So glad Katea is home!

MARCIA said...

You amaze me Monica with all the information you can remember and have to remember with such a miracle child. You are meant to be a nurse and will be excellent at it! It's always good to hear about Baby Katea's progress. She truely is amazing!

Kalani said...

Holy moly! I don't think people can truly grasp the significance of that extra 4 days unless they've been in a situation where those 4 days matter. I had some bleeding right around 23 weeks or so, and I remember looking at the calendar every day trying to will my babies to stay in past the date for viability. Then I focused on making it to 25 weeks, 26 weeks, etc. You never really lose that panicky feeling after a scare like that. And to think that your sweet Katea was just barely over the 24 week viability mark...wow. I think Heavenly Father blessed you by allowing you to think the date was later. Guess he figured you had enough to worry about already, huh? Yet another reason why your little fighter is such a miracle!

Lani M. Latu said...

That's crazy!! Baby katea is definitely a miracle! I'm glad she's finally home with you guys too! :)