"Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies. I promise you that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to you, each other, your children, your grand-children and others throughout the generations. Remember, the Savior chastised those who failed to record important events." --President Spencer W. Kimball

February 27, 2012


Sau is my husband's little brother.  When Ova and I got married, he was only like 15 years old, so I pretty much got to watch him grow up....I consider him my little brother too, not just Ova's.  I love Sau because he doesn't treat me like an in-law, he treats me like his sister.  He comes to me when he needs advice, or just to talk....and he comes to me when he needs help.  I love that he is comfortable with me and that he trusts my thoughts and opinions.  Sau recently got married this weekend, and I don't think I've ever been more proud of someone in my whole life.  You'd have to know Sau and his past to understand how much this past weekend meant. 

Sau is a good kid and he has a very kind heart.  A few years ago, he was going through a little rebelious stage.  He was far away from the church, partying, making bad decisions and not really caring.  He made some really really bad decisions, such bad ones that they landed him in prison.  He served 3 years behind bars.  It was really hard to see him in that place, hard to go there and have to talk to him through a glass window, not being able to hug him and him not being able to kiss or hold his nephews and neices.....it was hard because it just wasn't him.  He was young and dumb and made terrible decisions, but he just didn't belong there.  Every time we would visit him, my heart would break.  
When he got out, we all told him that he needed to be careful, he needed to change his life and the things he was doing, he needed to find better friends who would be a better influence on him....he needed to be smart and stay out of prison. 

He is the perfect example of the scripture in Proverbs 22:6  "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  His parents taught him since he was young right from wrong, but they allowed him the agency to make his own decisions.  His life could have turned out so differently than it has....he could have continued to party and make bad choices, and sadly if he did....it wouldn't have been much of a shocker to anyone, because he was in prison.  How many people that served prison time come out and make a complete lifestyle change for the better?  Not many.  He is a real life realization of that scripture....even with his past....he did not part from those teachings.

He can't take all the credit though...a lot has to do with Suliana, his wife now.  Ever since she came into the picture, he's made leaps and bounds of progress.  She didn't make him change or force him to do anything he didn't want, she just made him want to be a better person.  She is perfect for him and just being able to watch the transformation over the last year, and seeing the big steps he has taken and how much he has changed for the better, I know they were meant for each other.  Suliana is such a sweet, humble, quiet girl and we love her!  Sau is a very lucky man, but Suliana is just as lucky!  Sau worked hard, made the changes he needed to, repented and was able to get his endowments last month.  A few weeks after that, Suliana got her endowments.  Yesterday, they were sealed for time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. 

The sealing was so special....every sealing is, but his was different.  The spirit was so strong in there.  Sau and Suliana looked so happy.  He looked so clean.  He was glowing with the spirit.  I couldn't help but cry just looking at him.  Ova couldn't help but cry.  A lot of people in that sealing room were crying....so so happy at what was happening.  He defyed all odds and made it.  I am so so proud of him!

After the sealing, we headed to the reception.....if you've ever been to a Tongan wedding before, you'd know they are huge!  Sau's was no different.  The building they had it in was huge and it was completely full with people.  It was decorated so beautifully.  The food was delicious.  The program and dances were great.  It was a great day!  So proud of Sau.....so happy to have a new sister....so happy for the new couple!  I wish them a life full of love and happiness, they deserve it!

Suliana with her bridesmaids

Groom Sau with his groomsmen
Po-Takai-Kauasi-Hameti-Tevita Mafi

Bride Suliana with her flower girls

Fangupo nephews in the line

Tala the flower girl

All the handsome Fangupo men from youngest to oldest (with dad in the middle)
Po-Sau-TiTonga-Dad-Tim-Ova-Kina Leka

It was such great weekend.  Full of family.  Celebrating.  Food.  Dancing.  Fun!  I think my most favorite part of this whole weekend (besides seeing them in the temple) was that he ended his reception with his testimony.  At the end of every reception, the couple gets a few minutes to talk....to say whatever they want, and to thank everyone.  Suliana went first, then it was Sau's turn.  He talked and thanked everyone for coming, for cooking, for decorating...for all the love...and he ended with his testimony.  He counseled his friends that are still making the wrong decisions to repent and choose the right.  He told them he'd never felt as happy in his life as he felt that day.  He cried.  He's a changed man.  So so proud of him!



Wow what a great guy! I love hearing stories like this, he will be a great missionary/teacher to the youth. I love that you said his wife didn't force him to change she just makes him want to be a better person. Our first bishop counseled that to me n Pulu when we were gonna get married, he said if she makes you wanna be a better person and vice versa you are marrying the right person :) Never forgot that, anyway looks like the wedding was a hit. Love her dress.

MARCIA said...

Beautiful story, beautiful couple, beautiful wedding. I love happy endings!

Kassie said...

Such a happy ending.. they are such a lovely couple.. I had so much fun working with them.. Suliana is a sweetheart!! I'm so happy for them .. GOOD JOB SAU!!!

Lani M. Latu said...

Is that Tevita Fifita? That was part of the line??? LOL. If so then.. BAHAHAHAHAHA. I went to Eisenhower Jr. High with him our freshman year (well the only year we lived here) and yeah.. The hair is.. well... lol... different! hahahaha...

Aside from that, that's an amazing story you've shared about Sau. I love to hear stories like that, and see them progress eternally! :)

The Lomu Family said...

I was so sad I missed the sealing bc I was sick :( Sau is everything you said. From the first time I met him he's always made me feel so welcomed. He's so talkative and caring and he really does have a kind heart. I love the picture you got of him and the boys. Glad Kauasi's was able to be in his line. Congrats Sau, sooo happy for you. Suliana is a lucky girl!


Congrats to the beautiful couple!! What a great story Sau is going to have to share!!!