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February 6, 2012


Can you believe it?  My little 1lb. baby girl hit 9lbs. tonight!  I remember when she was first born....I told the nurses that I didn't want to take her home until she was at least 8 or 9 pounds.....because all my older 3 were that big and I wouldn't know what to do with a baby any smaller.  The nurses all giggled with me and told me that she'd probably be around 5lbs when we bring her home.  Can't believe she acutally hit 9lbs today.  That's a HUGE accomplishment....she's gaining weight and growing so well!

Tonight marks 7 days without any bradicardic episodes!  Yay!  That was one of the major hurdles that was keeping us at the hospital.....now that that's out of the way, we're just waiting for developed/mature eyes!  Tomorrow is the day of the big test.....the day that will let us take her home, or keep her here for another week.  Crossing our fingers for mature eyes!

Last night when Ova and I stopped by to visit, we finished everything else we needed to get ready.  We watched all the necessary videos:  The period of Purple Crying, a Carseat Safety video and a CPR video.  And last night during the night, Meredith did the carseat test with her.  I got a text from Meredith at about 2am.....this was the text:
Okay mom I am ready!:)

Tonight I'm rooming in with my baby girl!  They have these two hotel-like rooms just down the hall from the NICU, the rooms are simple with just a queen size bed, a bathroom, a rocking chair and a breast pump....it's actually really nice to have the option, and I'm so grateful for it.  We stayed here once before when baby was having a really bad day....it's was just nice to be somewhat close to her, even though we weren't together.  Tonight is different though!  Tonight she is with me!  Tonight is the first time I get to sleep with my baby girl after almost 4 1/2 months.  Unfortunately Ova couldn't get the night off work, so it's just me and my baby girl.  We rolled her little crib into the NICU hotel and I'm just sitting here staring at her.  She's so big, she's so beautiful, she's come so far....she's amazing!  They give the option to parent's who are almost going home, the option to stay in the NICU hotel for one night before taking their baby home....just to get used to all the monitors, the beeping and dinging....getting used to watching her oxygen saturations on my own and making sure she's breathing and ok.  It gives me the opportunity to be a mom...all by myself...without having any nurses interveining....BUT still having them close by in case anything goes wrong or in case I need them.  I brought her to this hotel room at about 8pm....it's now 1230am and she's still sleeping.  The nurses are amazing and have gotten her on a good schedule.  She's awake and wants to play during the day, and she sleeps for long stretches throughout the night.  I was told she'd proably wake up at about 1am, just to eat, and then she'll go back to sleep for a few more hours.  How nice!  Wonder if she'll keep this awesome schedule once she gets home!  haha....we'll see!

Yesterday was the last time Meredith will get to take care of her (if we go home tomorrow) and today was Stacey's last day.  It was hard saying good-bye to them.  I'm really going to miss them, and I'm so grateful for them!  Tomorrow Charise is working and Annica is charging....I'll get to thank them and say good-bye to them.  Our NICU journey is almost over.  4 1/2 months, 134 days.......a LONG time, that actually went by pretty quickly.  So grateful for this experience, so grateful for the lessons learned and the life-long friends made.  We are better, stronger people for having this experience....we have a beautiful baby girl.....we recognize and know how blessed we are, and we are SO blessed!


Anonymous said...

Praying today is your big day!


YAY baby Katea way to grow!!! love u guys

christa said...

Hope you get to go home today! It's funny watching the purple crying video, as if any NICU parent would actually be frustrated that their baby would cry! One year ago yesterday, I brought mine home! It will be proud moment for you and your family!

Kalani said...

I just keep smiling every time I think about your family being all together and baby Katea being home!! So happy and excited for you, and I hope everything went smoothly. Love you guys.