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February 3, 2012

Primary Nurses

Primary nurses are nurses we picked, and who picked us to help provide more consistant care for our baby girl.  When they are working, they are the ones taking care of Katea.  We were so lucky to have gotten all of the nurses we picked to primary for us.  I've been talking a lot about baby Katea's primary nurses.....how great they are, how much they've done for my baby, how much we love them....so I thought I'd post a few pictures so you can put a face to their name!





These 5 women are amazing!  I will never ever forget not only what they did for my baby girl, but how much they loved her.  Life in the NICU can get really overwhelming at times, but thanks to these 5 ladies, who were not only our nurses, but our friends.....we were able to survive 4 long months at the NICU.  They were baby Katea's 2nd mom when I wasn't there, they watched her grow.....no, they helped her grow from a teeny tiny 1lb baby into an almost 9lb baby.  They are miracle workers, and I know that my baby girl is alive, and healthy because of the excellent care and love she got from her primary nurses.  Even though we'll be leaving the NICU and won't get to talk to them or see them everyday, they will forever be a part of our lives, and espeically baby Katea's life.  We will make sure she knows all her NICU aunties!  :-)

If any of you 5 are reading this....THANK YOU!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I know saying it is not even close to enough, but really....Ova and I thank you so much for everything.  We love you all!


Aki said...

We love you NICU nurses!! You ladies are awesome!!

Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

Glad you have some amazing women caring for your little one. All the best to your baby Katea.

It was good seeing you last weekend and talking about blogger hehe!