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January 3, 2012

Visitors YAY!

Baby Katea LOVES visitors and today her Uncle and Aunty from Vegas stopped by to spend some time with her!  They were in town for Kiki's brother's wedding and came to see her before they headed back home.  This was not the first time they came to visit, they came to the hospital and visited her the last time they were in town too....but that's when she was still tiny and in her incubator.....they were so surprised to see how big she had gotten and how well she was doing.....and they even got to hold her!!  Baby Katea has lots of family and friends who love her a lot, and she's so happy when people take the time to come and visit her!  Thank you Aunty and Uncle.....we love you guys!  :-)

Uncle TiTonga with baby Katea

Aunty Kiki with baby Katea

Thank you again for taking time to come see me!
Next time you see me I'll be a BIG girl at home with my brothers and sisters!
Love you guys....drive safely back to Vegas!

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