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January 3, 2012

Poor Babies

Last night I spent my whole night in the hospital.....not with my baby Katea, but in the ER with Lautala :-(  She started throwing up around 7pm and threw up like 5 times in 30 minutes.  She wasn't acting sick and she didn't have a fever or diarreha, so I just took her home to lay down.  She asked me for some water....I gave her a little glass, she drank the whole thing....she laid down...and not even a minute later she threw up all the water.  She wasn't keeping anything down.  I was worried because she'd thrown up so much and so many times....she just wasn't keeping anything, not even water...so I called her on-call pediatrician.  He told me not to give her a big glass of water, just to give her a sip every couple minutes and see if she could keep that down.  I did, and she couldn't keep that down either.  She started acting lathargic and started feeling really hot, so I called the pediatrician back again.  He asked me when the last time was that she had a wet diaper.  It hadn't been since earlier in the day.  He told me to wait an hour and if she hasn't had a wet diaper, and is still not keeping anything down....to take her to the ER.  Sure enough at 2am I was loading her into the car to head to the hospital.

When we got there, they had me change her into her hospital gown and lay her on the bed.  Poor little girl looked so sick!  Not too long after we got there, she threw up all over herself and the bed....so they helped me get her all cleaned up, got her a new gown and changed her sheets....and they gave her a little barf bag thing.....she didn't like it.....as soon as the nurse left she threw it across the room and screamed "No".  Little girl still has her monster-ish attitude, even when she's feeling sick...haha.
They gave her some Zofran to help her nausea and a glass of grape juice.  They left us in the room for like an hour to see if she was going to keep the juice down or not.  They ended up coming in and giving her some IV fluids to help her so she doesn't get dehydrated.  We stayed there for a LONG time....I think we got home around 5am.  She felt better, she hadn't thrown up in a few hours, her fever was gone and she was finally sleeping.

Today she's acting totally ok!

I'm at the hospital right now with baby Katea and Ova just text me that Filimone just threw up everywhere.....great one!  Good thing the ER gave me some Zofran, I had Ova give one to Mone and have him lay down.  I'm going to go do baby Katea's 8pm cares and then I'll head home to take care of my other sick kids.  Totally sucks when kids are sick!  It sure makes for a busy busy mommy! 

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Heather and Kevin said...

Ugh we just had the crummy stomach bug at our house so I know how yucky it is to deal with. I hope your kids get over super quick and are back to their happy, energetic selves again!