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January 13, 2012

Fun Stuff First!

I got at text message from baby Katea's nurse Anjanette on 1/6/2012 @ about 1am....here's how the conversation went:

Anjanette: Hi, it's Anjanette and I hope u r not actually asleep this time, but wanted to let u know I was taking pictures of Katea and her boots and somebody decided to roll over.  I know, crazy.  Well u did not miss it I got it on the camera.  U will see tomorrow.

Me: What? R u serious? Hahaha that's awesome!  Way to go baby girl!  Can't wait to see that footage!

Anjanette: It is awesome

Me: Hahahaha now if she can just breathe...haha

Anjanette: That's our next goal

Me: A little out of order, but it's all good!  Haha tell her she better do it again tomorrow when I'm there :-)

Anjanette: Fun stuff first.  I will have a talk with her but u know she's a little stubborn

Me:  Yes, I know...lol

Anjanette has made so many cute things for baby Katea...she's definitely spoiled by her!  The latest thing she made were these pink boots.  I love them, they are so cute!  They are fuzzy and have two big buttons on the sides.  Ajanette was doing a little photoshoot with Katea to show them off....I was so excited to go to the hospital the next day to see the pictures.....when I got there, she had already made a scrapbook page for me.  I must say, it was a proud mommy moment for me, even if it was just a one time freak accident....haha!  She was laying on her stomach kicking around and she kicked so hard that she flipped herself over.  That's my girl!  :-)


Tiff and Kyle said...

WAY TO GO BABY GIRL! now breath.....

Brian N Sela Misinale said...

2 cute Monica! Shes such a fighter :D

Monika said...

what an amazing nurse! she is all heart! there definitely needs to be more just like her! great job baby girl!