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January 30, 2012

Possible Set-back

Today baby Katea had a bradicardic episode.  :-(  She has to go 7 days without any episodes before she can come home....so technically that would mean she has to start the countdown over again.  We were so excited thinking she might be able to come home on Thursday.....but now it could be pushed back until Monday.  I say "could be" because they're questioning whether they're going to count it or not.  They are taking into consideration that she's been getting her 4 month immunizations and she hasn't been able to poop for a few days so she's been bearing down a lot....just a couple things that could have caused her to have an episode, making it not totally just because she's a preemie and has immature lungs, meaning not totally her fault.  I have mixed feelings about whether they should count it or not too........not counting it means she still could come home on Thursday.....but then again if she's not ready, I'm terrified for her to come home.  Tough choice.  We decided to leave it up to the Neonatalogist to decided tomorrow morning in rounds.  As much as I want her to come home, I really want her to be ready.  Her nurse Meredith has this term "running to heaven" when she refers to her bradicardic events.  Just because having an event consists of her not breathing and her heart rate dropping significantly (like she's dying)......please baby girl, no more "running to heaven"......your sister is already there, just stay here with mommy! 

Today she hit 8lbs.11oz. and she grew 2 centimeters in length and now measures 21 1/2 inches long. She's so big!  I bet she'll be 9lbs. before she comes home!  It's funny because when I first had her and she was only 1 pound.  I told the nurses that she needed to be at least 8 or 9 pounds before I took her home because I wouldn't know what to do with a baby that's smaller than that.  All my older 3 were at least 9 pounds.  They all just laughed at me and told me she'd probably be around 5 pounds when she goes home.  Guess I must have wished too hard!  Haha 

She's doing really well though, and I really am proud of her!  As she gets closer to home, I've been getting more and more emotional.  I've kind of become accustomed to the NICU life....going to the hospital everyday, talking with all the nurses, making friends....I know I've been saying I can't wait to bring her home, but at the same time I really am going to miss all the friends I've made there.  Ova laughs everytime we go because I know everybody by name, and I have conversations with the nurses, other NICU parents, RT's and just anyone I run into from the time we start scrubbing in until we get to baby's room.  I'm going to miss that!  Just tonight my sister Leslie and I were hanging out with baby Katea and one of the nurses that took care of her a few days ago stopped by to see how she was doing, and to talk to me.  Her name is Katie and she's so sweet.  I totally started crying when she stopped by....just gonna miss all the love and friendship me and my baby gets from EVERYONE at the NICU.  They are amazing people and I really LOVE them!

Tomorrow will tell if it will be Thursday or if we have to start the countdown again.  That is, of course, assuming she'll pass her eye exam.  We're at the last of it....the bitter end....can't believe it's been 4 months.  My life has definitely been changed.  I am blessed!


Aki said...

Sounds like it will be a bitter sweet moment when you guys leave...hurray! Glad she's doing so well!!! and yes, please no more running to heaven episodes baby. =) Luvs <3

Kalani said...

My girls were still having episodes -- and one of them still does at night -- when they came home. It's so scary, but as long as she comes home on a monitor and they think she's ready, I know you guys will be ok. Lots of love for you and your family...I think about you often and hope all is going well.

sWeEt said...



Awww shucks!!! I agree with u, better for her to stay safe, then come home sorry. Hope things work out for the best! Wow almost 9 lbs!! Lmbo what a chunk...post pics (:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad that I had the chance to meet you. You are one strong mama and you have a special light within. I'm so happy for Katea is in the home stretch. I'm sure that everyone will miss you as well! It is hard leaving although it's not like you ever wanted to be there, but it does become a second home with it's own special family. :)