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January 15, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

January 13th, 2011                                 January 14th, 2011

These two pictures were taken a day apart...can you tell what's different between the two?
Can you see what's missing?? (Not her hair bow)
Look closely at her right nostrel in the picture on the left....and then in the picture on the right....
She has no more feeding tube!!

It's amazing how much more you can see her face with just that little orange tube, and tape on her cheek gone.  All she has now is the oxygen!  :-)

That means that in the week since she started eating through her mouth, she has skipped through all the stages with flying colors and is officially feeding-tube free!  They introduced food to her mouth last Saturday, and it's like she had been waiting for it the whole time.  She needed a little help remembering to breathe after she sucks and swallows....but it didn't take her long at all to catch on....and once she did, she took right off!  Everyone is so impressed with how well she did, and at how much she is actually eating!  Haha.
Just yesterday they still had her on a schedule where she had to eat a certain amount every 3 hours, but last night they did a trial run on her, where they let her eat as much as she wanted until she's full....and then they let her sleep as long as she wanted.  They calculated a minimum amount that she absolutely had to meet in a 12 hour period....that amount was 220mls.....she ate over 300mls.  Haha
Because she did so well through the night, and she slept well too, they decided to take the feeding tube out this morning!  Yay!  This morning Stacey had her, and when we got there at 2pm she had already eaten 190mls.  She has no problems meeting her minimum 220!  Tonight, when I was there, she was eating...she ate 100mls in one sitting!  Let's just say she's established in her eating and passed with flying colors!

We heard that eating was one of the hardest things for preemie baby's to learn to do.  Learning to suck, swallow and breathe doesn't come very naturally to them.  I was imagining it would take a few weeks for her to get it down.  She's amazing!  Leaps and Bounds she's taking.....so much progress!



aww that is so cool! I'm so amazed by every thing she has gone through and the leaps and bounds she has been taking. Truly a miracle baby :)

Kalani said...

Yay, Monica, that's so awesome!! It took my girls almost 2 weeks to get the hang of suck, swallow, breathe, so I am very impressed with Katea's speedy mastery...that's so great! It's so fun to see so much more of her cute little face. :) Good job, baby Katea...almost ready to go home!!!

Brian N Sela Misinale said...

Yay go Katea go :D... Now shes gonna grow like a weed! :D Luv her pics, specially with the Elmo :D