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January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Princess

She is the biggest Momma's girl ever
She's way to smart for her age
She's bossy
She's sweet
She's a little monster at times (a lot of the times)
She thinks she's older than her brothers
She loves to help clean
She has her daddy wrapped around her little fingers
She does something wrong and then gives a little angel, innocent look to get out of trouble
She's so independent and wants to do everything by herself
She's eats too much candy
She talks a lot
She knows her alphabet
She LOVES to dance
She acts shy to all guys, but if they give her food or candy, she usually warms up
She loves her older brothers
She's beautiful
She loves to go anywhere with mommy, and mommy loves to take her
She's my little princess and
I LOVE her with all my heart!

She just turned
Happy Happy Birthday Lautala!
We LOVE you so so so much!



How cute, love all the pics :) Happy Birthday sweetie :)

shaunita said...

What a cutie! Happy birthday Lautala!

Heather and Kevin said...

Happy birthday, Lautala! 2 is an um interesting age :)