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December 19, 2011

US Synthetic!

It's official!  Ova is an official US Synthetic employee!  He was offered a full-time position and accepted on December 9th....I couldn't be more happy......we couldn't be more blessed!  If you follow my blog, you already know how great this company is and how much they've already done for my little family.  They've done more than they ever had to, and we will be forever grateful to them!

They had their annual Christmas party this past week and Ova and I got to go.  I didn't really know what to expect, but I was excited to be able to meet the people he works with and the friends he always talks about.

They had their Christmas party at the UVU campus in the basketball stadium.  I was so surprised to see how big the party was.....the entire gym was full, tables set up from end to end, decorated so fancy with Christmas decor.  I was in awe.....first of all because company's this BIG don't usually throw Christmas parties for their employees, unless the employee has to pay to attend.  US Synthetic did this for all their employees, and we didn't have to pay a penny!  Every table had a different centerpeice and attached to one of the napkins on the table was a green paperclip.....if you had the green paperclip, you got to keep the centerpeice!  Guess what..... I WON!!  Whoo-hoo!  Ova's not to fond of the decoration, but I love it!  :)

Not the best picture, but it's a golden glittery tree with 3 red ornaments

In addition to that, they gave every couple a box (and not a small one) of the Kara mint truffles....my favorite!  Since it was at the college, they had the culinary department cater the party....which was such a good idea!  It was a full 4 course meal, so fancy and so delicious!

While we were eating, they started the program.  The first thing they did, which totally amazed me, was they opened with a prayer.  What company does that?  I thought it was awesome!  Then one of the head honchos talked a little about the company.  He said that the company's main purpose is to improve lives.....not only the lives of their employees, but also the lives of their customers.  He went on to tell us that they talk to their employees all the time, so he was talking to the spouses....he told us how much their company made this year....and how much they paid their employees in bonuses, just this year.....12 million dollars......can you believe it?  All I kept thinking was how much more I was loving this company....hahaha!  They set a goal for 2012 of how much in sales they wanted to make....and if they reach their goal, they'll be paying out 19 million to their employees in bonuses next year!  So excited that Ova gets to start being a part of that!  :-)

They had entertainers from Vegas, both a singer and a comedian.....it was fun and a really good time!  Great date night with my hubby.....and a great opportunity to meet his co-workers and to get to know and LOVE the company a little more.  WE.ARE.BLESSED!

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Awesome company!!! U guys r very blessed :)