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December 27, 2011

Christmas Photoshoot

Baby Katea is so loved!  Her primary nurse Anjanette did this awesome Christmas photoshoot with her.  Anjanette did everything.....brought all the props, set everything up....and took the pictures....right there in her crib!  She told me a while ago that she was going to do a photoshoot with Katea, but I had no idea she was going to go all out like this!  She's amazing and I absolutely LOVE these pictures!  It was a great way for her to show off the santa hat and leg warmers that she made for Katea!  :-)

When I got to the hospital the day after these pictures were taken, I saw these two scrapbook pages hanging on her wall......our primary nurse Charise made these pages with the pictures Anjanette took!
This page made me tear up.....just the caption that was written.....her nurses saying "Our Precious Little Gift Katea"....and then signed by all of them at the bottom.  We are so blessed with such loving and caring nurses who not only take care of baby Katea, but they really love her!
A couple days after that, another one of our primary nurses, Stacey did her own little photoshoot with baby Katea....She was taking care of her and Katea was so wide awake and social so she took advantage of the opportunity and the pictures turned out amazing!

Stacey also made me a scrapbook page of their little photoshoot!  It turned out so cute!  Love the caption "Santa's favorite....(and my nurses too!)"

Then on Christmas Eve, Charise made this little card for us!



I stumbled across your blog through my cousin Teuila's blog..so please forgive me for snooping but, I just wanted to let you know how blessed you folks are with a beautiful little miracle. It takes me back to when by then baby girl was in the NICU & all the hardships she faced as a tiny little baby, & how blessed our family has been since she's been born! You have a beautiful princess, she is precious! She will be in our prayers! Thank you for sharing such beautiful moments of your baby. Again I apologize for intruding.

Lani M. Latu said...

Aww baby Katea is growing so beautifully! She looks so big now! :) And she's sooo loved and spoiled by her nurses, that's awesome! :) Hope you guys had a wonderful christmas.. more hugs, kisses, and prayers your way little baby katea! :)

The Lomu Family said...

Aww! Baby Katea has the best nurses. It must be very comforting to know she has wonderful nurses to be with her 24-7 when you can't :)

Love you Baby Katea, you look so beautiful!

Aki said...

you are so lucky to have wonderful nurses! Baby Katea looks terrific in every photo!! luvs =)