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December 30, 2011

2.5 Yay!

So far, so good with the NJ tube!  Thankfully after that crazy day with all the bradicardic episodes, and the stress.....now things are looking up again!  There's always good days to follow the bad, but unfortunately that doesn't really make the bad ones any easier to handle....

Yesterday was the first day after the Upper GI procedure and she was pretty much sleepy all day long.  She was probably just exhausted from all the stress from the day before.  She only had one bradicardic episode in the morning, and Charise said it was just caused by water from her nasal canula tube getting into her nose....after she suctioned her out, she was fine.  That was such good news!  I stayed with her for several hours yesterday....just staring at her, holding her and kissing her.  Pretty uneventful day for her, which was so nice after the craziness of the day before!  So glad she was having a better day....and that I was too!  :-)

Today has been a great day for her too!  She had absolutely no episodes at all and they were able to wein her oxygen already!  She's now down to 2.5 liters, and so far today she's doing really well on it!  Her breathing patterns are stable, no periodic breathing...and her Fi02 is back down where we like it....between 31-36%.  Apparantly that's what she needed, just a break from all the acid reflux.  She was wide awake and bright-eyed when I got here so I took her out of her crib and we played for a little while.  I was talking to her, and singing to her.....and then I started taking pictures of her and she got a little irritated with me.....hahaha, she doesn't like the camera in her face all the time......but I do :-).....we read books together and then she started getting sleepy, so I put her back in her bed to sleep.  Love my quality time with her, even more when she's awake!

It's 7pm right now and I'm blogging out in the hall while I wait for the NICU to re-open.  I'm going to spend a couple more hours with my little miracle before I head home to have a movie night with my older 3.  So glad she's having better days and that we've been able to make some progress with her oxygen needs!  If she's down to 2 liters (which I think she will be) by the end of the two weeks with her NJ tube, we'll get to start the next big step which is breastfeeding!  Big steps she's taking.  I'm so happy with how she always takes huge leaps forward after taking a tiny step backwards....that is amazing progress!
After the break, I went back into her room and she was STILL wide awake and bright-eyed.  The nurse told me she woke up again right after I left, and had been up ever since.  I was surprised that she was awake that long, I thought for sure she would be sleeping...especially since she was so wide awake while I was here before.  I took her out of her crib and we were playing again.  But this time, she was irritated.  She kept rooting and turning her head to both sides looking for something to eat.  The binki wasn't cutting it for her.  She wanted food.  I put her in her bouncer chair and turned it on vibrate...that only worked for like 5 minutes and then she was done....I stood up and tried to rock her...that didn't last long either.  I asked her nurse if I could do non-nutritive.  I know she's not supposed to have anything in her stomach, but I thought that if I pumped for like 20 minutes right before, that I wouldn't have any more milk.  The nurse said that would be ok, especially since she was visibly acting so hungry.  I asked the nurse if baby felt hungry because the food was skipping her stomach, going straight to her intesttine.....she said she'd never seen any baby act like this before.  Usually they just sleep and are content that their gut is being fed.  Not my baby!  I pumped and then started non-nutritive.....that's what she wanted.  She latched on super quick and was sucking away.....after about 10 minutes, I heard her swallow.  That was NOT GOOD.  I immediately pulled her off and sure enough she had milk in her mouth.  She was sucking so hard and so intently that she got some milk.  No more non-nutritive for her :-(  She was so mad after that.  She was screaming and crying so loud....I'd never seen her act like that before.  She didn't want the binki, she didn't want to be rocked, she didn't want to be sang to, she didn't want her bouncer chair....she just wanted to eat, poor girl.  The nurse went and talked with the NNP and told her what was going on.  She came in the room and was giggling with me at how mad baby Katea was because she was hungry.  I joked and told her that I didn't know if she was going to last 2 weeks without food in her stomach, especially since it had only been 2 days and she was already starving.  The NNP wrote an order for some sugar water(forgot the medical name for it) she said we could dip her binki in it and let her suck on it....just something that might help her calm down.  It took a little while to get the order filled, so in the mean time, I changed her diaper...changed her clothes and wrapped her really tight in a warm blanket.  That calmed her down a lot.  We turned the lights off in the room and it was pretty dark, and then she finally fell asleep.  Poor baby girl fell asleep starving.  At least if she wakes up hungry, she'll have the sugar water to suck on!

Baby Katea finally sleeping....even though she's starving....poor baby girl :-(

Tonight she weighed 2880 grams, which translates into 6lbs.5 1/2oz.!!  That's my girl...grow grow grow!


Lani M. Latu said...

Your blog just made me smile.. you should've just secretly let her nurse lol.. jk, but i'm glad to hear she's doing a lot better!!! yayy for good days!!! :)

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Thanks Lani...all the love and support from my blogging buddies totally help...I appreciate your uplifting comments! Hey, ever since you changed your background I haven't been able to read your blog...for some reason everytime I click on it, it goes black. Don't know if it's just me...but thought you should know! It does that on my desktop and my laptop! :-/