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December 16, 2011

Stocking Gift Exchange

I was invited by Cia Lealao to a Stocking Gift Exchange party.....she got the idea off Pinterest and decided to put one together, and it was so much fun!  :)  She sent an invite out through fb and everyone had to respond by a certain date....and at that date, the party would be closed!  I thought it was so clever because then we knew exactly how many people were going to be there, and how many people we had to buy gifts for.  Since it was a stocking exchange party, we all brought our own stockings and a stocking stuffer gift to pass out to everyone else there.  We potlucked....lots of delicious food....especially Cia's mom's spinach dip.....I seriously think I could have eaten the whole bowl....hahaha, it was that good!  There were 8 people total that showed up to the party, so it was small and sweet!  We all got there and started eating as we were visiting with each other and then when the eating was done and everyone was there, we headed to the living room to play some Christmas 'minute to win it' games that Cia had come up with.  It was hilarious and so much fun! 

We divided into teams of two and for the first game we put vaseline on our noses and we had a ribbon in our mouth that had a red pom pom ball on the end of it....we had to try to get the red ball to stick to the tip of our noses....the first one that got it, won!

First up:   Mele vs. Lala
Mele won that one...

Next up:  Me vs. Luisa
Isa totally got it on the first try......she won!

Last up:  Dianna vs. Lina
Lina totally won that one

Next game was HILARIOUS!!  So funny that I was too busy laughing to take pictures of everyone....only snapped these couple of Mele and Lina.....haha.....the game was to carry an ornament across the room with your lips (hands behind your back) and hang in on a ribbon.....too funny!

The third game we played was where we put an oreo cookie on our forehead and tried to get it into our mouths without using our hands.....that game was funny too!

Then the last game was holding one hand behind our backs, we had to take apart a stack of plastic cups and stack them into a pyramid....fastest one won!

After the games were done, we all sat around in a circle and passed out our gifts to each other while sharing something about ourselves that nobody there would know.  I loved it because I got to meet some new people, and get to know the people I already knew a little better!  We got tons of cute little stocking stuffer gifts from everyone and just enjoyed everyone's company. 

I wish I would have taken more pictures, especially of the whole group....I didn't get any of Cia's mom, such a sweet lady....or of Cia! 

This was such a great GNO, and the perfect break and girl time I needed!  Love these ladies a lot!


Sinai said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

MARCIA said...

Thank you for taking pictures and blogging about it Monica. You'd think that the host
would, but no I was too busy laughing! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend it with us crazy girls. Love you.