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December 24, 2011


Baby Katea has officially been in every pod in the NICU.....
and now she's in C32......hopefully this is where she'll get to stay until she goes home, especially since her room is all decorated just for her!  :-)

This 'Miracles' board was a gift my older sister Leslie made for baby Katea.  It says "Miracles, believe in them" and then she put little clothes pins for me to be able to hang some pictures on.  I thought it would be perfect to print pictures to show how much she's grown and progressed since she's been born, especially for people who come and visit and think she's so small.....she's actually so big now!!  I LOVE this board, and it's gotten a lot of compliments from pretty much everyone that comes into her room!

Santa baby.....with her santa hat and leg warmers from her primary nurse Anjanette!

Baby Katea's Christmas reindeer that primary nurse Meredith made with Tea's little hand prints....so cute!

This cute little lion was a gift from the NICU....they gave it to baby Katea because it reminded them of her....they both have the same fuzzy soft hair that sticks straight up....hahaha!  These stuffed animals were donated to the NICU by a little boy that collected them as part of his eagle scout project. 
This little note was attached to the lion....such a cute idea!  The little boy who did this service project, had a little brother that was born 2 years ago that had to spend quite a bit of time in the NICU.  This place really changes your life, and I'm amazed....especially at this Christmas season how many former NICU parents give back, and remember us parents that are here now.  Almost everyday for the past couple weeks, we've walked into baby's room and seen another present under the tree, or gift bag of cookies and candy....with a note that shares their NICU story and words of encouragement and advice.

I made this picture frame as one of the crafts provided by Common Bonds (NICU parent support group) they always have cute crafty things for us parents to make for our babies....primary nurse Stacey took this picture and put it inside for me!

This little flower was a windmill thing that my little sister Marie decorated with cute stickers and brought to baby Katea a while ago.  We kept trying to hang it on the wall, but it was too heavy and kept on falling down.  So primary nurse Anjanette thought of this brilliant idea to make it into a mobile to hang over her crib.  It turned out so cute and she loves it and stares at it all day long!

Baby Katea has made A LOT of friends since she's been here.....lots of nurses, RT's and the common bonds ladies just love her!  Because she has so many friends, she's been pretty spoiled.....and we love it!  :-)  These next pictures are different beanie's that were given to her from one of the Common Bonds mom's, Tricia......she's always thinking of baby Katea.....we love her!  

Her reindeer beanie.....isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen??

Her little Koala bear beanie...

Her Christmas headband....with ponisetta and all!

Like I've said over and over....we LOVE and appreciate all the NICU staff for everything they are doing for our baby girl....and they obviously LOVE her back just as much! 
We are blessed!


Kassie said...

Loove this..love the board and all her beanies! :) she's a doll...you deserve all the happiness in the world ..xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love reading about how well Katea is doing, even though some days she struggles it sounds as if she is having better days than bad ones. Love you guys. Keep getting better Katea.

Anonymous said...

Mon, its Melanie with the rsvt123 account. i guess i should sign my name. ha ha love you girl


Omg how cute!!! Ur nurses r beyond miracle workers, they're sooo thoughtful n super sweet. I love all the lil gifts she was given. The board n windmill/ mobile too cute :)

Melissa said...

Wow, those hats are amazing! I need some of those! She is getting so big Monica! I can't believe how different she looks. Love those chubby cheeks. Such a sweet girl. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. We love you!!!!