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December 6, 2011


Since baby Katea L.O.V.E.D her first bath, and she tolerated it really well....they told us we could bath her twice a week now.  Her official bath days are Monday and Friday!  A week ago today was her second bath, she was still on the nasal IMV....so it was tricky, but she loved it!  I got to get her all soap'd up and scrubbed her down while our nurse Stacey held her......there wasn't anybody there to take pictures, so I had to stop scrubbing for a minute to snap a couple!  :)

One of our primary nurses Stacey helping Katea take a bath!
Big yawn!  Bathtime is hard work!  :)

Thursday was the big day....the day she got to kick the nasal IMV and switch to the high flow nasal canula.  Since Ova works graves, and down in Orem, we decided that it would be best if he tried to sleep during the day so he would be awake enough to drive down and work every night.  And then we'd spend most of our weekend days at the hospital with baby Katea.  I go to the hospital every single day and just keep him updated with her progress and everything that happens everyday.  This plan seems to be working just fine, but I know it's really hard on him because he wants to see her everyday.  I keep telling him not to feel bad because she knows he loves her and that he has to work to support our family.  It makes the weekends even more special for both of them!

Friday was going to be a big day for both baby Katea and for Ova.....it would be the first time he got to see his daughter without tubes down her nose or throat, and the first time he'd actually get to kiss her little lips.  And for her, it would be bath day.....so that meant the first time her daddy got to give her a bath!

As soon as we walked into her room on Friday morning, he went straight to her crib and started giggling.....he does that when he's happy, and emotional...and trying not to cry!  He put the rail down on her crib and bent down really close to her and started talking to her.  Told her he was proud of her, that she was so beautiful and that he loved her....and then the kissing began....it was like he couldn't take his lips off her....hahaha, big kisses all over her face.  All the kisses he'd been saving up for her in the 2 months she'd been alive were given in that moment....it was so sweet!  Since she's on high flow now, we get to hold her everyday....so he took her out of her crib and spent some quality father/daughter bonding time with her before her bath!

Stacey got her bath stuff all ready and then she told us that we could take over and give her the bath...and she'd take pictures for us.  She's so sweet...we really love her!  My job was to hold her in place so she doesn't slide everywhere and Ova was the one that got to scrub her down.  She enjoyed every minute of it....she loves her bathtime!
Thinking ahhhhhh this is nice!  :)
Daddy washing her hair with a toothbrush...

After the bath was over, daddy got to dry her off and get her all dressed

And this is my most favorite picture of all.....her listening to her daddy as he talks to her!  :)

She has been doing so well, and we're so proud of her amazing progress! 



awww this is soo cute! I love her cute lil beady eyes in the last pic, so beautiful~

Brian N Sela Misinale said...

She is so dang cute and shes getting so big :D... Looks like fun time for you all! Luv yah!