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August 30, 2011


Ova has asked me several times since we've been married if we could get a puppy.....I've always said no!  It's not that I don't like them....I just don't like the mess they make or the work or money that goes into them.  I told my boys that I would buy them some fish and if they could take care of their fish, then maybe we'd think about getting them a puppy.  Well, that didn't go over so well.....not even two weeks after we got the fish, Mone's died.  It was floating belly up on the top of the tank one morning so we had to flush him down the toilet.  Makai's fish, suprisingly, is still alive.....but not at all thanks to Makai....it's only alive because Ova cleans the tank and feeds it everyday.  The boys understood that they failed to take care of their fish so that meant no puppy (yay for me!)

When Kina and Tina moved in, they told us about Tina's brother's dog who just had 9 puppies....and they were selling them.  Again the question came up if we could get one, and I said no.....well, things happened....Tina's brother got a good job in Vegas and his little family was moving asap....so they needed to get rid of the puppies.  Kina talked to Ova and the next thing I know....we've got two little full-bred pit bull puppies at our house.  I have to admit, they are so cute!  Kina brought two...one for his kids, and one for ours.  They named their dog Marley...after that movie Marley and Me....and Makai named ours Strong.  Ova didn't like that name too much so he changed our dog's name to Ziggy.  So now we have a Ziggy and a Marley running around our yard (outside of course) 

When the dogs came, they stunk....I think it was magnified 100 times because I'm pregnant, but that dirty dog smell kills me.  So, on Saturday after we took our boys to breakfast, we went and got some dog shampoo....dog food...dog bowls for them to eat out of....collars and leashes....and some dog toys and bones for them to chew on.  $70 later, we were heading home.  I didn't want to say anything to ruin my boy's or my husband's excitement, but that was a bit more money than we should have or even had to spend.....so I just kept my mouth shut, thinking how I can shuffle the bills to be able to cover this.  We got home and all the kids were so excited to help Ova give them a bath...
Makai and Mone w/ their puppy Ziggy
Baby TiTonga & Moses w/ their puppy Marley
Our little Ziggy nice and clean!

Man, after their bath, they smelt so good....like they just came out of the washer, nice and fresh....no more dirty doggy smell!!

After their bath, Uncle Sau took the puppies and the kids outside for a walk...
Then they cuddled in Kina's lap as Ova and Sau got their game on....haha
Tea found this basketball hoop at a garage sale for $15......Ova's dad came and cemented it in.....all we had to do was buy a $5 net and there you go......the kids play some bball almost everyday....it was fun/funny to see Ova and Sau getting their game on!  The kids were loving it!

After everyone was tired and beat from playing and being outside in the hot sun, we all headed inside....all the kids took a bath while dinner was being made.  Here's Lautala taking a bath in her new rubber ducky bathtub.  I had to run to Walmart to get it because I wasn't about to let her sit in the bathtub that Ova just gave the dogs a bath in.  She LOVES her new ducky tub!  :)



awww can't wait til we have a home of our own so our kids can have the dog they've always wanted. I am not a dog lover, but I know every child wants a pet. hehe Their dog is so cute :) Love the name too! I'm glad you're feeling better!

Siu said...

How cute!! Tim will be jealous, he wanted to buy a dog from Joe & Vai.. but uh, we had no where to keep it! lol. But they really are cute!!