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August 30, 2011

Better Days

I think I'm finally starting to feel better!  Both physically and emotionally I finally am feeling better!  Honestly, I feel like I've been down and out forever....but looking at the calendar it's only been a little over two weeks....that seems so crazy to me!  Bedrest is such a killer, especially for a person who LOVES to go go go!!  I still have crazy on and off bleeding, but I haven't cramped since last Thursday, so that is so nice!

Today I had another ultrasound appointment...they just wanted to check on Baby A and make sure she was growing how she should be.  I've had a ton of ultrasounds because of all the complications, but I'm definitely NOT complaining because I love every chance I get to see my baby girl.  Another week has passed, which means I officially only have to wait 3 more weeks for her to be viable IF anything were to happen and I had to have her early.  I think I'll be totally comforted when I officially hit 24 weeks.....then I won't be so scared of losing her!  I'm feeling so much better though so I'm not nearly as worried as I have been the past couple weeks.  In the ultrasound, she was rolled up in a little ball.  Her back was facing out and her legs were bent so that her feet were by her head and her little hands were tucked inside.  She was moving around a lot....but I still can't feel it.  My stomach changed a lot since Baby B died....which I thought was weird, but my stomach went down a couple centimeters (which is normal) because Baby B's sac has dried up and is not full of amniotic fluid anymore.  I'm still measuring BIG, but that's normal for me!  :)  The ultrasound tech said that my placenta is on the front of my stomach so I probably won't feel her move for a couple more weeks.  Bummer!  She got the images she could...of her brain and spine and things like that, but the position she was in was just too difficult for the tech to get anything else.  I really wanted to be able to bring home some pictures of her....but no luck on that one...I have to go back in a few weeks to try it all over again.  Another chance I get to see her....I love it!  :)

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Aki said...

Really happy to hear your feeling better Monica!!! =)