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August 4, 2011

3rd Grade!

Makai started 3rd grade on July 26th.  This is the reason why I hate year-round school, because Makai only got a 3 week summer vacation.  His last day of 2nd grade wasn't until July 1st, and here we are three weeks later starting school again.

His first day of school was actually pretty crazy, I switched tracks for him so he could be a little more close to the traditional schedule, so I wasn't 100% sure what day school was starting for him.  We went down to my parent's house in Lake Shore on the 25th of July (that post is next) to celebrate the holiday since the 24th actually fell on a Sunday....since Ova works graves, in Orem, we decided that me and the kids would sleep at my parent's house so Ova could drive to work and then my mom would drop me and the kids off at Ova's work at 730 in the morning when he got off so we could all go home together. 

So as we're all sleeping I get a call from Ova at like 5 in the morning.....the only thing he said was "sorry babe, I locked the keys in the van".....uugghh, that meant I had to get up and look around for a reasonably priced locksmith to meet me at Ova's work at 7 in the morning.  I couldn't really go to sleep after that because I was freakin' out about it, but after calling several different 24 hour locksmith's and hearing the prices anywhere from like $50-$80, I finally found a privately owned company that would do it for only $30.  I gave him the address to meet me there and he actually got there before we did and already had the van opened when we got there!  Best service ever!

On the drive home, when we hit West Jordan....we hit a lot of 20mph school zones that were blinking and a lot of kids walking to school.  I looked at Ova and asked if Makai was supposed to start school that day.  He didn't know either so I called his school.  It was like 8:10am.  The school informed us that yes indeed, Makai started school that day and that school starts at 8:30am.  OMG, that meant he had 20 minutes to get home and get ready and get back to school.  Good thing the school is right by our house....and he had already taken a shower at my mom's house...because seriously as soon as we pulled into the yard I had him run into the house and brush his teeth and change while I got his backpack ready and we were out the door.  Not exactly the best way to start the first day of school.....hahaha  I just wish our district would go to traditional.....I just can't get used to this year-round stuff.

Anyways, I can't believe he's in 3rd grade already.....he's growing up way too fast!  I actually remember when I was in 3rd grade, I think that's the first grade that I actually remember.  I remember my teacher was Mrs. Casperson and that I learned how to write in cursive and I learned my times tables.  I can't believe he's that old already.

Makai loves school so far.  I'm really glad he's not too shy because with this new track change he didn't know anybody, he had to meet all new people and make new friends.  He's loving it thought and I'm really happy about that!  This is the first time he's ever had a male teacher, Mr. Anderson....and everyday he comes home and tells me how awesome his teacher is.  I does make a huge difference when they have a teacher they like that helps them learn what they need to learn.

Well, there's Makai's start to 3rd grade.....it was a rocky start, but he jumped right in and is loving it!  And because it happened so quickly, his crybaby mom didn't get to cry when I dropped him off.....hahaha!!

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