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August 9, 2011

The Newest Member

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.......my son, Semisi Folau Makai Fangupo!

This past Saturday was the special day and it couldn't have turned out more perfect.  We are very blessed to have big families that love and support us, and Makai's baptism was no different.  The service was so nice because everyone was there....all my siblings, all Ova's siblings....our parents, lots of the Aunty's and Uncles, cousins...and friends!  We had a ton of support and were totally feeling the love!

I'm the biggest crybaby, especially when it comes to anything spiritual....or to my kids....so with this mixing the both of them, it was pretty bad.  I was crying since that morning when I woke up.  Just overwhelmed with happiness that my oldest son is old enough to get baptized.  He grew up so fast! 

Our stake doesn't combine baptisms anymore so the program was all about Makai.  The bishop let us pick how his program would go and who would talk....and it was such a special day!  After Makai had his interview with the bishop last Sunday, we came home and I asked him who he wanted to have speak at his baptism.....of course he named all his cousins.....so I had to tell him he had to pick just two of them.  Makai loves his cousins, they are like his favorite people in the whole world, and so we decided to have all his first cousins on both sides, that have already been baptized....do the program.  There's just something about when kids talk and share their testimonies....it just brings the spirit so strong!  Here's how the program went:

Presiding:  Bishop Moungaloa
Conducting:  1st Counselor in Bishopric
Opening Prayer:  Glade Carr, Makai's Great-Grandpa
Opening song: "Teach me to walk in the Light"
Chorister:  Pita Kinikini
Talk on Baptism:  Jalen Gleaves
Musical Number: Alisi, Pisila & Timote Fangupo & Salote Kinikini
Baptismal Ordinance preformed by Makai's Dad, Ovaleni Fangupo
Spotlight: Makai's Mom, Monica Fangupo
Remarks:  Primary President
Talk on Holy Ghost:  Moses Fangupo
Confirmation Ordinance performed by Makai's Grandpa, President Makai
Remarks: Bishop Moungaloa
Testimony:  Makai Fangupo
Closing Song:  "I am a Child of God"
Closing Prayer: Makai's Grandma, Kesa Fangupo

The program was short and sweet and all 7 of his first cousins who have already been baptized were the ones that did the program and made it so special!

I'm so proud of my son....not only for making the decision to get baptized, but for really knowing and understanding what it meant for him. 

I can't believe it's been eight years since he was born.  As I was preparing to do his spotlight, I just kept smiling and crying thinking back on all the things that have happened in the past 8 years.  I sat down a few times and talked with Ova about different things I could say....everytime we tried to have that conversation I would start to cry.  We talked about how much Makai's birth changed our lives....about how when we brought him home from the hospital we sat in the parking lot of our apartment complex for the longest time just crying, both of us, because we were so happy he was finally here....and a little scared hoping we would be good parents.  Makai is such a great kid.  He's a good helper.  He loves school.  He's got a very strong spirit and a good head on his shoulders.  We sure are proud of him!  We love you Makai!

I got a little caught up in the emotion of the whole day, that I actually didn't get to take many pictures....which is totally not like me, but here are a few that I did snap.

Right after the baptism we headed over to the park to celebrate the Fangupo way, with a bbq!  We made the same food we sell at our food booths and OMG, it was the bomb!!  Teriyaki beef & teriyaki chicken with rice and mac salad....yum!  And my in-laws made some Tongan food, puaka tunu, ota ika....we had cheesy potatoes and even teri burgers.  Lots and lots of good food!  It was mostly Ova's family and a bunch of our friends that came to the park.....that Saturday was a busy day for most of my family so everyone except my mom, dad, grandpa Carr & Leka went their seperate ways after the baptism service....but it was all good!  We all got our grub on....had tons and tons of food....really good company....and a great time!  We always have a good time when the family gets together, especially at a park because the food is good.....the husbands play rugby against each other on the field....the kids run wild playing with each other and having the time of their lives.....and us wives just sit under the shade talking, watching our kids and husbands and enjoying each other's company.  Like I said at the beginning, this special day for Makai couldn't have turned out more perfect!



how cute! I got teary eyed reading when you and Ova brought him home from the hospital, that's too cute! I'm so sad I missed out :(

Sheena Tuakoi said...

It was such a Beautiful day! Loved spending that day with you all. And Makai really does have a good head on his shoulders. Such a smart kid. I loved when you did his spotlight and when Makai gave his testimony! He has such a sweet spirit. Thanks again for having us. Love you guys! :)